The Lemonade Stand

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Ryu's eyes finally woke up. He felt a little exhausted, but his body also felt extremely good. Sakura's dark energy sure did a lot to him. He wondered what would happen to him this morning...

As if she was psychic, the bedroom door opened up. Sakura stepped in, wearing a night robe and carrying a bowl of strawberries. She was also still in her darker form...

"Good morning, sweetie! Did you sleep well?"

"It would have been better if I was'nt tied up..."

"Oh I'm sorry about that. Maybe tonight you can sleep with me..."


"Which reminds me. You were looking at my body last night, weren't you?"


"You liked what you saw, didn't you?"


"Giving me the silent treatment huh? Well I know how to find out..."

Sakura grabbed the sash holding her robe together and loosened it. She then opened up her robe a little bit, allowing Ryu to see a little bit of her flesh.

Ryu felt himself giving in to Sakura's body. But he tried to be strong...

"Trying to resist, are we?"

Sakura opened up her robe a little bit more. This time, Ryu could see a little bit of her breasts...

Ryu was still trying to fight her temptation. This was not easy though, as his mind said one thing, and his body said another..."

"You won't be able to resist this time, my love..."

Sakura grabbed her robe, and allowed it to fall to the floor. She was now standing before Ryu, completely nude...

Ryu's face started to turn a little red. Her body was like that of a goddess. He wouldn't be able to resist now. To make matters worse, his little friend had woken up, ready for battle...

"Is our little friend hungry? I'll feed you later, but first, I must feed your master..."

Sakura turned around and bent down to pick up the bowl of strawberries. As she bent down, her butt cheeks were completely revealed to Ryu. Ryu couldnt' hold out much longer. His little friend was as hard as a rock.

Sakura turned around and saw Ryu's rising erection. She smiled, knowing that she was the reason for it. But first, she had to get something to eat.

"Open up..."

Sakura had a strawberry in her hand. She wanted to feed it to Ryu, but he wouldnt open his mouth.

Ryu was trying to refuse the food being offered to him. But he knew he would not get far. He hadn't eaten in a while. His stomach was growling. He was going to have to

Ryu finally opened his mouth and allowed Sakura to feed him the strawberry.

"Good boy! Here comes another..."

Sakura did the same thing with a few more strawberries. Slowly, it seemed that Ryu was eating out the palm of her hand...

Sakura got another strawberry and put it inside Ryu's mouth. Before he could swallow it, Sakura placed her mouth on the other end of the strawberry. When Ryu started to eat the strawberry, he was met with a kiss from Sakura.

Sakura kissed Ryu for a few moments before finally letting go.

"I think I'll let you down, now..."

Sakura charged up her energy, and destroyed the chains holding Ryu with a karate chop. Ryu fell forward, still exhausted from Sakuras advances...

Sakura caught Ryu. She carried him over to her bed and lay him down on his back. She then got on top of him.

"Just to make sure you can't get away..."

Sakura's eyes started to glow blood red. Suddenly, Ryu's wrists and ankles were tied together with rope.

"Why Sakura? Why...are you doing this to me?"

Sakura rubbed Ryu's cheek before finally giving it a kiss.

"Masturbation doesn't cut it anymore. I need your manly cock inside of me. That's the only way for me to feel like a real woman...And finally be united with you..."

Sakura grabbed Ryu's cock, and started rubbing it. This was making Ryu feel good...

"Ah... Ah... Saku..."

Ryu couldn't let out a word. Sakura had complete control of Ryu in mind and body. Now, only his heart remained...

Sakura was quickly creating an orgasm inside of Ryu's cock. Ryu didn't know how much longer he would be able to hold out...

Sakura then stopped rubbing. Ryu was breathing from what he was put through. She knew all the right places to pleasure him. Perhaps she really knew him well...

"I figured that you might want some dessert after breakfast. So I'm going to give you a special treat. I guess you could say its 100% natural."

Ryu had no idea what Sakura was talking about. Sakura smiled from Ryu's lack of understanding.

"You'll understand what I'm going to give you soon enough. After you've tried it once, you'll never go back to anything else..."

Sakura turned her body 90 degrees. Her head was towards his manhood, and Sakura's womanhood was in front of Ryus face.

"Lick it. You know you want it..."

Ryu was trying to resist, but resistance was getting him nowhere. His mind and body wanted to get a taste of Sakura's insides, but his heart said no. This would not be an easy decision to make...

"You're so cautious..." Sakura purred. "That's why you are one of the best street fighters around the world. But this is one battle that you will not be winning..."

Sakura was right. Unknown to Ryu, the dark energy that she was using on him was making him hornier as seconds passed. His mind and body were becoming more lustful by the minute.

"Just to make it a little easier on you..." Sakura's eyes glowed blood red again. The ropes around Ryus wrists were gone.

