The Lemonade Stand

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Episode 6: Man-Cooked Meal and The Secret Beach

After rescuing Jami, Dustin and Mika's chemistry and Sub-Zero's near death comes...the next morning!*

Dustin: Ugh, my back is killing me again *he says as he wakes ups*

Ivy: *just getting up* Look on the bright side love, you're weren't the only one sleeping on the floor...hey, where's Kenshi?

Dustin: Hey, yea, where did he go.....

*They were find him cuddling with Jami on her bed*

Dustin and Ivy: O_o

Ivy: ...cute?

Dustin: Guess Mika and I aren’t the only ones getting close........

Dustin: O god, that reminds me of Li Mei....What am I gonna do about her Ivy?

Li Mei: *wakes up* Owe my head...*sees Dustin* Oh, hi Dustin *falls back asleep*

Ivy: o.O

Dustin: O_o Umm, any suggestions Ivy?

Ivy: Amnesia?

Sindel: *waking up* Morning dearies

Dustin: Hey Sindel. Did you sleep good?

Sindel: Very well, after all that fighting last night.

Dustin: Thats good. O yea, so I heard you and Ivy got it on at the beach the other night.

Sindel and Ivy: o.O

Dustin: XD

Sindel:, I'll go make some breakfast, any suggestions?

Dustin: Waffles?

Sindel: ^_^ I was just thinking that. I wanted to use my waffle maker. It should be ready in a half hour *walks into the kitchen*

Scorpion: *already awake* Good, I'm not gonna be a human stove this morning.

Ryu: *wakes up* Hey guys, good morning.

Scorpion: Morning dude.

Dustin: Hey Ryu. Sleep good?

Ryu: I slept all right

*After small chit chat, the rest of the group starts to wake up except Jami and Kenshi.*

Frost: So, what's for breakfast?

Ivy: Sindel decided to make waffles. I don’t really care though, I’m famished.

Sub-Zero: Waffles, yummy! I wonder if she's going to put chocolate chips in them.

Dustin: That sounds good!

Kilik: I don’t care, I just want to eat.

Cammy: Yea, I'm sooo hungry.

Li Mei: *silent*

Frost: Well yea because someone ate last night's dinner *glares at Dustin and Mika*

Dustin and Mika: ^_^

Dustin: Hey Mika, did you sleep well?

Mika: Very well, sweetie ^_^

Dustin: I'm glad honey^_^

Li Mei: Awe, you two are sooooo cute together ^_^ *look at Dustin and Mika*

Dustin and Mika: O_o

Dustin: Uhh, you ok Li Mei?

Kilik: Well, Ivy did a good job on knocking her out last night.

Scorpion: Haha, she forgot she had a crush on Dustin!

Li Mei: Did I? No, I always had a crush on Maxi ^_^

Cammy: Well, I guess that simplifies things for you 3.

Ivy: God, you liked that guy who was named after a type of sanitary napkin??

Ryu: Uh, Ivy, what are you talking about?

Ivy: ...nevermind, it's a girl thing.

Dustin: Must be......

Sindel: Breakfast is ready!

*So the gang starts to head to the table.*

Dustin: Hey, should we wake up Jami and Kenshi?

Mika: Nah, they look too cute, let's go.

Scorpion: Besides, more waffles for us!

*Dustin and Mika walk off to the table holding hands*

*And it turns out they really are chocolate chip waffles and there were also plain ones as well*

Dustin: Wow, it looks so good.

CyborgdragonX8: Sub-Zero: Yea, this looks awesome!

Frost: Mmmmmm, smells so good....

Sindel: Thank you...where are Jami and Kenshi?

Li Mei: They are still cuddling together in bed. I think I saw Kenshi holding her melons ^_^

Everyone: o.O

Frost: Oh give him a break, he's blind.

CybRyu: Well, you don’t have to see to grab onto a melon.....

Frost: ...well true...

Dustin: Can we change the subject please?

Frost: Sure cause those waffles are making my mouth water!

Ivy: Ryu, be a dear and fill my plate up for me.

Ryu: ...why?!

Ivy: Becuase I asked you to. Now don't make me get testy......

Ryu: O_O *gives Ivy two waffles*

*Ivy: You're such a sweety. Thank you Ryu. Ill try not to hurt you too much the next time I cycle^_^

Ryu: Umm, okay...

Sub-Zero: Wow, these are great!

Dustin: Yea, these are really good.

Sindel: Thank you everyone.

Frost: You know what I would like to see?

Kilik: What’s that?

Frost: I'd like to see some of you big strong men cook us a meal tonight *smirks*

Dustin, Ryu, Kilik: O_o

Dustin: Hey, I'm a horrible cook.....

Ryu: Me too...Well except when it comes to sushi...

Sindel: So then make us some sushi tonight.

Dustin: Hey, go for it Ryu. You mentioned it. I'll just go back to the US and grab a burger......

Sindel: OH NO YOU DON'T! You're gonna learn how to cook sushi with Ryu! And don't think your backing out of this either Kilik!

Dustin: Ugh. Damn it Ryu, why couldn't you have just been quiet....

Ryu: Sorry...

Kilik: Hey, why am I dragged into this Sindel?

Sindel: Because I said so.

Dustin: Man........

Ryu: Hey wait a minute! What about Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Kenshi???

