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Episode 5: The Raptor and the Developing Romance

*Previously on Isla Adventuras, Cammy finally wakes up from her day-long sleep, Dustin and Mika return to Bush's Country, and Jami has been kidnapped by a reptilian creature! Will the friends be able to save her?*

Sindel: Are you sure the monster went this way Kenshi?

Kenshi: Yes, it seems like he left a trail of acid on the way...

Ryu: Hmm, why would he kidnap Jami like that......

Ivy: I have no idea, but I will make him feel pain.

Frost: Scorpion...why are you wearing Sindel's thong?

Scorpion: ....I dunno....

Sindel: Ugh! Scorpion, take that off right now!

Kilik: Man, that is so gross...

Scopion: But I don't have my own underwear and these were the biggest ones I can fit in!

Cammy: Umm, does he always act like this?

Frost: ...sometimes...

Sindel: So what are you saying? That I have a BIG BUTT?! Take those off NOW!

Scorpion: Ugh, fine, but I'm going behind that bush over there, don't want people to see me in my manly glory.

Sub-Zero: Trust me, NONE of us want to see that.

Li Mei: Eeew, naked Scorpion. I think I'm gonna throw up.

Scorpion: Whatever *goes behind the bushes, takes off the thong, puts his pants back on and comes back out* Here you go *gives the thong to Sindel*

Sindel: Yuck, they are all sweaty. Sub, be a dear and put these on ice for me.

Sub-Zero: Umm, sure *freezes them*

Ivy: Could we please drop this subject and pay attention to where we are going.......

Ryu: Yea, we've been going through this jungle for about an hour......

*Then, they hear a noise not too far from them*

Kilik: Did you guys here that?

Ivy: Quiet. *whispers* Kenshi, can you sense what that was?

Kenshi: Sounds like drums. Come on, let's check it out.

*So the group quietly travels to the spot where the drumming sound is coming from. When they get closer, they all start to duck down. Ivy and Ryu peer out of the bushes to see.......A bunch of Kung-Fu Chickens performing the 'anawana' dance*

Ryu and Ivy: O_o

Cammy: *To Frost* This is sooo weird. Does stuff like this happen all the time?

Sindel: Kenshi, are they the ones who took Jami?

Kenshi: I don't remember chickens doing the...

*Suddenly, they see a reptilian creature come out....and he is carrying a bound and gagged Jami over his shoulder*

Scorpion: Holy shit!

Kenshi: *fuming*

Ivy: Hold it Kenshi: There are too many of them.

Sub-Zero: And she's still sleeping!

Jami: *snores*

Kilik: Wow. That girl is a deep sleeper.

Cammy: So what do we do?

Sindel: Lets listen to what they are saying.....

Reptile: We have captured the culprit!

Kung-Fu Chickens: BLOK! (YAY!)

Reptile: With this girl, we now finally have the key to invade this world! Come my warriors! To our secret, underground laboratory!

Kung-Fu Chickens: BLOK BLOK! (YES MASTER!)

Ryu: They have a laboratory on our island?

Frost: Guess they do.

Ivy: I thought Scorpion and Sub Zero were supposed to search the island? *glares at Sub-Zero and Scorpion*

Scorpion: We were NEVER asked that.

Sub-Zero: Agree.

Ryu: Umm, I recall you two volunteering to do that before we made camp.......

Sub-Zero: Ehhh....

*Meanwhile, Dustin and Mika have finally returned to the Island.

Dustin: Well, that was fun wasn’t it Mika.

Mika: Yeah...hey a note! *picks up note* Off to save the world...again ~Ivy

Dustin: Oh great. Well, I guess we have the house to ourselves. What should we do?

Mika: Umm...hmm, Ivy left something in the pot, let's have dinner.

Dustin: Sounds good. You set the table, Ill get it served up.......

Mika: Okay. *She sets the table...with candles too*

Dustin: *brings out the food on serving plates* Yumm, this smells good. Hey, why is it so dark in here?

Mika: *seductively* Hi Dustin...

Dustin: Umm, hey. Well, ok then, how much do you want?

Mika: Umm, I guess a few scoops...mmm smells good.

Dustin: Heh, there you go. Man, this looks great. Ivy is a good cook.

Mika: Yeah *eats them* Mmmmm yummy.

Dustin: *eats it too* Oh man, this is delicious. I wonder what it is....

Mika: We'll ask Ivy when they get back.

Dustin: Yea. Umm, say Mika, why are the candles out?

Mika: I just thought I'd make dinner look, well, splendid.

