The Lemonade Stand

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Love Has No Boundaries...


“Hinata...  I don’t know what got into you... but please tell me what the hell happened back there!?”


“Batsu!  Lay off, man.  It’s not that serious.”


“’It’s not that serious...?!’  What are you!?  Are you saying that it’s right to have two girls kissing each other in public?  You hentai!  One of those girls is your future wife!”


“Batsu, do me a favor and calm the fuck down.  *sigh* It’s obvious that you don’t understand the complexity of this matter.  Yelling isn’t going to solve a thing.”


“Oh, and I suppose you know how to handle this?”


“Well I’m more stable than you are right now...  I’ll see how it’s going.”


It was 5 minutes after the abrupt end to the street fight and Batsu, Darrell, Sakura, and Hinata were inside the shopping center where they all were in front of.  As Sakura and Hinata sat together on a bench near an escalator, Batsu and Darrell just finished talking/arguing to each other right in front of the bench.  Batsu gave his rival a look just as the dark-skinned boy sat down next to his Taiyo friend, who was looking down at the tiled floor below her white sneakers.


“Well...” Darrell began, “first things, first...  Hi, Hinata.  How’s it going?”


A bit thrown off that Darrell started like that, the slightly older Taiyo girl looked into his brown eyes, seeing not a sign of the detest and hate that she expected to see.


“Ok... I guess...” she answered back in a weak voice.  She was still cooling down from the sudden rush of adrenaline that she went through a few moments ago and it made her a bit shaky.  Darrell nodded in understanding


“That’s good.  That’s good.  Nice to hear it.  Now, Hinata?”




“I want you to recall something.”




“Earlier this week... when you and I were at Gato’s...  You were acting very... timid.  You had something on your mind.  I need to know...  Did it involve Sakura?”


Hinata found her gut tighten at that moment.  There was no way she could lie about this...  She basically let everyone on the block know a few minutes ago how she felt about her friend.  Taking a pause Hinata then responded.


“Yeah.  *sniff* It did...”

Darrell let that sink in before continuing.


“Ok.  I should have noticed that already...”


Darrell didn’t notice that Hinata was going to start crying until Sakura patted her on her back.  The moment he saw a trail of tears run down her cheek he lowered himself down to her height and held her right hand.


“Hinata...” he called in a soft voice, “Calm down...  There’s no need for you to be crying.”


The Taiyo girl took a long gasp of air and looked up into the Tamagawa boy’s eyes.


“Gomen na sai...” she said, holding in her tears and wiping the trail on her cheek with her sleeve.  “I... I just feel... like I... I embarrassed both Sakura and myself out there...”


This time Sakura spoke.


“Don’t be silly...  I’m not embarrassed that you cared for me.  I’m glad.  I really could have been out cold... or rather out ‘hot’ by Kyo’s attack.”


“Yeah, I know that much,” the younger girl replied, looking at Sakura and wiping her eyes with her sleeve.  “I... I’m more concerned about what happened afterwards...”


Sakura slightly blushed at the end of that sentence, stammering just a bit and rubbing the back of her head with her free hand.


“Well... what about it, Hinata?”


Hinata took another deep breath and gathered herself.  Her next question meant a lot more than any other question or thought that she had before.




“Yes, Hina?”


“Did you honestly... enjoy the kiss...?”


Just then Sakura gave Hinata a stern look, making Hinata bit her lip.  It was the complete opposite reaction that she gave just after the kiss...


{Oh, no...  That look...  Does that mean...?}


“Hinata,” the cherry blossom girl said in a slightly low tone, “don’t be silly...”


Hinata’s heart dropped right then and there.


{She doesn’t...}


Just as the thought of getting up and leaving the area running entered her mind Sakura grabbed onto her left hand, making her look into her brown eyes.


“...of course I did...” she finished.


Coming up on the roller coaster right of emotions Hinata just stared at her friend in slight shock.


{She does...!  She liked it!}


Although she fought the urge to hug Sakura to death she did hold tighter to Sakura’s hand and cracked a smile of relief.


“Look, Hinata,” Sakura said, starting to smile herself, “You were supposed to tell me something the other night...”


Hinata immediately recalled that night...  The night when she peeked in on Sakura making love to Darrell... and when she was acting weird towards her.  A wave of guilty then crashed down on her...


“Yes...  About that...  I can—“


Hinata was quickly silenced by Sakura’s finger on her mouth.


“Hinata, you don’t need to explain...  I can read it in your eyes...  You’re in love with me...”


Hinata blinked.  Although she knew that she was right, there was something that struck her...  She pulled her head away from Sakura’s finger and spoke.


“Am I that obvious?” she asked, triggering a bit of a smirk from her friend.


“Well...  I’m pretty sure that kiss we shared wasn’t just a little, ‘glad you’re ok’ thing.  You kissed like Darrell would just before we... uh... make out.”


As Hinata blushed Sakura continued.


“Besides, how can I not tell?  You’ve looked and acted strangely about me for a while now.  I know because you-know-who acted the same way before we hooked up.”


At that moment Darrell twisted his face and looked away.


“So... I realize that you were feeling the same way.”


A moment of silence passed as Hinata once again collected her thoughts, then asked another really important question...


“So... what... about me?  You and Darrell are already hooked up....  I don’t know if I should add myself into this equation and—“


“Hinata...” Sakura once again cut her off, “Listen...  You love me, right?”


A nod immediately followed, causing Sakura to hold onto Hinata’s shoulders and pulled her close.


“...well...  I love you, too...  and I’m pretty sure Darrell will agree on me when I say that love shouldn’t be neglected...”


Hinata looked up to Darrell to see him smirk in agreement.  She then looked at Sakura.


“So you mean... that... you and I can...”