Kilik: Yea, what about them?

Frost: Well Scorpion can be your stove...

Scorpion: DAMMIT!

Frost: And Sub-Zero almost died yesterday so he gets a freebie.

Sub-Zero: Woo hoo!

Dustin: Hey, I almost died once I found out I ate snails........

Sindel: Yes dear, but you weren't nearly burned to death by acid.

Dustin: *grumbles*

Ryu: And what about Kenshi?

Ivy: He went through enough trauma yesterday so he gets a freebie too.

Cammy: Well, I think its a great idea if the guys cook tonight.

Frost: Yeah, we can't do it all the time. Hope you guys make a great meal *looks at all of them except Sub-Zero*

Li Mei: Yay! We get to have man food tonight!

Kilik, Ryu, Dustin, Scorpion: O_o

Sindel: Girls, I have an about we spend the day together on the beach while the boys cook.

Ivy: That's a swell idea.

Dustin: HEY! No Fair!

Frost: Hey, we do need to get away from boys once in a while, no offense.

Dustin: O, like us being around all of you is all happy days......

Ryu: Dustin, I think you should watch it......

Ivy: *glares at Dustin*

Sub-Zero: So girls...what should I do?

Ivy: How about you set up the plumbing for the shower...I'm gonna need a shower pretty soon.

Dustin: Ugh, I wish I could go back to sleep......

Mika: Hey, should Jami come with us, she's a girl too.

Dustin: Well, mostly anyway.......

All Girls: *give evil glare*

Dustin: I'm just gonna be quiet now......

Scorpion: Well you have to admit, she's the tomboy of the group.

Cammy: Really? I think she acts just like a normal girl.

Sub-Zero: Yeah, but she's not all about the 'girl power' thing...Well, at least she doesn't take it as seriously, you know what I mean?

Dustin: Sub, just be quiet with the rest of us.......


Frost: I bet she wants to spend the day with Kenshi anyways ^_^

Dustin: Hey, I'm in love too, why cant I spend the day with Mika?

Scorpion: They have something me and Sasha! *hugs his rock*

Dustin: Shut Up Scorpion!

Scorpion: Make me!

Ivy: Okay, before we fight, let's clean the table and do the dishes.

Dustin: *grumbles*

Ryu: All right then, let's get these dishes in the kitchen.


Kenshi: *just waking up* Jami?

Jami: *wakes up* Yeah?

Kenshi: Hey, did you have some good dreams?

Jami: Mmm I don't remember my dreams from last night, but I bet they were nice...

Kenshi: Do you want to stay in bed a little while longer?

Jami: *looks around* Why not, the others aren't around *cuddles closer*

Kenshi: Yea, I love being here with just you.

Jami: *strokes his chest a little* Yeah..

Kenshi: *smiles* So what do you want to do today gorgeous?

Jami: *laughs a little* Hmm, well let's see what the others are up to.

Kenshi: Hmmm, why don't we ditch them for the day and go inland. Just the two of us....

Jami: *smirks* Sure, that's a good idea, let me get in my bathing suit.

Kenshi: Ok, I'll get dressed too.


Dustin: Ugh, why do WE get stuck with the dishes too?

Scorpion: Beats me man...I'd rather be doing plumbing work than this.

Ryu: Well, it could be worse.

Dustin: Yea, at least they aren't on their periods......

Ryu: ...except Ivy...

Kilik: I think she is on her period 24/7

Scorpion: *chuckles*

Dustin: Man, I feel sorry for the guy she ends up with.

*They all laugh*

*Meanwhile, the girls go outside. As they are walking to the beach...*

Frost: So Mika, how was last night with Dustin?

Mika: *grins* It was great, we kissed under the stars and we looked at them for a while.

Cammy: Wow, that sounds so romantic.

Li Mei: Yea, and you two are soooo cute. I need a guy so I can squish him to my melons^_^

Sindel: *gasps* OH MY GOODNESS! LOOK!

Cammy: What is it?

*The girls look and find a male figure facing down and not moving*

Frost: O my god? Who is that?

Ivy: I have no clue.

Sindel: I don't think any of us do.

Cammy: I wonder if he is even still alive. Let's go check!

Mika: Okay, but be prepared for anything.

*They run over to the figure...

Li Mei: I wonder who he is...

Ivy: Eh, mister? *pokes him*

*Suddenly, the man springs to life!

The girls: AHHHHHHHH!


Sindel: And who are you?

???: Wolfwood's the name!

Li Mei: That's a cool name.

Wolfwood: Thanks.

Sindel: Eh, so Mr. Wolfwood, what are you doing on our island?

Wolfwood: Well, I was on my way on my vacation to Hawaii, but my ship sank and this was the first land I saw the whole night.

Li Mei: Awww, you poor thing.

Frost: Wow, that sucks for you.

Sindel: Hey, it that yours? *Points to a 5 foot cross wrapped in cloth*

Wolfwood: That's my cross punisher, I'm a traveling priest.

Ivy: Well, Mr. Priest, I hope you dont plan on staying here. This is a private island.

Frost: Oh come on, he's obviously ship recked. Let him stay here for just today and we'll ship him back to Hawaii.

Sindel: Well, we need to consult Jami and Dustin first. It IS their island after all.....

