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Episode 2: Sea-Diving Rescue

*After about an hour of waiting, all is calm in the ocean*

Dustin: Hmmm, why hasn't that thing come back yet?

Ryu: Maybe he thought there was nobody left.

Frost: Well, what do we do now? We have to save our friends.

Dustin: We are going to have to go down after them.

Ryu: How?

Frost: I can make a tunnel with my powers.

Dustin: Hmmm. But how will we part the water?

Ryu: I'll use my hadouken.

Dustin: Hmm, yea, that could work. Frost can freeze the hole, and then we jump down. But we will have to be quick about it.

Ryu: Right.

Frost: Let's do this.

*So after a minute of preparation, Ryu jumps to the side of the boat, and fires an energy wave that splits the water. Frost quickly freezes it, and they all jump down a long, frozen tunnel*



*After a long slide down, the three emerge, in a dark, cold cave*

Frost: Ugh, I can't see anything......

Ryu: Dustin, can you use your lightsabor for light?

Dustin: Yea, but it'll make noise.....

Frost: Well, we need some light......

Dustin: Right. *Activates the saber, which fills the cave with a blue light.*

Frost: That's better.

Ryu: Hey, what's that?

Dustin: What's what?

*Ryu points at a large ice rock. Inside, they see a large dragon-like creature*

Dustin: What the hell? That thing is huge!

Ryu: I thought dragons only existed in Outworld.........

Frost: Maybe they once existed in our world.

Dustin: Hmmm. Maybe. I have no idea. Well, we can't gawk. Let's go and find our friends.

*They walk for another ten minutes. Then, Frost notices something on the floor*

Frost: Oh my god look!

Dustin: What is it Frost?

Frost: It's Ivy!

Dustin: What? It is her!

*They all run up to her*

Ryu: Ivy, are you okay?!

Ivy: No, I'm warm and toasty and I'm having a swell time.

Dustin: Haha, still as cynical as ever.

Ryu: Ivy, how did you get here?

Ivy: I don't know, I woke up and found myself here. Now get me out of here!

Dustin: Um, right. *Dustin uses her saber and cuts her out of the ice wall* There ya go. That better?

Ivy: What do you think dear? *gives Dustin a glare*

Dustin: Uh, hehehe.......

Ryu: Ivy, I'm so relieved you are ok........

Frost: Can you walk?

Ivy: I'm fine dear. Any idea where we are loves?

Dustin: Under the ocean. We made an ice tunnel and slid down it. When we got to the end, we found this ice cavern.

Ryu: Let's get going. We have to find the others.

Dustin: Right.

Ryu: Ivy, are you sure you are okay?

Ivy: *whips her sword out* Yes I'll be fine. Let's go.

*They walk down the long path. After a long walk down the dark, silent path, they emerge in an opening, that spans into the darkness. In the distance, there are several different paths leading into the cave walls*

Dustin: Wow, this place is so huge. I wonder where it came from.......

Ryu: I don't know, but...

*Suddenly, they hear a rumbling sound*

Ivy: Oh, this is good.

*The rumble soon starts to envelope the entire cavern, and shakes it furiously. It feels like it will cause the cave to crash in. But after a minute, it stops, and all is silent again*

Dustin: What the, what was that?

Frost: I don't know but...

*Suddenly, the floor beneath them collapses*


*They fall into a dark abyss, and they all black out. Later...*

Dustin: Ugh, where am I? *as Dustin wakes up, he notices he cant move his arms or legs* Hey, what the hell?

Sub-Zero: You're in a small dungeon.

Li Mei: MY DUSTY!!

Dustin: Huh? Li Mei? Sub? Where are we? Why are we frozen in the walls?

Frost: Ugh, I don't know, but I can't move either......

Li Mei: My Dusty! I'm so glad you are ok!

Dustin: Umm, yea Li Mei, it's good to see you too....

Frost: do we free ourselves?

Sub-Zero: Beats me. I've been trying to get free for hours.

Ivy: Don't worry. I can do something.

*Ivy manages to whip out her sword and break herself free. She frees the others as well*

Dustin: Thanks Ivy.

Ivy: No problem dear.

Dustin: Well, let's go everyone.

Ryu: Yeah, we still have the other six to look for.

