The Lemonade Stand

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Everything was dark... surrounded by pitch darkness...  Then that darkness brightened up a bit...  The brightness grew more... and more... until finally a disappointed moan ran through the air.


“Ooooooooohhhh...  I don’t... wanna wake up...”


Hinata kept her eyes closed and rolled on her side in the bed she slept on.  She didn’t want to wake up.  Sleep was treating her too well for her to leave...  Curling her body into a ball she snuggled tightly into the covers that secured her and tried to go back into Sleepieville.  She went a good 7 minutes uninterrupted before she felt something limply fall on her side.  She slowly opened an eye to see what had disturbed her... and identified it as Sakura’s arm.  Hinata kept her eye open to watch her friends sleep peacefully right in front of her.  She must have been the first to wake up.


{They’re like sleeping babies...} she thought.  {Last night they were both screaming like one...}


Taking a few more moments to look at her friends Hinata brought herself closer to Sakura’s sleeping body, wrapping her bare leg over Sakura’s and closed her eye, kissing her while pretending to drift off to sleep.  A few moments later she parted her lips and slid her tongue into her friend’s mouth and slowly tasted her again.  Hinata was treated to Sakura’s low moans while she slept, making the Taiyo girl tingle.


{I wonder what she’s dreaming about...} Hinata thought curiously as she continued to play in Sakura’s mouth, not noticing that the Tamagawa girl’s hand was slowly moving down... and under her shirt...




...and grasped her butt firmly, molding it a little.  Hinata instantly blushed, now seeing Sakura’s eyelids slowly open up... and the two made eye contact, lying side by side in a passionate lip lock.  The two simultaneously ended their kiss and Sakura smiled while fooling around with her friend’s ass.


“Mmm... so this is how I wake up... with my best friend kissing me...” Sakura murmured to Hinata.  “This is how you say ‘ohayougozaimasu’ (good morning), Hina?”


Hinata murmured back while nodding against her pillow.


“Well, ‘ohayougozaimasu’ to you, too,” Sakura said.  “Slept well?”


Once again Hinata murmured.  Sakura then yarned, holding her hand over her mouth.


“What time is it...?” she asked.


Sakura motioned her head to her friend to look above her to see a clock on the headboard.


“Uhhhhh... 95:01...” Hinata answered lazily.  Sakura blinked a bit, noticing that she read the numbers upside-down.


“10:56, then...”


She then turned around to look at her boyfriend, who had his right arm hanging out of the bed and his mouth open.  She giggled at the comical sight and then rubbed her eyes, getting the last remains of sleep out her eyes.


“Today’s Saturday, right?” she asked.


“Yeah...” Hinata answered while running her hand through the mess of brown hair she had.  “Karin’s party is tonight...”


Sakura heaved a long sigh and sat up in the bed, smacking her cheeks to finally wake up fully.


“Karin will kill me if I don’t show up for that party...  8:00...”


Sakura then looked at Darrell’s sleeping body and used her right hand to shake him.


“C’mon, you chocolate bar, you,” she said playfully.  “Time to get up...”


Darrell immediately groaned.


“No, mom...” he responded in his sleep.  “I... don’t wanna go... to school today...”


Both girls giggled.


“He really must be tired,” the Taiyo girl noted.  “Is he always like this in the morning?”


Sakura shook her head.  “Not really...   Normally he wakes up before me... but I think last night really took it out of him.  Hehe...  I think I’ll play with him a bit...”


She turned to her boyfriend again and smirked.


“Oh, but you have to go to school today,” Sakura whined in a tiny voice, running her hand through his hair.  “They’re serving pizza for lunch...”


Darrell let out an ‘mmmmm’, shifting his body slightly.


“Five more minutes?”


“No.  You have to get up now.”


“Oooohhh... ok...”


The youngest of the group slowly opened his eyes to look up into Sakura’s eyes and stretched his arms, wiping his eyes.


“Morning...” he said sleepily.


“Morning,” both girls replied as he sat up.


“I heard the word ‘pizza’...”


His girlfriend giggled.  “I don’t know about that but I can get something cooking downstairs for us.”


Darrell smirked.  “That sounds good, Sakie.”


“Sakie?” the cherry blossom girl repeated, never hearing her name shortened like that.  She had a pet name, but never a nickname...  She smiled, accepting that and then pushed herself forward to jump out of bed.