Mika: That's true.

Wolfwood: Well, that's fine with me I guess.

Li Mei: Hey! Lets take him back to the house and introduce him!

Ivy: That’s fine with me if you want to go. But I want to get some sun.

Sindel: We'll make it quick, I bet Sub-Zero might need help with the shower.

Ivy: Ugh. Alright, but Mika and I are still going to the beach. The rest of you can head back.

Frost: All right.

Sindel: Let's go, you must be shivering from last night, we have some extra clothes you can borrow.

Wolfwood: Thank you ma'am

Sindel: Please dear, call me Sindel.

Ivy: Come on Mika, lets keep going.

Mika: Okay.

Li Mei: Yay, lets go Wolfy!

Wolfwood: Umm, sure.

*They head back to the house where they find Dustin, Ryu, Kilik, and Scorpion trying to figure out the cookbook.*

Dustin: Are you sure we are reading it the right way Ryu?

Scorpion: Dude, it's upside down.

Kilik: O_o

Ryu: Umm, yea ok, here it is. Sweet and Spicy Sushi.

Dustin: Sounds gross.......

Sindel: Hi boys.

Kilik: Hey, what are you all doing back?

Ryu: And who's that guy?

Dustin: And what the hell is he carrying?

Frost: Boys, this is Wolfwood, he got ship-recked, needs a place to stay for the night, AND he's a traveling priest.

Dustin: Priest huh.......

Scorpion: O_O AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!! *runs*

Dustin: Youll have to excuse him Mr. Wolfwood. He's undead.

Kilik: From Hell.

Dustin: Undead, from hell, same thing.....

Wolfwood: Ahh, I see...

Ryu: So I take it he wants to stay here?

Frost: Yes but it's just for the night.

Dustin: Well, I guess it's ok. Would you mind helping us cook Mr. Wolf?

Sindel: Actually, we're going to have him help Sub-Zero out with the plumbing.

Dustin: Ugh, fine fine. Yea, he can stay.

Wolfwood: Yay!

Kilik: I hope you enjoy it here. It can get a little strange around here.

Ryu: Yup.

Frost: Well, we're off, see you at dinner.

*Everyone leaves*

Scorpion: *peaking out from the sleeping quarters* Is he gone???

Dustin: Yea, he went to help Sub-Zero with the plumbing.

Scorpion: ...okay *slowly comes out*

Dustin: Hey guys, I have a really bad idea.

Ryu: What?

Dustin: Since the girls were so adamant about us making dinner, why don’t we give them a little "present". Hehehe *evil grin*

Kilik: No that's wrong.

Scorpion: Wait, I want to here it!

Dustin: Well Ryu, you want to here it?

Ryu: ...I guess...

Dustin: Ok. *goes and gets a box, then brings it back to the kitcen* Take a look at this. *opens the box, and takes out the biggest, ugliest, black and red pepper ever seen*

Kilik: o.O

Dustin: This is an Oni Inferno Pepper. I found it in the Netherealm

Scorpion: Yeah, only the Onis can withstand that!

Dustin: Hehe, we won't use all of it. We'll just mix a little in with the fish.

Kilik: Can we at least not put it in Cammy's fish?

Dustin: Hmmmm. Yea, I'll pull Mika and Cammy aside and tell them not to eat it.

Ryu: Okay.

Dustin: But the thing is, this will color the fish red, so we cannot give them the pepper loaded ones.

Ryu: That's fine.

Scorpion: This is going to be so cool! Hey, let's put one in the priest's *shudders*

Dustin: Hehe, and Kenshi and Jami's too!

Kilik: No, they weren't involved in this whole snerario.

Ryu: Well, we have to be fair, don't we?

Dustin: Exactly!

Kilik: ...whatever...

*So they go on with their plan*


Ivy: So Mika, do you mind if I talk to you?

Mika: Sure

Ivy: Well, this is hard for me to explain. I really am not good talking about my feelings.

Mika: Don't worry, just take your time...

Ivy: Well, that one day, when I was really out of it, Ryu was following me around and I....I don't know, I just thought that was so kind of him.......Hehe, No other man would risk themselves like that to check on me....

Mika: I see...

Ivy: I was just wondering, how I should go about being, how should I say, intimate with him?

Mika: Hmm...Well, I haven't seen any chemistry between you two yet. If you really want something to happen, you might want to open up to him more.

Ivy: Hmmm...Well, thank you Mika. I think you are very right. Now please don't tell anyone about this.

Mika: Don't worry, cross my heart.


Sub-zero: So you're a traveling priest?

Wolfwood: Yea, that’s what I do. So, you have the ability to freeze things?

Sub-Zero: Yea, it really comes in handy. Watch this. *Sub freezes Jami's lamp. The lamp falls and shatters*

Wolfwood: Dayam..

Sub-Zero: Hehe, exactly. Hey, could you fetch me a bucket of water?

Wolfwood: Sure thing.

*Wolfwood goes and sees two buckets of water. He ends up taking Voldo's water without realizing it (the other bucket was 'normal') and gives it to Sub-Zero*

Sub-Zero: Thanks Wolfwood. This water will be used in the showers.

Wolfwood: Sure.


Kenshi: So Jami, what part of the beach should we go to?