Li Mei: Dusty! Wait for me! *Li Mei tackles Dustin, and stuffs his face in her melons*

Everyone: o_O

Li Mei: My Dusty! I missed you!

Dustin: Mmmmphm ppmhmmhm *help* mpph!

Ryu: Umm, Li Mei, could you let Dustin up. He needs some air.

Li Mei: Oh. Okay Dusty ^_^ . *lets him go*

Dustin: *gasps for air* Thanks Ryu........

*As Dustin lays on the ground staring at the ceiling, he notices that light is flowing through it*

Dustin: Hey! Anyone else notice that we have light?

Sub-Zero: *looks up* Now I do.

Ryu: Wow, that is so strange.

Frost: Very...

Ivy: Well my dears, can we worry about this later? Our friends still need to be found.

*Suddenly, they her a female voice call for help*

Dustin: Hey! That came from that cavern!

Ryu: And it sounds like Mika!

Li Mei: Come on Dusty! Lets go! *grabs Dustin and drags him towards the voice*

Everyone: o_O

Dustin: Li Mei! I have feet!

*Everyone else shrugs and follows. After walking down the path, they see Mika lying on the ground moaning*

Dustin: *gets up and goes to her* Mika. Are you okay?

Mika: guys came...

Ivy: Of course we did dear. We wouldn't have left you here.

Ryu: Mika, can you get up?

Mika: I...I think so...*gets up with Dustin's help...stares at Dustin a little, then shakes her head*

Li Mei: Mika! I'm so glad you are okay. We were all worried about you!

Sub-Zero: She's right. We were really releived when we saw you.

Ryu: We have to keep going...we still have to find Kenshi, Kilik, Jami and Scorpion!

Dustin: But where? This was the only path, and it's a dead end!

*Suddenly, the floor quickly brings them up like an elevator*

Ivy: What is going on?

Ryu: I have no ideaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*The floor starts to increase in speed every few seconds*

Li Mei: Clings to Dustin* Weeee! Its like being at Disneyland!

Everyone: o.O
*After a fast assent, the floor stops. It is now pitch black*

Sub-Zero: Heh, guess we need some light now......

*Suddenly, a flaming skull appears before them!*


Scorpion: Uhh, hehe, sorry about that Li Mei. Its just me.

Ryu: Scorpion! How did you find us?

Scorpion: I managed to escape and finding you guys was just a coincidence.

Ivy: Exactly what did you escape from deary?

Scorpion: A big fish-like abdominal snowman!

Li Mei: That's right! I remember a monster bringing me in here!

Dustin: A fish monster? Are you serious?

Scorpion: Of course!

Ivy: Did you see anything else?

Scorpion: Other than Spongebob and Patrick, nope.

Ryu: Scorpion, can you be serious?

Scorpion: Of course I'm serious!

*Suddenly, Spongebob and Patrick really do walk by*

Everyone: o_O

Scorpion: Told ya!

Ivy: Uh, anyway, let's keep searching for the rest.

*They start walking again*

*After going down another dark path, with Scorpion in the lead, they arrive at another cavern, But this one is different......*

Frost: I'm feeling a bit tired. Maybe we should rest for a little bit.

Ryu: *looks around the cavern* This may not be the best place. Look! *points at the walls and ceilings*

*After adjusting their eyes, they notice that the caverns walls and ceiling as covered by strange, giant eggs!*

Ivy: Lovely.

Scorpion: Wow! Look at all those creepy eggs!

Li Mei: I'm scared! Hold me Dusty *grabs Dustin and squeezes him to her melons AGAIN*

Mika: *looks at Li Mei and Dustin* Poor Dustin.......

Frost: Tell me about it.

*Suddenly, one of the eggs close to the group starts to crack*

Everyone: O_O

Dustin: *manages to get his face out of Li Mei's melons* What was that?!?!

Ryu: It can't be anything good.

*Suddenly, all the eggs start to crack, and the cavern fills with the sound*

Everyone: O_O

Li Mei: AHHHH!!!

*Small fish monsters start to emerge from the eggs and scuttle towards the group*

Sub-Zero: It's battle time!

Ivy: Strangle!

