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The Bird of Darkness is my current main action fic, started on May 14, 2004.  It features the biggest cast up to date as far as my fics are concerned, reaching out into the Street Fighter and King of Fighters universes while stringing together lots of original characters, moves and storylines.  This story is actually the 5th in a series of fics entitled the New Archives, originally to conclude a fanfiction eulogy that had been losing steam since after the third installment.  However, with this fic, I've been able to set my sights back on bringing original action and purpose into the fics and plan to keep trecking into the Archives.  However, this story is also the first of three fics etertwined together, the other two being KAMITA ROMINOSHA and Crimson Angel, all together entitled the Secrets of the Illuminati saga.
The story of Bird of Darkness revolves around the resurrection of the crime syndicate Shadowloo in the year 2002 after its fall due to some street fighters years ago.  Normally known for being led by the intimidating M. Bison, no one knows that the resurrection is actually being led by a mysterious but powerful woman by the name of Raven, whom which little is known about her.  She is rumored to be the next host body for Bison, but its noteworthy to see that Raven's tactics at bringing down its opponents are a whole lot more tactical than that of Bison.  The Shadowloo of now, named Neo Shadowloo, has caused many forces of fighters to ban together in an effort to bring down the powerful orginaztion once and for all, but this time things will not be as easy is it has always been.
This story's style is mostly about pure action, and can be found here...
Chapter 1: A Bird Takes Flight
Chapter 2: The Plans Are Unfolding
Chapter 3: So These Guys Enter A Restaurant...
Chapter 4: Unexpected Visits
Chapter 5: Night 'N Gale
Chapter 6: Early Morning Showdown
Chapter 7: The Master of Fists Returns
Chapter 8: Changes and Descisions
Chapter 9: Recuperation
Chapter 10: Moving Out
Chapter 11: Night Shift
Chapter 12: Meetings
Chapter 13: Trouble In Kyoto
Chapter 14: Sneak Attack
Chapter 15: Azure Night
Chapter 16: The Breakthrough (NEXT CHAPTER)
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