Jami: Hmm, well we haven't found any beach yet except for the one that we use. Maybe there's something on the other side of the island.

Kenshi: Well, why don't we go check? Heh, it'll be fun. Should we make it a picnic?

Jami: May...*suddenly Jami trips and falls down a long hill*

Kenshi: Jami! *he runs after her.

Jami: *lands at the bottom with only a few scratches* Owe...

Kenshi: Jami *chuckles* are you okay?

Jami: Yeah I'm fi...O_O holy smokes!

Kenshi: What is it Jami?

Jami: Kenshi, I wish I could give you my eyes for this moment...

Kenshi: No need Jami, I think I know....

Jami: *sees a small rounded beach with white sand and perfectly clear water.*

Kenshi: Is this place ok Jami?

Jami: Okay? It's AMAZING!

Kenshi: Ok, then we will spend the day here.

Jami: Exactly. Got the basket?

Kenshi: I sure do honeybunny ^_^. *Levitates the basket over*

Jami: *catches the basket* You don't have to call me that, *chuckles*

Kenshi: But what if I want to?

Jami: Bah, whatever, hehe. Let's go eat I'm starving.

Kenshi: Haha, ok ok, lets go eat!

*They settle a towel on the sand start eating their lunches*

Kenshi: Wow, this is really good food Jami. Did you make it?

Jami: Actually, it's from Subway ^_^

Kenshi: Hehe, even better^_^

Jami: Yeah *chuckles*

*And so the two spend their time eating Subway.*

*That night...

Ivy: So boys, that wasn't so bad was it?

Dustin: Uhh, yea. Hey Mika, can I speak to you for a minute?

Mika: Sure.

*They leave*

Scorpion: *is cowering over from Wolfwood's presence in the room*...I'm gonna die...again...

Ryu: *nervous* Scorpion, I'd be more worried about the girls than that guy......

Scorpion: Yeah but they're not PRIESTS!

Kilik: Ugh, this was a horrible idea. We shouldn't have done it. Hey, where's Dustin?

*In another room...

Dustin: Mika, we're going to have a moonlight dinner on the beach, but we can't let anyone know......

Mika: Sure, to be honest I hate sushi.

Dustin: Hehe, cool, I have a lot of good food in this basket. I also have blankets, so we can stay out all we want. Lets go out the back ok?

Mika: Okay.

*They leave*

*Back in the kitchen...

Sindel: *from the other room* Boys, lets get the food out here please!

Frost: Yea, we're hungry!

Kilik: Okay it's coming!

Cammy: Be nice, I bet they worked really hard on this.

Ryu: Ugh, where did Dustin go?

Kilik: I have no idea. Should we go through with this?

Scorpion: It's the only food we have, and we have to serve them something.....

Ryu: Right.

*So the three bring out the food on platters.......*

Frost: Mmm sushi!

Ivy: It looks delicious dears....

Ryu: Thank you.

Kilik: And it was cooked on Scorpion's head once again.

Wolfwood: O_o

Scorpion: *slowly walks behind Kilik*

Ryu: *serves some to each person at the table*

Scorpion: *ends up having to serve Wolfwood some*

Sindel: O wow darlings, this look so good.

Scorpion: *quickly gives a few to Wolfwood and runs out of the room as fast as a cheetah*

Ivy: What's up with Scorpion?

Ryu: Umm, ya know, Kilik and I should go check on him while all of you eat!

Ivy: No! The cooks have to be present while we eat.

Cammy: Yea, we want to show you how much we appreciate you cooking.

Frost: Oh just let them, at least Scorpion would come *nudges Ivy*

Ivy: Very well, go check on him.

*Kilik and Ryu leave. Then Frost quickly takes the sushis w/ the Oni peppers and place them on Kilik, Ryu, and Scorpion's plates.*

Sindel: What was that about?

Frost: I know men all too well.

Ivy: Were these boys trying to pull a fast one on us Frosty?

Frost: Yup.

Cammy and Li Mei: No way!

Sub-Zero: Umm, did I miss something?

Sindel: Payback's a bitch!

Wolfwood: Yeah....

Ivy: Oh, and they will pay. Especially Ryu *evil smirk*

Li Mei: Hey, where are Kenshi and Jami?

Frost: Probably getting all lovey dubby.

Li Mei: AWWWWWW how cuuuuute!

Ivy: And where are Dustin and Mika for that matter?

Frost: Who knows...

*Then, Kilik, Ryu, and Scorpion come back in*

Ivy: Ah, about time boys. We were just about to eat up.

Ryu: Well, I hope you girls enjoy your meals.

Frost: Oh we will.

Ivy: *Takes a bite*

*Kilik, Ryu, and Scorpion jump under the table.*

Ivy: Oh my god, this is delicious! I've never had Sushi this good!

Kilik, Ryu, Scorpion: o.O

Li Mei: Hey, why are you guys under the table??

Sub-Zero: This is getting weird.

Cammy: Wow, this is really good! Did you make this Kilik?

Kilik: Umm, yeah...

Cammy: Well, its really great. You are such a good cook^_^

Kilik: Umm, thank you.

*The three boys come back up.*

Ryu: *still O_o*

Li Mei: Wow, this IS really good!

Kilik: Well, eh *to Ryu* Guess the oni peppers aren't as effective as Dustin said.