"Now you should have no problem. Eat to your hearts desire. I know I will..."

Ryu couldn't hold back any more. He put his hands around Sakura's lower rear, and held that tight. He gave a little lick to Sakura's insides.

"Ahh!" That little lick had sent a little spark through Sakura.

Sakura's insides were unique. Never had Ryu tasted anything like it before. He had to have more...

Ryu gave another lick to Sakura's insides. She moaned while Ryu was starting to enjoy his dessert.

Sakura was starting to lose control of her emotions. Ryu was eating her out, and doing a very good job at it. She decided to return the favor...

While Ryu was eating her pussy, Sakura started sucking Ryu's manhood.

Ryu grunted as he was now feeling pleasure in his lower area. He continued to lick Sakura's womanhood.

Ryu's body and mind were gone. Sakura had complete control over them. But his heart was still free. And this would be what determined everything. "(Do I care about her? Am I doing this because deep down inside, I've wanted her? Or am I doing this out of pity?)" Ryu would get the answers to the questions that he had soon. But he first had a job to finish...

"(Man, he learns quick...If I keep this up, he'll be mine forever! Chun Li was a fool to give Ryu up! She doesn't know what she's missing!) Ahh! Ohh!! Oh Ryuuu!!!!"

Sakura's juices and Ryu's seed were released like piņatas. Both warriors then enjoyed their prize that had been released

After about 5 minutes, both warriors finished their snack. Sakura turned around and rested her head on Ryus chest. She wrapped her hands around Ryu and closed her eyes. She loved that man to death

Ryu was also exhausted from Sakura's advances in the past 24 hours. In her darker form, her sexual energy took more out of him. Yet, he couldn't help but feel somewhat attracted to her. Although everything she did to him was lustful, she did it out of love. Love for him. And Ryu was starting to appreciate that. Ryu didnt know what to think anymore. His mind and body were temporary super-horny thanks to Dark Sakura's energy. They would go back to normal soon. But what if his mind and body weren't super-horny? What if deep down inside, his heart was telling him that Sakura was the woman for him? Questions... Why was there never an easy answer? Why must things be so difficult?

Ryu looked down at the sleeping Sakura.

"I know that you've always admired me, but I didn't realize how much you did. Throughout last night and this morning, you started to show me just how much you really care about me. I'm beginning to understand now. I'm not quite sure how I feel about you yet. And what about our age differences? I'm twenty-something and you're only 18. What would people say? Perhaps when I figure out my feelings for you, I can decide on what to do next. Until then, sleep well..."

Sakura woke up an hour later. She smiled when she saw that Ryu was smiling as well. He was sound asleep. And he had his arms wrapped around her. Sakura decided to do something nice for Ryu since he made her feel so good. She cut the ropes that were around Ryus ankles, and left him completely untied.

"Are you smiling because of me? Do you feel the same way about me as I do for you? Is love inside your heart?"

Sakura just let Ryu sleep peacefully for the next 15 minutes. She left the room to make some preparations. After she was done, she came back and laid her head on Ryu's chest. She grabbed one of his arms and held it to her chest. She just lay there, thinking of him. Her eyes started to get watery from her thoughts.

15 minutes later, Sakura felt movement under her head. She turned around to see Ryu's eyes starting to wake up.

"Youre awake, My love! Come with me, we need a bath!"

Ryu was still a little groggy from "breakfast" and the dark energy Sakura used on him, but he was also a little glad to be able to see more than the bedroom.

Sakura led Ryu to the bathroom. It was huge! Those were the preparations that Sakura had made. A nice bubble bath. Sakura led Ryu into the tub, and then got in herself. She took some soap and started to lather Ryu and herself up. Ryu's mind was half dead, but his heart was still free to be able to think.

"(Now she's cleaning me up. There is no doubt about it...She loves me with all her heart. I have always cared about her ever since I first met her, but I never thought that I would have feelings for her in this way. I'm enjoying being her company. And to be honest, I dont think I would want to be without her. I just might be tempted to say that I love her...)

Meanwhile, Sakura had finished lathering the two of them up with soap. She washed the soap off with water before looking into Ryu's eyes. They looked very serious. Sakura knew what that meant. The dark energy that she was using on Ryu was starting to wear off. Her eyes started to get watery. She knew that Ryu would tell her how he felt about everything that had happened. Although she enjoyed seducing him and making him do her will with the powers of the dark hadou, she wanted Ryu to love her inside his heart. And she knew that her energy would never be able to reach Ryu there. Ryu's love would have to come of his own free will. There would be nothing else that she could do.

"We're done..."

Sakura got out of the tub and wrapped a towel around her body. She than ran out of the bathroom, hiding back tears...

Ryu was puzzled as to why Sakura would leave in such a hurry. 24 hours ago, she was seducing him, and having her way with him. Now she just left in a hurry. Ryu got out of the tub and put on a towel.