“Before I do any of that cooking I’m going to take a nice, warm shower,” she announced to her friend and boyfriend.  “I need it.”


“’Kay,” Hinata said.  “I guess I better borrow some more clothes, huh?”


Sakura rolled her eyes.  “You’re going to steal my whole wardrobe, aren’t you?”  Instantly her own sentence made her remind her of something.  “Hina, your dress for the party!  Please tell me you have one.”


Hinata nodded calmly.  “I just need to pick it up from home.”


At this time Darrell was already up out the bed and went to go out the door.  As he left Sakura looked at Hinata, who too started to get out of bed, and smiled.


“I’m going to that shower now, ok?”




----      ----


It didn’t take long for Sakura to get out from the bedroom and down the hallway to the bathroom.  Before she went in, though, she stopped and glanced at the towel that Darrell had laid out the previous night to cover up the cum that the three joyously expelled from their bodies.  As she remembered what happened all throughout that day, the blossom couldn’t help but feel her heart pound just a bit harder, making her put a hand over it.  She truly enjoyed what had happened...


If we had done that at my parent’s house, I don’t think we’d ever hear the end of it, she told herself with a small smile before she went on about her business and stepped inside the tile bathroom.  The morning sunlight shone down from the window blinds near the corner of the room, making Sakura choose not to put on the bathroom light.  Immediately she took a glance at the rather small shower stall that awaited her and made an effort to go over and start running the water.  The moment she opened the door to it and turned on both the hot and cold water simultaneously the sound of the shower water pounding against the marble wall and floor went through her ears.  She then went over behind that and opened up the cabinet that hung over the toilet seat, revealing many bathroom necessities and a radio that sat on its own shelf.  The radio itself was a gift from Sean Matsuda to the two once he heard that they had hooked up, however, Sakura couldn’t quite get a grip as to why the Brazilian said to keep it in their bathroom...  Then again, she never realized why Karin insisted on having such a large bathroom with a small shower stall.  It couldn’t just be because of the little Jacuzzi she installed...


“No one ever tells me anything,” Sakura said playfully to herself as she turned on the power to the radio, letting the soft techno music mix with the shower noise.  She then grabbed some body wash from the same cabinet and then a pink washcloth from the rack to her right.  She placed both items on the sink and then turned to face the open shower, crossing her arms and tapping her foot impatiently, obviously waiting for something to rise from it.  After a about half a minute, she smiled a bit as hints of steam started to rise to the ceiling.


“Finally,” she commented as she started to take off her shirt from over her head.  “Sometimes I wonder if this stall is what Karin made it out to be.”


Without much effort Sakura tossed the shirt she wore to bed in the hamper towards the door.  Since she didn’t wear any underwear under it, she was ready to get down to business.  She leaned forward and stuck her hand into the shower to make sure it was warm and not hot and then reached back, grabbed her utensils, and jumped in.  As her skin once again grew accustomed to the water temperature Sakura looked at the shower door.  Normally she’d close it and lock it behind her... but something told her that she shouldn’t this time.  She couldn’t quite put her finger on it... but anyways she shook it off and just closed the door, not bothering to lock it behind her.


It’s not like anyone’s just going to just jump in, anyway, she told herself, squeezing the bottle of body wash onto her washcloth and lathering it up.  She brought it up to her neck and started rubbing it along that area, finding herself humming along to the song that was playing on the radio at the time.  She felt her mind wander as her hands seem to automatically do their job.  She found herself recalling how good she felt last night when Hinata ‘played’ with her.  She did feel a bit weird now that all that was over...  It was mainly because of the fact that she had made love to her best friend, whom she was very close to ever since she was young.  She could never really expect such a thing to actually be possible let alone happen.  Somewhere inside her mind, she wondered if it was a good thing to actually go through with it in the first place.


However, as she thought about it, she could feel her body feel hot all over...  It certainly didn’t come from the water...  Pausing a bit to bring herself down a bit, Sakura let out a tiny sigh and started to cleansing another part of her bare body... but as she looked down at her breasts, which she normally did next without any problems, she couldn’t help but feel a bit... fluttery.  It was those same breasts that Hinata fondled earlier...


Wow...  I can’t believe I’m thinking about her so much...  Too weird...


A bit cautiously the blossom put her free hand onto a nipple, which had grown aroused due to the water that ran all over it and her thinking about her best friend, and squeezed it a bit between two of her fingers.  She gasped as her body started to tingle in response and she closed her eyes, savoring the feeling that it brought.