*Ivy and Sub-Zero charge toward the fish monsters*

*After a few minutes of battle, the group gets overwhelmed*

Ryu: AH! They got us!

Dustin: There are too many! We have to escape!

Sub-Zero: Quick! Down that path!

*They manage to get by the miniature monsters, and they run to the path*

Frost: Hurry!

Ivy: Everyone in now! I'll make sure they can't follow us!

Ryu: Be careful Ivy!

Ivy: Don't worry! Just get in there! *she pushes Ryu*

Ryu: OWE! My toe!

Ivy: *smirks* Goodbye you ugly pests! *she whips out her sword, and slices the top of the path opening. The whole ceiling caves in, blocking the entrance*

Ivy: *On the ground* Ryu! I told you to go!

Ryu: Ivy, I had to make sure you were ok.

Ivy: Hmph. *smirks* Let's catch up with the others.

*They catch up with the others. Everyone else is resting on the floor*

Scorpion: ...I'm hungry.

Li Mei: *stomach growls* Yea, does anyone have any food?

Sub-Zero: All I have is this twinkie *takes out a twinkie*

Dustin: Are you sure that’s all we have guys?

Everyone: .......

Scorpion: I have an idea! Let's deep fry the twinkie!!

Everyone: o_O;;

Sub-Zero: Okay!! *puts the twinkie on top of Scorpion's flaming skull*

Ivy: This group is so strange.......

Dustin: Well, since we are resting, why don't some of take turns taking naps?

Ryu: Yes, we do need to rest.....

Sub-Zero: *breaking off the deep-fried twinkie* Anybody want some?

Li Mei: OH oh Oh! I do I do I do!

Sub-Zero: Here ya go Mei Mei.

Li Mei: Yay!

Sub-Zero: Anybody else?

Dustin: No, I'm fine...

Ivy: No thank you.

Mika: Nah, I'm ok.....

Ryu: I'll pass.....

Sub-Zero: Okay *eats the twinkie*

*Suddenly, they hear a tapping*

Li Mei: Huh? *looks around with a perplexed look and whip cream all over her face*

What was that?
Scorpion: Hey! Look who's over there!

*Everyone turns to where Scorpion was pointing. They find Kilik behind the ice wall tapping it with his rod*

Ryu: Kilik?!?!

Kilik: ...

Ivy: How long have you been there?

Kilik: *tries to talk, but no one can hear him*

Dustin: Umm, I guess we should get him out.

Scorpion: Right! *takes off his mask , and blows fire at the ice*

Kilik: Thanks, I've been trying to get your attention for a while.

Dustin: O_O Uhh Kilik, you are on fire......

Scorpion: Opps..........

Kilik: O_O

Sub-Zero: *freezes Kilik to stop the flames*

Kilik: *frozen*

Dustin: Not again.......

Scorpion: Well, I'm risking it again and make sure he does the stop, drop, and roll deal *blows fire again*

Kilik: *gasps for air* Thanks Scorpion.....

Li Mei: Hey! No fire this time! ^_^

Mika: Haha, poor Kilik.....

*Suddenly a bright light hits them*

Dustin: *blinded by the light* What the hell?

*Then, a fish-like abdominal snowman appears*

Mika: Oh gross.......

Dustin: What the hell is that thing?

???: I am...Negative-Zero!! Muahahahaha!!!!!!!!

Sub-Zero: COPYCAT!!!

Dustin: Negative-Zero? How lame......

???: DAMN! Okay then I am...FUKITSU!

Kilik: That's better...

Ivy: So, you are the one who tried to capture us? Mind telling us why before I kill you?

Fukitsu: Because you invaded my current! Now you will pay!

Ivy: Well, taste my sword you pathetic beast!

*Ivy charges at the monster, but he swipes her before she can reach him. She flies and lands on Ryu*

Ivy: Ugh.....

Scorpion: Hey! Where are Kenshi and Jami???

Fukitsu: Muahahahahaha! They are resting comfortably!

*Suddenly, light fills the light behind Fukitsu. It reveal Kenshi and Jami frozen in the wall together*

Ryu: You monster! Let them go!!

Fukitsu: I don't think so!

Sub-Zero: Take this! *tries to attack Fukitsu, but is knocked down and crashes into Dustin*

Dustin: Damn it Sub.