Ryu went back to the bedroom and found Sakura on her bed, crying. He also noticed that Sakura had a blue aura around her. Her body started to become lighter and slightly less developed. It seemed that she was reverting back to regular Sakura...


"Go away! I know that you don't love me! Leave me and go back to Chun Li!"

Ryu put back on his gi pants and approached Sakura. He wrapped his arms around her back and looked into her brown eyes.

"Sakura. Its true. I did love Chun Li once...But after figuring out how she feels about me, my heart was broken. I didn't know what I would do with the rest of my life. But then you opened your heart up to me. You showed me just how much you care. You did things for me that not even Chun Li has done. She respects me. But you adore me..."

Sakura's tears stopped flowing but her eyes remained watery...

"Sakura...I have always cared for you even though I wouldn't show it...but there were complications such as age. I didnt want people thinking that I was a pervert or a child molester. So to protect you, I would close myself off to your advances and wishes. I knew that it hurt you, but it would have hurt more if we never got to see each other again. That's why I accepted your match. Sure, I love to fight. But there was something more valuable to me..."

Sakura's watery eyes released a tear. Ryu just continued.

"Sakura...I love you..."

And then it happened. The words that Sakura had been waiting to hear for a lifetime were just said. More tears came out of her eyes now...

"But Ryu...I'm too young for you...You deserve someone your own age...

"Age is nothing but a number when love is concerned. Besides, in 5 years, age won't matter. Youll be a full woman in the eyes of the world. But right now, I'm going to make you a full woman in my eyes..."

"Oh Ryu..."

Ryu brought Sakura closer to his body and caressed her cheek with his hand.

"You are so beautiful. I was a fool to almost pass you up..."

Sakura smiled slightly as Ryu pulled her body closer to him.

Ryus eyes started to close as he finally pressed his lips against hers. Sakura was slightly in shock, partly because Ryu had made a move on her, not the other way around. And partly because he was doing this out of the love of his heart. More tears came out of her eyes...

But this time, these weren't tears of pain. They were tears of joy. Joy that the man that she loved finally loved her back. She closed her eyes and wrapped her legs around Ryu while holding the back of his head with both of her arms. She pulled herself tighter into Ryu and put more emotion into the kiss that she was locked in.

This greatly aroused Ryu. He held her in that position for a few seconds. Then he laid her on top of the bed. He removed the towel that was wrapped around her and pulled down his pants.


"Yes, my love?"

"Besides masturbation, have you slept with anyone?"

"No. I've saved myself for you..and you alone..."

Ryu got on top of Sakura. He kissed her gently then had a look of seriousness in his eyes.

"Are you sure that you want me to do this? Because after today, your innocence will be lost forever..."

Sakura completely understood what Ryu was talking about. She nodded her head.

"Yes...only you are worthy of taking this away from me...Please...accept it as my gift to you...A testament of how much I love you..."

"Then forgive me...this will hurt a little..."

Ryu swiftly thrust his manhood inside Sakura's vaginal opening, breaking through her hymen in the process. Instantly, blood came out. A couple of tears came out of Sakura's eyes.

"Tears started to come out of Ryu's eyes as well..."


"Don't love for you has helped ease the finish it...make me complete...with you..."

Ryu nodded and then continued to thrust his manhood inside of her. Sakura was still feeling a little bit of pain.

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No...finish it...make me yours..."

Ryu continued to thrust inside Sakura. The pain that Sakura was feeling was slowly starting to turn into pleasure. She bucked her hips in response. She closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around Ryu's back, pulling him in closer. He was starting to make her feel good...

Ryu was starting to grunt in response to what he was feeling. Ryu's body was also starting to feel warm. His body was now glowing a light blue aura. And so was Sakura's...

Sakura managed to open her eyes up a little. She saw that both Ryu and herself were glowing. Then she realized it. They were putting more than their bodies into work. They were also putting in their spirit...

Sakura's insides started to feel very wet now. She didn't know how much more she would be able to take. She wanted to hold off long enough to be able to release with Ryu simultaneously. Fortunately, she wouldn't have to wait much longer...

Ryu was about to burst. He couldn't hold back much longer.

"Sakura, I'm about to release! I'm pulling out!"

"No! Release inside me! Make me complete with you!"

Ryu could hold back no longer as he released all of his seed deep inside of her. At the same time, Sakura's juices spilled all over Ryu's manhood. Ryu finally fell on top of Sakuras body, exhausted from all that had transpired...

Ryu rolled over to the side of the bed and held Sakura tight, still inside of her. He closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Sakura just looked at Ryu's peaceful form. A smile came to her face. She finally had his love...

Sakura gave Ryu a quick kiss on his lips. Then she held Ryu tight and closed her eyes, allowing herself to fall into a deep sleep...

The two warriors of Shotokan just sleep peacefully for the rest of the day...

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