But... I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t like what she did...


She slowly became unaware of how much she was getting into her pleasure and forgot that she was in her shower.  Sakura lay back on the wall of the shower and kept playing with herself, lightly moaning as she remembered and envisioned her friend pleasing her over and over again.  It was a wonderful feeling to her...  It was like she fell in love once again.  She loved Hianta’s passionate kisses.  She loved how she sucked on all parts of her body.  She loved how she held her on a string...




Sakura’s eyes snapped open suddenly and she stopped her nipple fondling.  Did she just say that she liked how Hinata made her beg?  She recalled that whole scene from yesterday... how she didn’t want to give in to Hinata’s gestures...  Her taunts...  How she held her pride up high before her body gave out to the torture of being on the edge of orgasm.  But... now that she looked back at it... did she actually like being in that position?  As she thought about it, her stomach started to flutter again.  She could feel her heart pound louder each passing second...  This wave of emotion...  She only had it twice in her life...




For a while Sakura just stood in the shower, her mind totally stuck on that one thing.  By this time the water had got into her hair and it was all over her face, but she didn’t pay any attention to that.  No matter what she thought about at that time, she couldn’t get her friend out of her mind...  All that happened the day previous...


After a while a small smile appeared on her face and she closed her eyes again, this time blissfully.


“I liked it...” she whispered to herself, easing her body once again.  “I liked every second of it...  Hina...”




Sakura instantly gasped as the shower door shot open to reveal Hinata, who still had on the shirt she wore to bed that night but with a new set of clothes in her other hand.  By looking at her slightly puzzled face Sakura couldn’t help but stammer.


“H...h... how l...long where you there?  And haven’t you ever heard of knocking or something?”


“Er... sorry...  I was... just passing by on my way downstairs to use that bathroom to wash up and I heard you...”


“You did?” Sakura immediately asked, feeling herself blush from utter embarrassment.  “How much...?”


“Um... not much...” Hinata replied.  She let out a small nervous laugh and continued with...  “I hope I didn’t... you know... interrupt anything private like your sho—“


“No, no.  Its fine, Hina.  It’s not like you didn’t see this all before, anyway.”


“Well... not wet from head to toe.... but I guess you’re right.”  The Taiyo girl paused a tiny bit and then said, “Ummmm... I think I’ll go now...”


Sakura didn’t say anything for a second as Hinata started to turn around and leave the room... but when she took her first step out...


“Wait,” the blossom called, making Hinata stop.  The Taiyo girl looked over her shoulder and just looked at her friend.  Sakura, totally ignoring the water that ran through her hair and down her face, sucked up some courage and asked, “Umm... you said that you were... going to get ready for the day, right?”


“Well... yeah...”


“Umm...  H... how about... sharing the stall with me?  The house’s hot water could be a lot better...  You wouldn’t need to wait for the water to start up.”


Hinata, in turn, was taken back just a bit, turning completely to face Sakura.  “So... you’re saying you want me to wait until you come out?”


“I... sorta was thinking.... that you come in with me...”


Hinata immediately felt her cheeks flush as the sentence ended.  Before she knew it she found herself stammering a bit and she turned her head away, hiding her face.  Needless to say, Sakura also blushed.  She didn’t know why she just asked that out of the blue.  Correction...  She did... but she wasn’t planning on actually saying it...  The blossom twisted her face as she watched Hinata turn full back around to face her, somewhat wearing a small smile on her face.


“Y.... you sure I’ll fit?”


“I’m pretty sure...  The shower’s not that small... and just look at you.  You’re practically all ready to go, anyway.”


Hinata looked down at her shirt and then back at Sakura.  “You mean like this?”


Sakura only nodded.  “Just put those clothes down somewhere and come on in.”


“Whatever you say...”


Hinata turned around to put the clothes on the sink counter, then took off her tee-shirt to pitch it into the discard hamper.  Once again Sakura was greeted with Hinata’s bare body, a body in which she quickly grew fond of.  Thoughts quickly jumped into her mind and she smiled about them all, however, as Hinata turned around, she wiped the smile off her face and moved over a bit, allowing Hinata to come in, washcloth in hand.  As soon as Hinata got both her feet into the shower stall, Sakura reached behind her to close the door, this time making sure she locked it tight.