Scorpion: I got this! *peforms summon hellfire and toasty!*

Fukitsu: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dies*

Mika: Wow, that was easy!

Kilik: Yea. Now let's get Jami and Kenshi out of there.

*The group runs over to Kenshi and Jami and free them. Both are unconscious*

Ivy: Here *backhands Jami and she wakes up*

Jami: O_O

Mika: Ouch.

Dustin: Well, it worked.

Li Mei: Here, I can wake Kenshi up! *takes one of his hands and puts them on her melons*

Kenshi: *wakes up* What the...*realizes where his hand is* AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Li Mei: XD Works everytime.

Dustin: O_O

Li Mei: Awwww, my Dusty, don't be jealous. You can touch my melons any time ^_^

Everyone: o_O

Dustin: Uh, so anyway, how do we get out of here?

Jami: *shakes her head quickly* I have no idea...of course...

Ivy: And we can't be back. The passage was closed.......

Frost: No, we made a passage before. If we hurry, we can make it out of here.

Dustin: No, Ivy collapsed a passage a while back. It's blocked.

Ryu: That's right. We're trapped in here.......

Kilik: Damn...

Mika: So, we're stuck in here? Forever?

Sub-Zero: There's got to be a way out!

Kenshi: Hmmm, I think I could be able to lift us out, but the ceiling is blocking us......

*Suddenly, the place starts to shake and icicles start falling down*

Ivy: What is going on?

Scorpion: EARTHQUAKE!!!!!

*Then, the ceiling splits, and an ear piercing scream can be heard in the cavern*

Everyone: *covers their ears in agony*

*Then the screaming stops*

Mika: What the...

*Everyone looks up and sees a woman's figure floating down*

Sindel: It's good to see you all again as well...

Dustin: Sindel!

Ryu: *Shit! I forgot about her...*

Sub-Zero: How did you know we were here?

Sindel: I managed to escape and I've been trying to find my way out...but I found you dearies here.

Ivy: Well, it appears the ceiling is gone. I guess Kenshi can hop to it now.

Kenshi: Right. *starts to concentrate*

*Everyone gets surrounded by blue energy, and they start to float up towards the exit*


Kenshi: Sindel, once we get the top, use your scream to open the rest of the ice. I will keep the water from flowing in.

Sindel: Okay, just be careful *flies up*

*Sindel uses her powers, and the rest of the ceiling collapes. Kenshi and the others float up, while the water is being kept still. Kenshi then uses his powers to part the water, and they float to the surface. Then, they return to their boat*

Dustin: Finally! I thought we would never get out of there.

Sub-Zero: Let's get to the island...NOW!!

*The boat starts moving again, and they reach the Island in a half hour*

Scorpion: *Jumps out of the boat, and starts to kiss the ground* Land!

Sindel: Yes, I am glad to get out of that boat.

Dustin: Man, about time.

Jami: Tell me about it.

Mika: Phew, I'm glad that’s all over. So what do we do now?

Kenshi: We have to get the camp house built......

Dustin: He's right. And we will also have to scout out the island.

Sindel: Scorpion, Sub-Zero, that's your job.

Sub-Zero: Leave that to me and Scorp. We'll do it once the camp is done.

*And so they build the camp. Surprisingly, the house is finished in a few hours, and the group is able to rest for the night. After a long, treacherous journey, our heroes finally have some time to relax. Later that night, after the group finished the house...*

Mika: Well, I guess that’s it.....

Frost: *yawn* I'm feeling really tired.

Dustin: Me too. I guess it's a good time to hit the hay.

Scorpion: Let's race for the beds!!

*Everyone races and jumps on the beds. Dustin is left standing realizing they were one bed short*

Dustin: %&%#!

Li Mei: Awww Dusty. *seductive voice* You can share my bed with me.....

Dustin: O_O; Ahh, that's ok Li Mei. I guess it's the floor for me. *sigh*

Sindel: We'll have to add a new bed to our shopping list.

Mika: Yea, poor Dustin. *looks at him sympathetically*

Ivy: Well, lights out everyone. I need my sleep.

Jami: *snores*

*And so everyone goes to bed. What will happen the next night. Stay turned in Episode 3: First Day On the Island!*

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