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Welcome.  The lemonly freshness awaits you...

Welcome, fanfic lovers, friends, and others of the like.  This is the Lemonade Stand, and its purpose is to provide you with the 'lemonly' goodness that you so do crave for.  Ok, I bet you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about, so let me explain...
Over the last year or so, people who used to go to a place called ( grew dissatisfied with the fact that it removed some of it's prized content, most specifically, the NC-17 stories.  After a bit of wandering, a friend of mine suggested this new site called  For a while, this was the hotspot for cool, well written, and strangly erotic fanfiction stories called 'lemons', most particularly in the Street Fighter section.  However, it didn't last, as Soup eventually fell into financial problems and shut down.  As our little group of Street Fighter and anime fanatics talked about what we should do to post our fics, I came up with the idea to start this little shack to hold them for us all to read.  Hense, the birth of the Lemonade Stand.
Phew...  That was a mouthful, but that's the story all in a nutshell.  Anyways, here you'll find some fanfics from the Capcom, SNK, and other areas of media that people like me wrote.  Since this site is just a little baby, we can use some contributions, so if you'd like to send your own fanfiction, pics, or opinions, commets, and suggestions for the site send it to my e-mail:, along with a little bio about yourself (for pics and fanfiction).  Now be warned right here and now.  Most, if not all, of the fics posted here are going to be at least an PG - 13 rating (in the case of minor lime, shonen-ai, and shoujo-ai) and as far as NC - 17 (more.... serious lemons, yuri, and yaoi).  If you're offended by such content, I suggest you leave.  Thanks for visiting and we hope to see you again soon!
NOTE: None of the authors here claim to own any of the characters that are copywrited by Capcom, SNK, and the animes.  Only the characters that they own are the original characters.  Most likely the author will put this at the start of his or her story, but this is just a foreward.

Site New: (8/6/06) Denice gets even more help!  I added more of my information and fixed up the links on my page along with added fics I plan on adding in the future.  I also fixed the link name to my website.
Site News: (8/6/06) Denice gets some help!  I made a couple of edits to some of the pages and added in some of my information.  I also added in the last 2 chapters to "Attack of the Dark Cherry Blossom and Chapter 3 of "The Feel of Flowers".
Site News: (8/3/06)  ... (looks around).... Just how I left it...  Heh.  To be honest with you guys, I didn't think I'd be back here.  Once Freedom of Speech ( rose around 2 years ago, the Lemonade Stand lost its purpose... but, since now I'm having account problems with them (as in signing in), I've decided to revive the Stand...  I still can't believe it, but hey, I guess it's fitting, since I'm reviving my fanfiction carrer, and I guess this would be a great move.  This is the new "home" for my major lemon fic, "The Things We Do For Love and Lust", which will be up tomorrow, so for those who don't know about it or do and have been waiting practically forever for chapter 4, only 24 hours seperate you from the freshness again...  Hope you all enjoy the return of DeNice.  You've got much to look forwards to...

Site Creation Date: 10/7/2004
Last Site Update: 8/6/2006
Last Update Inclusions: Revitalization of the Stand.  No new content yet outside of the "On The Horizon" section in this part, but is being under thought and construction as of right now.
First Fic on Site: "Union of Rivals" by Trutenor
Last Updated Fic (11/2/04): "The Feel of Flowers (working title)" by Trutenor & DeNice (Capcom Section) (new fic!); "Happy Birthday, Chan!" by MiggyMeista (Capcom Section) (new fic!)
On The Horizon (upcoming projects) (as of 8/2/06): "The Things We Do For Love & Lust" by DeNice (Capcom section)
Current Number of Authors who Contributed: 5
Current Number of Authors who Signed to the site: 6
Current Number of Fics on the site: 12

Lime - This term is for stories that have low sexual content.  You might see some brief nudity every now and then and some advancements and such, but you won't see anything extensive.
Lemon - This term is for stories which have their characters in any form of extensive sexual situations.  The next step from lime, lemons are generally where the norm out there in the fanfic universe of romance.
Shonen-ai - This tem is for stories which have male/male relationships, but along the guidelines of lime.  Basically a gay fic, this style of story is pretty popular in the Anime part of fanfiction.
Shoujo-ai - The reverse of shonen-ai, shoujo-ai is a fanfiction that features light female/female relationships.  Shoujo-ai started off rather slow in the FF community, but now it's just as strong as shonen-ai.  Nothing much to say here....
Yaoi - The next step from shonen-ai, yaoi is the lemon version of shonen-ai.  As you guessed it, it's a story which has male/male sex to it. 
Yuri - Once again the reverse of yaoi, yuri is the female/female sex story.
OC - A story with this tag will most often feature a character or two (or more...) which does not originally come from the game/anime he/she is in, but is rather a character made by the author or of the like.  Don't be alarmed when you see this.  I'll try to ask the author for some backround info to put on their section of the Author's Page.
Story Rating System
G - This tag is for stories that are appropriate for people of all ages to watch.
PG - 13 - This tag on the ratings portion of a fic will signify that only appropriate for people at/over the age of 13.
R - This tag on a story signals that the following content is for people of at least 15 years of age (yes, it's different in the Lemonade Stand...)
NC - 17 - This is the spicy stuff.  A story weilding this tag is for AND only for people who are (or think they are) 17 years of age.  Expect some wild stuff to fly in these fics... and possibly constantly.
The Lemonade Stand is sole property of DeNice and should no part of the site should be copied or plagerized without contacting me.  You're free to ask to bookmark the site, but please do not steal any of it's content if it isn't already floating all over the internet.  All of us here appreciate your cooperation.
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