“Well.... what do you know?  I fit just perfectly,” Hinata announced, giving her friend a smirk.


“Yeah, you sure do,” the blossom replied.  “So, did you bring a washcloth?”


Hinata nodded.  “Yes.”  She then showed it to Sakura, which was quickly getting wet from the shower water.  Sakura smirked a bit, and held her hand out.


“Give it to me.”


Hinata responded by blinking a bit.  “Er....  What do you mean...?”


“You won’t need it...  I’ve got something better.  I know you’ll like it.”


Hinata’s cheeks started to flush, but she did give Sakura her cleaning cloth, which the blossom just put over to the rack just under the shower faucet.  Sakura then grabbed a bit of the body wash that she previously used and squirted some of it into her own hands, lathering it up with her own hands as Hinata just looked on.


“Watch this...” Sakura said before bringing her hands up to Hinata’s sides, rubbing them up and down to clean them herself.  Hinata got the message mentally as to why Sakura asked her to give up her washcloth.  Her friend quickly did her sides and worked her way down to her midsection, rubbing her hands and lather on Hinata’s thighs and then on her butt cheeks.  The shower water quickly washed the suds away, but that didn’t stop Sakura from continuing her job.  Once she finished down below, she took a second to look at her friend’s sweetness and fought off the urge to go on and have her way with her right there, standing up to make eye contact with the Taiyo girl.


Hinata kept silent, wanting to know what the Tamagawa girl had in store for her next.  Sakura took another dose of body wash, lathering it up like previous, but this time she kept her eyes on Hinata, giving her a seductive look.


“You know...” she began, “you’re quite the dirty little girl...”


Hinata nodded, feeling her heart start to beat harder as she grew in anticipation.  “Yes... I know...” she replied huskily.


“And you can’t go to a sophisticated party like Karin’s being all dirty.  You need to be cleaned up... and not just any old washcloth and soap can get to those hard to get spots...”


“So what do you suggest?”




As Sakura ended, she brought her lathered hands up to Hinata’s breasts, making sure to press into them firmly to make Hinata squirm a bit.  Hinata found her back being pressed against the shower door as Sakura began to rub the soap all over her sensitive area.  Sakura used her hands to make her friends breasts come together by there sides multiple times as she did the outsides, then in-between them, making one hand slide against an inside after the other.  By the time Sakura worked her way back to the front, Hinata was fully turned on, eagerly wanting to do some exploration of her own.  However, before she could move herself, Sakura put her palms onto Hinata’s aroused nipples and gently massaged them.  The Taiyo girl began to pant, absorbing the increasing pleasure building inside her.  She fought to keep her eyes open, although she knew it was hard due to what Sakura was doing to her.


“I think that’s enough for there, doing you think?” Sakura asked.


“Hai...  Now...”


This time Hinata motioned to make her own advancements, but oddly Sakura blocked her, grabbing the Taiyo girl’s hands before they could touch her.  Hinata blinked, confused.


“Sakura?  What are you...?”


“Hinata...” the blossom’s voice cut her off, “I know you want share what you’re going through right now... but I want you to not touch me or make any advances on me unless I say so.”


“But why...?  I don’t understand...”


“...because... you owe me an orgasm...”


Hinata blinked.  “What?”


“That’s right...” Sakura panted huskily.  “When we first started, you made me cum twice.  I only made you cum once.  I want to make it even... and there is only one way to go about that that’ll make me satisfied...”


Hinata’s mind quickly found its way back to the other day and grew aware of what Sakura was talking about...


“If you try to please me in any way without me knowing, I’ll stop, and I don’t think you want that... right?”


Hinata shook her head.


“That’s what I thought...  Now... do exactly as I say...”


The blossom then looked at her friend’s nude body once again and smirked, noticing that Hinata’s pussy grew wet throughout their previous interaction.  Without looking back up, Sakura spoke.


“Hina, turn around.”


The Taiyo girl blinked a bit but quickly did what her friend asked her to, finding herself facing the door to the shower.  Sakura then laid her own body along Hinata’s backside while bringing a fingertip to Hinata’s tummy.  Hinata cooed by Sakura’s soft touch as her finger circled around her bellybutton, occasionally going up and down along her front.  Hinata knew that her friend was just beginning to tease her, so she decided to add to the moment, murmuring lightly to let Sakura know that she was having an effect on her.  Although Sakura didn’t take notice, her body grew aroused by hearing Hinata’s sweet noises of bliss.  As Hinata closed her eyes, Sakura instructed her finger to move down, deliberately leaving a trail as it went under Hinata’s belly and to her sweet spot.  Of course it didn’t go straight in.  Instead it ran circles around her ‘lips’, knowing darn well that all this sensitive touching was driving Hinata insane.  The Taiyo girl was steadily moaning way before anything even entered her.