Dustin: Oh, ok then. O man, I forgot the drinks. What do you want?

Mika: How about some red wine.

Dustin: O_o Ummm, yea sure ok...*goes into the kitchen and gets the wine, then returns to the table* Ok, I’ll pour you your glass.

Mika: Okay *holds out glass*

Dustin: *pours the glass, but something trips his leg, and he spills some on Mika’s clothes* O_O Mika! O god, I’m sooo sorry!

Mika: No, no! It's okay. I can just go in the other room and change.

Dustin: Ok. Well, when you change, Ill go clean it for you.

Mika: Okay *leaves*


Kenshi: *still fuming*

Kilik: Calm down Kenshi. She will be all right.

Ivy: Yes Kenshi. Don’t let your anger cloud your judgment.

Kenshi: *breathes* Whatever.

Scorpion: O_O HOLY SMOKES!

Frost; SSSSSHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Sindel: Ugh! *whispers loudly* What is it Scorpion?

Scorpion: Dude...i just remembered what happened last night when we got trashed!

Sindel: What are you talking about?

Scorpion: I remember it all clearly! Frost went down on Sub, Dustin, Mika, and Li Mei all made out with each other, Ivy and Sindel got it on, and I made out with a rock!

Everyone: O_o

Sub-Zero: You made out with a rock???

Scorpion: Umm, yea I guess I did. But when I was done with it, Jami used it as a pillow, but it was so hot she burned her lips. Hehe, good times!

Everyone: O_o

Ivy: So that explains why her lips were all blistered.

Sindel: But then deary, what about everyone else?

Scorpion: Well, Kenshi tore Jami's shirt off and they made out, but everyone else was just asleep.

Ryu: *Thank God I didn't do anything*

Scorpion: Oh and Ryu tried to get it on with a frog.

Ryu: o_O

Li Mei: Awwww Ryu, I bet that was cute. So we all had a lot of fun last night ^_^

Kenshi: So wait a're saying that you and Jami didn't do anything?

Scorpion: Yea, it was just me and the rock. Man, I loved that rock. *sniff*, I miss Sasha.

Kilik: You named it Sasha!?!?!

Ivy: And I thought Li Mei was weird.

Li Mei: Hey! I'm not weird. I just like melons ^_^

Sindel: Uh, anyway dearies, shouldn't we be following them?

Scorpion: ...oh yeah...

Sub-Zero: They're leaving!

*So they all quietly follow Reptile and his band of deadly chickens*

Cammy: *to Frost* O man, I'm so glad I wasn't at the beach with you guys.

Frost: Yeah...

*This whole time, Kilik just realized he hasn’t taken his eyes off Cammy*

*So after following the evildoers for about an hour, our heroes arrive at a hidden cave, deep in the islands jungle*

Ryu: So they must be in there.

Cammy: So what are we going to do?

Frost: We'll have to find a motive somehow…



Ivy: Wow, she's actually awake...

Reptile: Well well. My bride, you have actually woken up.

Kenshi: What?! *takes out his katana and begins to go after Reptile*

Ivy: Stop him!

*Everyone tackles Kenshi before he gets to close*

Jami: Eww man, I'd rather marry Voldo.

Reptile: Don’t worry my dear, I shall explain it all to you. And after the ceremony, you will accept me willingly!

*The evildoers head down into the deep cave. And Jami's friends follow*

Cammy: Wow, I can barely see where we are going.

Ivy: Kenshi, next time keep a cool head, or my fist will meet your face AGAIN.

Kenshi: ....

Sindel: Now now, let's save the fighting for later dearies. We still have to save Jami.

Ryu: Right. We all need to stay level headed if we are going to save her.

Frost: Let's keep following.

Scorpion: You mentioned it being dark? *takes off mask and his flaming skull lights up the area. The light reveals the pathway to the bottom*

Kilik: Is there anyway you can tone it down? We don’t want to give ourselves away.

Scorpion: Yeah definitely *tones down flames*

Ivy: Well Kenshi, which tunnel did they take?

Kenshi: *points to the left* That way.

Sindel: Great. Let's get going then.

*Finally, after navigating all the way through, they arrive at the inner chamber. After peering inside, they see Jami tied down to a strange altar, with a giant statue of a reptillian creature above her. Reptile is standing next to her, with a strange green jewel in his hand.*

Ivy: O god...

Reptile: You see my dear, this altar was made millions of years ago. It was used to convert sentient creatures into Raptors. I originally planned to convert every human to restore my race, but I decided it would be easier to just transform one human female, and then procreate.

Cammy: That’s disgusting!