Ryu: Yeah, let's chow down.

Scorpion: Yea, I'm starving!

*After the 3 take their first bites, they start to sweat uncontrollably. There faces and eyes turn a deep red, almost purple.*

Everyone else: o.O

Ryu, Kilik, and Scorpion: *Burst out in flames!*

Sub-Zero: Whoa...glad I didn't cook.

*The three start running around the room uncontrollably!*

And the girls try not to laugh.

Ivy: *huge smirk* So, how were the peppers boys?

Sindel: *starts to crack up*

All three boys: YOU OWE US A BEEEEER!!!!!

Wolfwood: *takes the clean bucket of water and splashes them on the boys to distingusih the flames*

Frost: Really, you three should know you cant pull a fast one on us!

Scorpion: O_O *realizes it was Wolfwood who splashed the water on him* HOLY WATER!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! *runs around the room uncontrollably*

Sub: That wasn't holy water Scorp. That was Voldo's water......

Scorpion: ...AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! *realizes what Sub-Zero said* okay.

Ryu: So, how did you all know? *Mouth still burning*

*Suddenly, all three of their stomachs make loud rumbles*

The three: O_O

*They race to the bathroom*

Wolfwood: So, who's up for a game of Scrabble?

Everyone: Yea!

*Meanwhile......Mika and Dustin head off to the beach to have their candlelight dinner. After they set up there midnight picnic, they start to give food to each other*

Mika: Dustin, this is so romantic.

Dustin; Thank you Mika. You know, you are all I can think about......

Mika: And you're all I can think about too ^_^

Dustin: ^_^ Mika, you are so beautiful, you know that?

Mika: ^_^ *blushes* Thank you.

*After they finish eating, they kiss for a few minutes, then snuggle up under their blankets and cuddle for the rest of the night*


Kenshi: So Jami, did you enjoy our little vacation away from vacation?

Jami: Well I wouldn't call this a vacation, lol. It's more like a permanent paradise.

Kenshi: Hehe, true. But you know what I meant. *smiles*

Jami: ^_^ Well, he had lunch, talked, and ate dinner, what do you want to do now?

Kenshi: Anything you want to.

Jami: Hmmm...*looks up at the sky* The stars are really nice out tonight.

Kenshi: Yes, they are beautiful. Which ones do you like best?

Jami: I've always admired the North Star.

Kenshi: Yea, it's always been a symbol of guidance for me. Well, back when I could.......

Jami: *brings herself a little closer to him*

Kenshi: *sigh* ...Jami...what would I give to be able to see you?...I have no doubt that you are beautiful, but I would just like to gaze at you just once......

Jami: Maybe you will one day.

Kenshi: Well, that's ok, because I have you with me now......

Jami: *gets more closer*

Kenshi: So, would you like to take a midnight dip?

Jami: Sure, I've always enjoyed that ^_^ *gets up*

Kenshi: *gets up and takes off his shirt*

Jami: *Dayam ^_^*

Kenshi: *smirks*

*They go into the water*

Kenshi: So do you swim a lot?

Jami: Not as often, but that might change.

Kenshi: Hehe, oh yea, why is that?

Jami: I dunno, I never really had a pool when I was a kid.

Kenshi: Hmm, I was always traveling, so I never had much of a chance to swim when I was a child.

Jami: You seem to be doing all right.

Kenshi: Thank you Jami ^_^

Jami: Sure...hey Kenshi, can I ask you something?

Kenshi: You sure can.

Jami: I never really asked you this and I hope I don't scare you old are you?

Kenshi: Hehe. A lot of people can't tell, but I am 27.

Jami: Not bad...I'm young, I'm only 19.

Kenshi: That's ok. Being young is the best time of a person's life.

Jami: Not the teenage years...

Kenshi: Well, I guess so, but there are always rough times. It just depends on how you handle them.

Jami: Yeah true.

Kenshi: ...So Jami, do you want to stay out here all night?

Jami: Yeah, I was thinking that, I'm sure our friends are fine.

Kenshi: Exactly what I was thinking.

*Kenshi swims closer to Jami*

Jami: *gets closer too* You thinking what I'm thinking?

Kenshi: I hope so.....

*Kenshi and Jami embrace, and have a long romantic kiss. It feels like it last for an eternity.*

Jami: *breaks kiss for a second and smiles* That was exactly what I was thinking *kisses him again*

Kenshi: *huge smile before kissing her again*

*Because of their height difference, Jami had to stand on her toes while Kenshi bended down a little.*

Kenshi: *starts to levitate Jami*

*After the kiss, Kenshi places light kisses on different parts of Jami's face*

Jami: So, do we have an extra blanket?

Kenshi: Yes, I think we do.....

Jami: Good, because I was thinking, um, we could go back to our spot in the sand...

Kenshi: Ok, that sounds good.

*And so they do*

Kenshi: Is that better Jami?

Jami: Yeah *she embraces him and the two kiss passionately*

*After spending hours being intimate, Jami starts to doze of into sleep.....And so they cuddle together under the stars before falling asleep*


Sub-Zero: Another word up! Wolfwood and I win!

Girls: DAMN!

Frost: How does he do that!

Ivy: I figured Sub-Zero was illiterate.