“You like being teased, don’t you?” Sakura asked sweetly.


“Hai...” was Hinata’s response.  “I want you so badly...”


“Don’t worry about it...  You’ll get what you deserve in a matter of time.”


Simultaneously Sakura let her finger go inside Hinata’s lower lips while she kissed her upper lips.  While Sakura was as calm and collected as she could get in a sexy position like this, Hinata showed her hunger, her kiss a lot more wanting and her moans increasing in frequency.  As Hinata kissed her, Sakura’s finger moved in even more, teasing her wet insides by flicking and massaging them.  Precum easily made its way outside Hinata’s body and onto Sakura’s fingers and Sakura felt it.


“How badly... Hinata?’ she asked.  “How badly does your body want to cum?  Let me know...”


“I... it... it wants to cum now...” her friend breathlessly responded, putting a hand onto Sakura’s so that it couldn’t get out of her pussy.  “Please...  Make me cum...”


Sakura giggled.  “In due time,” she insisted again, her tongue then finding its way to her friends neck and then her shoulder, kissing periodically.  Hinata was quickly losing control of her body as she found herself closer to her climax, her free arm, which hung limply as its side, grasped tightly onto the back of Sakura’s leg.  In response, Sakura pulled her head away but brought her own body closer to Hinata’s back, pressing her breasts right into her friend.


Hinata was vaguely aware of her friend’s hot breath slapping the back of her neck.  Her focus... or what little she did have, was focused on the two fingers Sakura planted into her wet pussy and how it made her entire body weaken.  It was finally growing to be too much for her to take.  She started to whimper as she felt the pleasure all over her surge and multiply...


“Ahhhhh...!  I... I’m.... I....!  AH...!  AIE!!”


It was then that Sakura practically brought her finger to a near stop... but slowly drove it even deeper into Hinata... triggering Hinata’s desperate and frantic cries.  It was a very slow and aching wait to her... until Sakura finally reached the point where it let her loose.  In a loud moan, Hinata’s girl juices flowed from her innards and out onto the shower floor where it washed down the drain due to the shower water.  As she came, Hinata’s legs easily gave way to the force and fell to the marble floor.  As she fell, Sakura shut off the shower water and pulled her finger from her friend’s cunt, licking off her friend’s juices again.


“You always taste sweet, Hina...” Sakura said sweetly.  “Always.”


Below Sakura, Hinata just moaned as she rested on the wall, her legs wide spread for the blossom to see clearly what was between them.  She took deep breaths to recover from her orgasm, but before her body could get ready, Hinata willed herself to get to her feet.  She wobbled for a bit, using the wall to her side for support, and it wasn’t until Sakura helped her for herself that she got up fully.


“So... that makes us even...” Sakura whispered in her friend’s ear, “doesn’t it?”


Hinata sighed heavily, catching the rest of her breath, then looked to face her lover.  As a thought ran through her body she blushed then pecked a kiss onto her friend’s lips.  As she pulled away, she answered.


“Well... you made me cum twice... and I made you cum twice... but we only truly went together once...”


The mention of that fact made Sakura grow aroused all over again.  She nodded in acceptance.  “So how do you want to do it?”


Hinata thought about it for a second but a thought quickly found its way to her head.


“Like this...”


Hinata brought herself even closer to her friend’s naked body, so close that their bodies touched.  Hinata then wrapped an arm around Sakura’s back and the other over her shoulder, making sure to push her back so that the two of them were in the exact center of the small stall.  The Taiyo girl then closed her eyes as the Tamagawa girl quietly waited, getting her mentality ready all over again.  Once she was ready, she moved her wetness to Sakura’s thigh and let rest against it, the moist feeling of her inner juices beginning to drip down Sakura’s leg.


Sakura started to catch on and did the same, hugging Hinata just like Hinata did her, and got herself ready.  The two clung together, their crotches on the other’s thigh and ready for a workout.


“Ok, let me know...” Hinata whispered.


“I’m always ready for you, Hina...”