Sub-Zero: This is bad...real bad...

Ryu: Well, any plans before he starts that thing up?

Jami: You chose the wrong human to attempt to marry *turns into Evil Jami and breaks the chains*

Reptile: Hehehe, I know all about your evil side. *Reptile holds up a staff, and it immobilizes Evil Jami!*

Evil Jami: Damn nab it!

Reptile: You see, because of your dark side, you are the perfect female to become my mate!

Frost; This is ridiculous!

*Now filled with extreme rage, Kenshi runs out towards the army of chickens in a berserk frame of mind*

Ivy: Damn it! I knew he was going to do that.

Sindel: Great. Well, let's go give him support!

Sub-Zero: OKAY!

*Everyone follows Kenshi!*

Scorpion: Fried Chicken here I come!

Cammy: Time to show these chickens who's boss!

*The heroes engage the chickens, using all their patented moves and powers! Sindel uses her whip sword and utterly destroys a small portion of opponents. Sub-Zero freezes many of the chickens alongside Frost. Scorpion burns them to fried chickens, Cammy uses her martial arts and beats launches a group into an acid pit, and Ryu, Kilik, and Li Mei band together and take out the remaining enemies!*


Scorpion: What pet?

*Suddenly, the entire cave shakes*

Scorpion: ...crap.

*And a giant green dragon crushes through a wall!*

Everyone: O_O;;;;;;;;


Dustin: Man, I'm such a goof. What did I trip over? *Dustin searches the floor to see if he could have caught his leg on anything*

*Then Mika comes back out extremely short short jeans and a white bikini top.*

Dustin: O_O

Mika: I'm back. I was thinking we could go for a swim after supper.

Dustin: Ummm, yea that would be good. Uhh, hehe, O yea, gimme your clothes and I'll be sure to wash them.

Mika: *gives Dustin her dirty clothes*

Dustin: Ok, I'll go put them in the laundry room. *leaves Mika alone for a few minutes, then he puts his own swimming trunks on and a t-shirt*

Dustin: Ok Mika. I’m done with my dinner. You ready to go?

Mika: Sure...I'll race ya! *beginning running towards the beach*

*So Dustin and Mika race down to the beach...but on the way down, Mika trips!*

Mika: OWE!

*Then Dustin trips and lands on top of her*

Dustin: O_O Mika! I, I I I I.......

Mika: No, it's okay, we both tripped on that rock over there.

Dustin: Umm, yea. *blushing and sweating*

Mika: *looks at Dustin*

Dustin: Ummm, should we get up?

Mika: *quickly kisses him*

Dustin: O_O *is frozen un disbelief*

Mika: Umm, I'm sorry...

Dustin: *shakes his head* Uhh, hehe, it's ok. Don’t worry about. *big smirk*

*They begin making out right there*

*Mika and Dustin embrace under the moonlight, and they are the happiest they have ever been. But suddenly....Voldo stands next to them!*

Dustin: O_o. *Gets up* Who the hell are you?

Voldo: *breathes* Dude, I came here to deliver my 'special' water.

Dustin: Ugh, take it to the camp please!

Voldo: Okay *takes it to the camp, then goes back to Dustin* Tell Scorpion, the guy who ordered it, there's no charge *leaves*

Dustin: O god, that was creepy.

Mika: You're telling me.


Kilik: * jumps away just as the green dragon smashes its fist on the floor* How will we beat this thing?

Scorpion: We'll have to do our the meantime some of us should go after Reptile...HE'S GETTING AWAY WITH JAMI!!

Kenshi: ARRRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!! *runs after Reptile*


Ivy: O great. I'll go after him. The rest of you get rid of this dragon! *runs*

Ryu: O yea, like it's that easy!

Scorpion: Come on Ryu, you're the almighty great dragon yourself.

*Suddenly, Cammy trips and falls off the edge of the pathway but manages to catch the edge.*

Cammy: Someone! Help!

Frost: I gotcha! *Goes to Cammy, but the dragon knocks Frost away, and proceeds to go after Cammy!*

Kilik: CAMMY!


Kilik *goes after Cammy and grabs her hand*

Kilik: I got you! Come on!

*Kilik brings Cammy up just as the dragons claws hit the ground*

Scorpion: Time for my toasty! *blows fire at the dragon*

*The green dragon blows fire back at Scorpion!*

Scorpion: *burned to a crisp* Owe...

Li Mei: I'll use my melon power!

*But it has no affect!*

Li Mei: *whines* No fair!

Sindel: Hey everyone, maybe we can lead it into one of those acid pits!