Li Mei: HAHAHAHA. O Ivy, you are so funny^_^

*Then, Ryu, Kilik, and Scorpion come in the room holding their stomachs.*

Sindel: Well dears, did you learn your lesson?

Ryu: ...yes...

Ivy: Good.


Scorpion: *Smacks Kilik in the back of the head*

Kilik: OWE!

Ivy: O really? So Dustin had a hand in this. What do you think about this girls?

Sindel: We'll let him have his time off tonight...then tomorrow morning, it's PAYBACK!

Wolfwood: So, what should we do now ladies...and Sub-Zero?

Li Mei: Well, its pretty late, and my melons are tired. Should we get ready for bed?

Wolfwood: Melons??

Ivy: Don't ask Wolfwood.

Frost: Hey, where should Wolfwood sleep tonight?

Scorpion: NOT NEAR ME!!

Li Mei: He can sleep in my bed!^_^

Ivy: Sure Li Mei, but you have to sleep on the floor.

Li Mei: Nooo. I wanted to scrunch him against my melons!

Wolfwood: *is getting the whole melon deal* o.O;;;;

Sub-Zero: Uhhh, yea.......

Frost: You know what, I highly doubt Jami and Kenshi are coming back so Wolfwood, we give you permission to use Jami's bed.

Wolfwood: Yea, that sounds better......

Li Mei: Aww melon nuts....

Cammy: Umm, so anyway, should we all get ready for bed?

Ivy: Why not.

*So the group gets ready for bed*

Sub-Zero: So, other than beating up Dustin, what's up for tomorrow?

Ivy: Well, we have to set up the new beds.

Sindel: I guess we should do another search of the island. We don't need anymore surprises popping up....

Frost: That's a good idea.

Cammy: Hey Kilik, wanna help me make breakfast tomorrow?

Kilik: *sweating* Umm, sure.

Cammy: *smiles* Thanks! ^_^

Sindel: Hey! How come you complained when I asked you to make dinner but when Cammy asks you to make breakfast, you say 'sure'??

Kilik: *sweating even more* Uhh, well, I, ummm......

Ivy: Well isn't it obvious *smirks*

Frost: Haha. Kilik and Cammy, sittin in a tree........

Scorpion: F-*-*-*-I-N-G!!

Everyone: o.O

Li Mei: Scorpion! That’s not how it goes!

Scorpion: I don't care, it still rhymes!

Frost: *smacks Scorpion in the back of the head*

Scorpion: Owe!

Cammy: Anyway, thank you Kilik. *gives him a quick peck on the cheek*

Kilik: *blushes*


Kilik: Quiet!

Wolfwood: Well, I'm off to bed...


Wolfwood: O_o

Sindel: Just ignore him.....

Wolfwood: Umm, okay...

*So the group goes to the beds, and gets their sleep for the night.*

*The next morning...

*Ivy wakes up to find Scorpion just standing there in front of the exit of the sleeping quarters.*

Ivy: What on earth are you doing?

Scorpion: *stares at Wolfwood's cross punisher* The cruxifix...I can't pass it...

Ivy: O god Scorpion, its just a hunk of metal.

Scorpion: Suuuure it's just a hunk of metal, but if i pass it, I'll burn to a crisp and go back to the netherealm for all eternity!

Ivy: Well, then why didn't you do lye down on the couch in the living room?
Scorpion: I didn't know it was here!

Ivy: Okay...*pushes Scorpion out of the room*

Cammy: *wakes up*

Scorpion: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I'm fryyyyyyyyyyying!!!!!!!!!! I'm...*realizes he's still whole* Hey...I'm ALIVE!...In an undead way...

Cammy: o_O

Ivy: *sees Cammy* Never mind that Cammy. Ugh I feel so dirty. I'm going to take a shower.

Cammy: Mind if I join you?

Ivy: Well, Sub-Zero did build two showers so we can always talk from our part.

Cammy: Oh yea, I keep thinking we only have one. Ok then, lets go.

*Meanwhile on the camp's beach...

Dustin: Hey Mika, how did you sleep? *slowly kissed her on the forehead*

Mika: This was the best sleep I ever had. How about you?

Dustin: It was great. We should do stuff like this more often. I really love spending time with you.

Mika: I love spending time with you too, sweetie.

Dustin: ^_^ Thanks honey.

Mika: Let's go back inside, I'm dying to have some breakfast.

Dustin: Umm, I'm not so sure that's a good idea for me Mika......

Mika: Why?

Dustin: Umm, well, you see, last night, Me and the other guys wanted to play a little joke.......

Mika: What kind of joke?

Well, we were kinda ticked at Ivy and the others, so we, umm.........

Mika: Yes?

Dustin: We put really hot peppers in the food.......

Mika: What?

Dustin: Umm, we got some really hot peppers, and mixed a little in the sushi......

Mika: that's why we came out here last night!

Dustin: NO NO NO! I already had this planned!

Mika: That was such a mean trick you pulled! I'm going inside to have breakfast *storms off*

Dustin: Ugh, great........


Kenshi: *hears birds chirping* I guess its morning......

Jami: It definitely is *smirks*

Kenshi: *smiles* Hey Jami. *gives her a kiss*

Jami: *returns the kiss* Morning baby.

Kenshi: ^_^ How did you sleep cutey?

Jami: Really well, how about you?