Hinata started by rubbing her pussy against Sakura’s leg, slowly at first.  It was an action new to her, but it was still erotic and it got her senses running all over again.  Sakura soon followed and together they began their new exercise.  The blossom was the first to deliberately start making erotic moans and other noises and her friend soon followed suit as her body started to tingle all over again.  As they rubbed, they rested their heads against one another on the other’s shoulder, kissing one another on the neck, ears and the other areas that they could reach.  Their breathing eventually grew quicker over time and as they began to speed up their lower bodies, it shot out in hot bursts whenever they weren’t crying out in pleasure.  They savored the feeling their bodies went through whenever they were meshed together like this, feeling themselves quickly building up another powerful twin orgasm.  Sakura took their combined cries as a warning and slowed down her pace, making her younger companion almost stop completely.


“No...” the blossom insisted, “Don’t stop...”


“But you...”


“I want it to last...  It’s not fun... if... if we do it too fast...”


“Ah....  I understand...  Just one thing, then...”


Hinata wearily looked into Sakura’s eyes and Sakura did the same.  The two knew that they both were tired.  Sweat trickled down their skin as well as the droplets of water that came from the shower.  Their chests expanded and contracted against one another with each heavy breath that they took.  Their faces were flushed as well, but it just made the moment even more exciting and erotic to the two friends.


After the slight pause, Hinata moved her body ever so slightly over, letting her sweetness once again meet Sakura’s.


“Slowly...?” Hinata panted her question.


Sakura only nodded.


“Ok...” Hinata replied.  “On the count of three...  1...”


“2...” Sakura added.  The two shared one more kiss together in their embrace, then...




As they said it together, they started to grind their pussies together, unlike yesterday, in which they humped one another fiercely.  This way, the two could truly appreciate the bond that they were in, slowly and cautiously, making sure that each and every rub was noticed.  The panting quickly turned into low, husky groans and moans, only stopping whenever the two made their lips met for quick kisses every now and then.  It was only a matter of time until their wet pussies started to unleash their precum into the other.  Sakura silently wished that they were lying down to do this.  It would’ve been more comfortable, but doing it standing up was oddly more pleasing...


Seconds turned into minutes and the high school girls stayed in their embrace.  Their warm bodies slowly grew hot as their bodies started to tire out.  A bit surprisingly, Hinata found herself moving just a little faster, and it proved to be the deciding factor.  That fast rush of friction triggered the build up to cease...  The girl closed their eyes instantly...




Unlike the previous time, this twin orgasm wasn’t as explosive, but just as satisfying.  The cum flowed out slowly, making the two moan unevenly as it took it time coming out.  It easily sapped the rest of their energy out of their bodies and they fell back and away from one another, resting against the walls behind them.  As the last few bursts came out, the two friends slid down to the floor, Sakura being the first to land.  For a long while they just sat there, getting some well deserved rest from the past 30 minutes or so of lovemaking.  Once she got a bit of her strength back, Sakura got on all fours and crawled on top of her friend, sharing another kiss.


“You know...” she whispered, “we should do this more often...”


“Nn...nummm...” came her friend’s tired and lazy response as she cracked her eyes open, staring at her friend’s beautiful body hovering over hers.  After another kiss, Sakura steadily got to her feet and held her arm out, letting Hinata grab on and up on her feet as well.


“Well, as much as I’d like to love you until nightfall, we have to get ready.  Plus, I need to cook us something to eat.  Come on.”


Hinata nodded without a word and watched Sakura unlock the shower door.  As they dried each other off with the same towel, Hinata just couldn’t believe that this was all real.  It was even better than a fantasy...


----      ----




“Ok...  Everything seems to be in order...”


At a private water port, Karin Kanzuki kept her eyes on her maids as they set up the main ballroom on her best cruise boat.  Fancy tablecloths rested on each and every table and the red carpet on the floor was being groomed to utter perfection.  A blank square area rested all the way at the end of the room, but that would soon change in a few.  Karin crossed her arms, closed her eyes for a bit then turned around to go outside.  It was a beautiful morning going on afternoon as the sun’s rays lit up the ocean over the horizon.  Karin smiled.


“Just a little over 8 hours to go...” she whispered to herself.  She then looked up from where she stood on the dock and to the upper levels on the ship, specifically the one all the way at the top of the ship all by its lonesome.  As she did, she smiled.


“Just 8 hours to go... until the real party begins...”

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