Ryu: That's a good idea.

Frost: But how are we going to do that?

Cammy: We'll need a decoy to lead it there!

Sub-Zero: I'll do it.

Scorpion: Are you sure buddy? *as he dodges more dragon fire*

Sub-Zero: Yeah, incase I fall into the acid, I can always freeze myself to protect my body. But it won't last long so someone's gonna have to try to get me out.

Kilik: I'll swing you out with my rod if you fall in!

Scorpion: Better yet, I'll use my spear.

Sindel: Yes, that has the best chance!

Cammy: Hurry you guys! It's coming back!

*The dragon comes back.*

Sub-Zero: *waves his arms!* HEY!! Over here!!

*The green dragon notices Sub-Zero and starts to go after him!*

Frost: Be careful Subbie!

Sub-Zero: No prob! I got this!

*Sub-Zero leads the dragon towards the pit!*

Sub-Zero: *freezes the floor to make the dragon slip*

*The dragon slips and falls, not before it's tail hits Sub-Zero and knocks him in the pit as well!*

Frost: NOOO!

Sindel: Scorpion! Do something!

Sub-Zero: *freezes himself*

Ryu: Hurry!

Scorpion: I got it! *spear comes out*

*But the spear doesn't reach in time, and Sub Zero falls into the acid! After a few minutes, the realization finally sunk in! Sub Zero was gone!*

Frost: No... *drops to her knees*

Ryu: How.....could this have happened........

Scorpion: Guys, I'm so sorry.

Cammy: *silent while staring at the pit*

Sindel: It wasn't your fault Scorpion. There just wasn't enough time.

Kilik: He was a strange one, but he was a great warrior.

Frost: *is crying uncontrollably*

Cammy: *goes over to Frost and comforts her*

*Suddenly, the room begins to cool*

Ryu: What's going on???

*Then a huge blast of icy spray comes out of the pit and envelopes the room! The entire cave is now a crystal blue*

Cammy: What the...

*And before they could figure out what happens, the frozen Ice pit shatters, and a blue man flies out!*

Everyone: O_O

*And when the man lands, they realize it is Sub Zero, but he is much different. He is completely made of ice and his Dragon Medallion is embedded in his chest!*

Kilik: Dayam!

*But before they knew it, the medallion falls out, and Sub-Zero slowly reverts to his human form*

Sub-Zero: Told you things would be cool ^_^

Everyone: O_O

Frost: *immediately runs over to him and embraces him*

Scorpion: Wow buddy, I thought you were a goner

Sindel: Amazing, how did you do that?

Sub-Zero: Oof! *hugs Frost too* I said I was going to freeze myself, but there was more to it than I imagined. Hehe, I guess that giant coin really comes in handy!

Cammy: Obviously.

Scorpion: Dude, that's a medallion, not a coin.

Sub-Zero: Yea, but it does look like a giant coin!

Frost: Who cares! You're all right!

Kilik: Anyway, we could sit around and talk about this all day, but Reptile still has Jami!

Sindel: You're right, let's go.

*So our heroes run after Reptile...*


Kenshi: I'll kill you! Get back here!

Ivy: Kenshi! Control yourself!
*After chasing Reptile for quite some time, Reptile get stuck in a corner.*

Jami: Grr! How many times do i have to tell you to PUT ME DOWN!*

Reptile: Silence my bride!

Ivy: O god...

*Kenshi and Ivy close in*

Reptile: Soooooo, you think im caught. Hehehe, well take this! *Reptile throws Jami at Kenshi and Ivy, and all three of them topple over*

Jami: ...owe...

Reptile: *scurries up the wall* I shall be back my bride! You cannot avoid fate! *escapes*

Ivy: Damn!

Jami: Oh jeez what a loser.

Kenshi: Jami! Are you alright?

Jami: *turns to Kenshi* Yeah I'm fine.

Kenshi: *tears come out from under his blindfold* I was so worried about you......

Jami: *in awe as she sees his tears*

Ivy: You're telling me!

Kenshi: Jami, while you were gone, I couldn't control myself. All I could think about was you.......

Jami: Hey, it's okay...I'm okay *embraces him*

Kenshi: *tightens his arms around her in relief*

*Suddenly the others show up and see Kenshi and Jami embracing*

Everyone: O_O

Kilik: Well at least she's all right.

Li Mei: Awwwwww, that's so cute!

Ivy: Yes, very cute, but what's not cute is that lizard got away.

Sindel: Damn!

Ryu: After all that work. But at least we got Jami back.