Kenshi: I slept great.

Jami: I have a crazy idea for when we get back to camp.

Kenshi: Oh yea, what is it?

Jami: How about we get Dustin to order us a king-size bed, that way we can cuddle all the time ^_^

Kenshi: Hey, that sounds great! Maybe we can get our own corner walled off, so we can be all alone.

Jami: Yeah, that's a great idea, but I bet you they'll make us do that ourselves.

Kenshi: Maybe, but I will do it all for you Jami. *gives her another kiss*

Jami: Hey, I'm not gonna just sit back and let you do all the work *gives him another kiss*

Kenshi: *Yea!!* So, should we head back now?

Jami: *looks at watch and sees that it's 10am* Sure.

Kenshi: Ok, let's pick all this stuff up and head back.

*And so they do and head back to camp*

*Meanwhile, Dustin decides to face the music and head back to camp...but luckily, Dustin has his lightsaber handy*

Kilik: Morning Dustin.

Dustin: Enough small talk. I know you ratted me out Kilik. You're the only one who would talk.

Scorpion: Man, you're a psychic.

Dustin: Hah, I just know Kilik enough...But anyway, I guess I'll go face the girls.....

Ryu: Well Dustin, let's just say the plan backfired.

Dustin: O yea? What happened?

Scorpion: Frost knew our plan and switched the food.

Dustin: Damn, that is bad. How did she know?

Ryu: I have no idea, I think it's a girl instinct.

Kilik: Its probably like the way you knew I snitched *laughs*

Dustin: *smirks* I guess I'm in for it huh.

Scorpion: I'm afraid so buddy...

*Suddenly, Sindel, Frost, and Li Mei come out with various weapons and glare at Dustin.*

Dustin: Uh oh.................

*15 minutes later...

Sub-Zero: Good thing I have the power of ice since we ran out of ice-patches.

Dustin: *coughs* Man, I thought they would never stop......Ivy was the worst. Man, that whip of hers hurts!

Scorpion: Eh dude, that was Sindel, Ivy wasn't there for it.

Kilik: Neither was Cammy.

Dustin: Really? It felt like 10 women were beating the crap outta me. I didn’t have the heart to fight back.....

Ivy: SUB-ZERO!!!!!!!!!

Sub-Zero: O_o What now?

Dustin, Ryu, and Kilik: O_o

*Both Ivy and Cammy come in looking like they were dipped in ooze.*

Dustin, Ryu, Kilik, Sub, and Scorpion: O_O

Cammy: What kind of bloody water was THAT??!!!!

Sub-Zero: Hey, it was the water in the bucket!

Scorpion: Dude, which bucket did you use?

Dustin: Don't tell me it was.......

Ryu and Kilik: Uh oh......
Sub-Zero: Wolfwood handed me the brown bucket.

Scorpion: I hate to break it to you man, but the brown bucket was Voldo's Water...the clean water was in the gray bucket.

Dustin: Yea, Voldo delivered it the other night......

Ryu: Eew, that smell is horrid.......

Sub-Zero: Girls, I am so sorry, Wolfwood was the one who passed me the water, he didn't know...

*Ivy and Cammy are fuming*

Sindel: You know dearies, Subbie's right, Wolfwood didn't know we had two different kinds of water.

Dustin: Hehe, hey Sindel *gives her a big smile* No hard feelings about last night right?

Sindel: *gives him an evil glare*

Dustin: *O god, I'm doomed*

*That's when Jami and Kenshi walk in the room, their arms wrapped around each other*

Jami: We're back! What’s for...*sees everyone's condition*...did we miss something?

Dustin: *silent*

Ivy: I hate men! *storms off*

Scorpion: Yeah, you guys missed A LOT.

Jami: ...and who are you??? *looks at Wolfwood*

Ryu: This is Wolfwood. His ship sank, and he washed up on our island.

Wolfwood: Hello ^_^

Kenshi: Hi.

Kilik: Man, you just missed a truly horrible show this morning.....

Sub-Zero: And last night.

Ryu: Ugh, do we have to think about that?

Scorpion:, we don't...

Dustin: *still silent*

Jami: Hey Dustin, Kenshi and I were wondering if we can have our own seperate room.

Dustin: *looks up, and is really pissed*

Jami: O_O

Scorpion: Jami, now's not a good time to ask that.

Ryu: Really. Why don't you two go help Kilik with breakfast, since Cammy is having some difficulties this morning.

Kenshi: Sure no problem, cooking's my specialty *grins*

*Then they leave the room...

Scorpion: DANG NAB IT!

Dustin: What are you moaning about?

Scorpion: Well, Kenshi loves to cook so it really should've been him who cooked last night's meal...minus the peppers.

Dustin: Well, that doesn't really help us right now.

Ryu: Not at all.

Dustin: Man, I told Mika what we did, and she got PISSED.

*Then Jami comes back in the room.

Jami: Oh and if you want to Wolfwood, I give you permission to stay *leaves*

Wolfwood: Yay!

Sub-Zero: Dustin, that really bites.

Dustin: I know. I'm so screwed now.

Ryu: Ouch man......

Scorpion: Dude, that's why I have Sasha *whips the rock out and hugs it*

Everyone in the room: O_o

Dustin: Any who, I have no idea how I am going to fix this......

Ryu: Hmmm......Just give her a day, then try to talk to her.

Dustin: Hmm, maybe I should just leave the island today, and give everyone time to cool off.....

Sub-Zero: Dude, don't worry about it...say, why don't we have an all men's day at the beach, we'll be away from all the girls.

Dustin: That's kool. Lets go easy on the beer though. We don't need something weird happening again......

Wolfwood: That's fine *takes out a cigarette and starts smoking*

Dustin: *Slices the cigarette in half with his lightsaber* No smoking please.

Ryu: O_o

Wolfwood: ......Can I at least smoke outside?

Dustin: Yea, just not in the house.....

Wolfwood: Okay *walks outside*

Ryu: Umm, he was pretty cool for almost getting his nose cut off......

Sub-Zero: *chuckles*

Dustin: Well, I'm going back to the beach now. I don't want to stay around here any longer. *gets up and limps to the beach*

Scorpion: We're coming! *He, Sub-Zero, and Ryu follow*

*Meanwhile the girls are in the bedroom complaining about the guys.......*

Ivy: Ugh, I can't BELIEVE that Sub Zero.....

Sindel: Ugh I can't believe ALL of them...except Kenshi...

Li Mei: Ya know, even though Dustin deserved that, I felt a bit bad when I was beating him with my melon.....

Frost: Hey, he deserved it. And besides, I bet Kenshi would have been in on it too if he was helping........

Sindel:'re right about that.

Cammy: Ugh, my hair. How will I get this gunk out?

Frost: I already froze some ice for you too and when it melts, which should be an hour from now, it should be enough to wash the gunk out.

Cammy: Thank you Frost.

Li Mei: *perplexed look on her face* Hey, where is Mika? I saw her come back earlier.......

Ivy: Who knows, she and Dustin did get into a fight from what I can see.
Frost: Ugh, guess Dustin pissed us all off.

Cammy: I know he did a mean thing last night, but it is kind of sad. I'd hate to see them break up.

Li Mei: Yeah me too.

Ivy: Well, he should have thought of that before he did it, *sigh* I can't help but feel a little bad for Mika though.

All the Girls: Yeah...

Li Mei: So what do you all think of Wolfwood, he's soooooooo cuuuuuuute ^_^

Frost: He's alright. I'm not into that priest thing though.....

Ivy: Yes, but he's a better man than the rest of the goons here.

Sindel: *chuckles* I'm sure he is just like every other man, when given the chance.

*All the girls laugh*

Cammy: You know, I wouldn't mind if he stayed.

Li Mei: Yea! That would be cool!

Ivy: Fine with me. He could come in handy if Zombies tried to invade.

Sindel: And if Scorpion tries to pull a prank on us XD

*All the girls laugh again*

*In the kitchen...

Kilik: Could you hand me those eggs Kenshi?

Kenshi: *gives Kilik the eggs*

Kilik: Thanks.

Kenshi: So Kilik, what exactly happened last night and this morning?

Kilik: *tells him the whole story*

Kenshi: Wow. You guys actually did that?

Jami: Whoa...

Kilik: Yeah we did...

Kenshi: And then Dustin.....I know what that’s like......

Jami: Yup.

Kilik: So, what did you two do yesterday?

Kenshi: We had a little picnic. That's all.

Kilik: *grins* Are you sure didn't return to the camp last night.

Kenshi: Well, it was such a beautiful night, we decided to sleep under the stars, right Jami?

Jami: Yup.

Kenshi: So, are the girls still mad?

Kilik: *stomach rumbles* O_O Not again! *runs to the bathroom*

Jami: I'm thinking that's a maybe.

Kenshi: Yea, I think you are right. *embraces Jami and gives her a kiss*

Jami: *returns the kiss and the two start to get a little frisky right there*

Kenshi: Jami, you are really something ^_^

Jami: Oh yeah ^_^ *kiss again*

*After 20 minutes, Kilik comes back.*

Kilik: Phew, do not go in there *sees Kenshi and Jami making out* O_O

Kenshi: Uh oh. Guess we should put it on hold Jami...

Jami: All right *separate* Hi Kilik.

Kenshi: *smiles*

Kilik: Yeah...I was thinking maybe we could have breakfast for dinner tonight or something.

Kenshi: Sounds good. Should we just have sliced fruit for breakfast then?

Kilik: Sure why not.

Jami: But it's only 11am.

Kenshi: I meant for right now. Everyone is really hungry....

Jami: I know silly, but I mean it should be more of a lunch than breakfast ^_^

Kenshi: Brunch Jami, brunch.

Jami: ..I used to have lunch at 9am in high school...that really blew...

Kenshi: Wow, that's early......

Jami: It was only called lunch cause it was lunch food.

Kilik: Well, let's get the fruit sliced up and served.

Kenshi: I'll handle that. *Kenshi levitates the fruit and knives, and slices them up really quickly*

Jami: O_O Dayam

Kenshi: *smiles*

Kilik: Well, i guess we can serve it now.

*They leave the kitchen*

*Well, things are getting crazy now. Will Wolfwood actually stay with the group (yes, lol)? Will Dustin be able to rekindle his relationship with Mika? Will Scorpion stop being afraid of priests? Stay tuned in Episode 7: Truth or Dare and the Return of Reptile!*

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