Cammy: We'll just have to keep an eye out for him.

Kilik: Yea, guess you're right.

Ivy: We're going after him and try to figure out what's going on.

Sindel: I think we should head back to the camp. Everyone is exhausted. We can track him down later.

Ryu: I don't know if that's a good idea...

Kilik: But we do need some rest.......

*Suddenly...The cave starts to crumble!*

Sindel: ...crap.

Ryu: Everyone, let's get out of here!

Ivy: Right!

*So all of them race through the cave, with Scorpion in the lead*

Scorpion: *sees a random rock* Hey! It's Sasha! *grabs the rock and hugs it* I missed you soooo much!

Sindel: Scorpion! Get going! We need your light!

Scorpion: ...oh yeah!

*So they finally make their way out of the cavern, with no casualties. As they leave, the entrace to the cave topples*

Ivy: That was close.

Ryu: *panting* Man, we are lucky.

Cammy: *resting on the ground* Wow, that was too close for comfort.

Jami: Yeah, but Reptile's still after me don't forget.

Kenshi: Don’t worry Jami. I will never let him get you again.

Jami: *smirks*

Li Mei: Awwwwwwww!

Kilik: Okay, let's get back to camp.

*They head back*

*Meanwhile......Mika and Dustin are on the beach, embracing under the starlight*

Mika: So, when do think the others will be back from saving the world?

Dustin: No idea, but I hope they don't get back till later. I just want it to be you and me.

Mika: Awww...

Dustin: *takes her and cuddles close to her* Mika, why don't we just stay out here for the rest of the night?

Mika: That's perfect for me ^_^

*Then, the others show back up at the camp.*

Ivy: Hmmm. Why are all these dishes out?

Li Mei: Looks like the Es Cargo got eaten.

Jami: Glad I was kidnapped before dinner.

Sindel: Umm, why are Mika's clothes on the table?

Ryu: Eh...

Scorpion: Tee hee, let's look in the sleeping quarters.

Frost: *smacks Scorpion on the back of the head*

Scorpion: OWE! What was that for??

Frost: Ugh...

Li Mei: I just checked, no one is using the beds......

Ivy: Then *yawn* where are they?

*Then Dustin and Mika come inside (there were going to get blankets)

Dustin: Uhh, hey everyone......

Sub-Zero: Hi guys!

Ivy: Did you happen to eat my Es Cargo???

Dustin: THAT'S what that was????

Mika: O_o

Ivy: Man and it was my own specialty too!

Ryu: Hey, why are you two in bathing suits?

Mika: Ummm, we just went down to the beach for a little bit.


Dustin: O_O ummmmmmm, uhhhhh

Frost: Nevermind that *yawn* It's really late and I think we should all get some sleep.


Dustin: *Oh great*

Ivy: *knocks her out unconscious and throws her on her bed*

Dustin: Thanks Ivy. Mika, how will we handle Li Mei?

Mika: I have no idea.

Dustin: *takes Mika’s hand and gives her a kiss* I guess its goodnight. Or did you want to go back to the beach?

Mika: I think we should sleep here tonight with the others.

Dustin: * small groan* Yea, I guess.....

Ivy: Well when are those extra beds coming?

Dustin: Umm, not till tomorrow....

Ivy: Well I guess Cammy can take my bed.

Kenshi: And you can take my bed Ivy.

Dustin: Great. It's the floor for me again....

Mika: I'll sleep on the floor with you if you want.

Dustin: Umm, I would like that, but you don’t need too. Just stay in your bed....

Mika: Well okay.

*Everyone heads off to their beds...well Kenshi and Dustin go on the floor*

*Later that night, Kenshi woke up and found himself thirsty. He goes into the kitchen and gets some water (NOT Voldo's water!). Then, he returns to the sleeping quarters and just before he could bend down to go to sleep, he felt a hand take his...*

Kenshi: What? Who is there?

Jami: Kenshi, it's me.

Kenshi: *smiles* Jami. I'm so glad we got you back.....

Jami: Thank you. Hey, you look like you need a cuddle. You want to come up here?

Kenshi: Yea...I would love that Jami.

*So Kenshi goes on Jami's bed and the two cuddle together. After a while, Jami falls asleep. Kenshi listens to her sleep for a little bit...*

Kenshi: *Wow, I never felt like this before...*

*After thinking about Jami for a little while longer, he also dozes off to sleep*

*Awe what a cuddly moment. How will things turn out between the two? Will Li Mei remember what happened between Dustin and Mika? Will Scorpion and Sasha get married? Stay tuned in Episode 6!*

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