Sakura nodded.  “Of course... it might be a bit awkward that this is a threesome but... I just don’t want you to be sad.  I love you too much to see that.”


The Taiyo girl instantly felt a similar overwhelming feeling sweep over her entire body link in her dream.  Instantly she shot forward and wrapped her arms around her friend.


“Oh, Sakura!  You don’t know how happy that made me!”


Sakura just hugged her back, smiling.


“I know...  Trust me, I know...”


At this moment Darrell turned to Batsu, who just looked at the two girls on the bench.


“Well, now you get it?” the American fighter asked.  Without looking at him, Batsu smiled.


“Yeah...  I guess all that mattered was her happiness... but...”


“But what?”


“What about you?”


Darrell paused a bit...


“It’ll work out, Batsu...  Trust me on that.”


Batsu shrugged.  “If you say so...”  Batsu then tapped Hinata on the shoulder and said, “I think I need to go now.  Dad’s gonna kill me.”


Hinata blinked.  “Why?”


The Taiyo boy sighed.  “I was supposed to help him out on some Justice High school work.  You know...  Help him grade it and stuff...”


“You mean Principal Raizo?” Darrell asked.  “Wow...  It’s been a long while...  I almost forgot that you were related to him.”


“Batsu only rolled his eyes and said, “Later,” before running off.  Darrell watched him go off... then turned around to see his friend and girlfriend kissing once again.


{Man...  This is going to get interesting...}


Darrell then looked to the side of his position, seeing nothing in particular then sat down behind Sakura and rested his head against the back, hands behind his head, letting the girls continued their affectionate moment.


----      ----


“Ok...  One more time...  Haaaahhhh!!!!”


Flames flared around Darrell’s body....but even though they were his own, he didn’t seem stable like he normally was.  Normally the farthest he could achieve in his flame control was to have them wrap around in an aura... but after seeing Kyo literally burn in his own flames... he had to rival that.


As he struggled, his flames wrapped around his body, but every time he tried to get them to actually cover his entire body he’d cry out as the strain on his ki grew too much.  Getting his flames to surround him again, Darrell tried again...  They came closer... and closer... to where they were just touching his skin and clothes...




He dropped to his knees, gasping while looking down at the grass below him, his whole body aching from trying to fully burn.


“This...  is just... not working...” he finally admitted.  “My ki... wasn’t made to be... used like that...”


Darrell finally sat down on the grass and looked into the gray clouds above him.  He then looked at his right arm, let a small flame and tossed it far into the air.


{Kyo... we might not have finished our fight but you had the advantaged before we stopped.  It’ll be different next time...}






The two voices caught Darrell’s attention, making him turn around and see the two schoolgirls practicing in the backyard.  Both Sakura and Hinata took a moment to size each other up while standing side by side... then took off, Sakura using her Shouoken one more time and Hinata using her Shouyouken.  The Taiyo girl took off into the air a bit faster than Sakura, but her recovery was a bit slower than Sakura’s, letting the Tamagawa girl land before she did.


“I think we’ve compared enough for today, Hinata,” Sakura said upon landing.  “I’m sorta tired from fighting Batsu earlier.”


“Ok, Sakura,” the younger girl accepted.  “I guess we should find something else to do while I’m here, right?”


“Yeah, we could...” the cherry blossom girl replied as she walked towards the patio in the back of her house and grabbed a soda from the table.  There were two on the table but Hinata decided that she wouldn’t drink just yet.  Just as the two sat down Darrell passed them, about to go into the house.


“Hey, Darrell?” Sakura called, stopping her boyfriend just as he grabbed the handle to the door.  “What’re you up to?”


“Uh... nothing really...  Just.... um... going in and probably go do some work around the house...  Why?”


“Oh...  Just asking.  Well, go on.  I’m going to spend some time out here.”


Darrell nodded and went inside.  Just as the door closed Sakura sat down in the chair and put the cup down, looking straight into her eyes.






“Well....  I was wondering...  When you have these desires of me, do you... have deep ones...?”


Hinata just stared at her and nodded sincerely.


“I do...”


There was a bit of silence before Sakura answered to that.


“Do... you... want it to go that far for real?”


That question ran though Hinata’s mind a lot lately.  However she never knew that it could be a possibility that she would get that chance...  Now she did...


“I got this far with you, Sakura...  I don’t think I want anything else but to go all the way with you...”


Sakura let that sink in and sighed, looking away for a second before looking back.


“Ok...” she said, Hinata noticing that her voice this time was a bit shaky.  “I... I think we can...  Just don’t expect to go marrying me.  That position’s taken.”


Hinata let out a little laugh.  “Yeah, of course...  So... what do we... do now...?”


Both girls were a bit surprised that neither of them said anything or did any advancing yet.  Hinata could almost see her friend as if she was a bit scared about actually going through with this.  It didn’t seem like the same Sakura that consoled her earlier...  Hinata gulped and decided to try it out.


“Are you ok, Sakura?” she asked while nudging her chair closer to Sakura, causing her to gasp a bit.  Sakura looked into her eyes a bit longer and then said, “Hina?”


“Yes, Sakura...?” Hinata responded.  Something was wrong.  She could sense it in Sakura’s voice.


“I... gotta be honest...  I’m... I’m a... little... shy about this...”


That came to a huge shock to Hinata, making something tingle in her body.  “You...?  Shy...?  I thought I was the timid one here.”


Sakura put a finger onto the straw of her cup and twirled it around a bit.  Hinata instantly knew that she was really feeling shy...


“You mind saying why, then?” she asked Sakura.  The Tamagawa girl sighed and spoke.


“I guess... I didn’t... you know... get to really think about it before while I was comforting you.  I never really thought about it.  You’re my best friend behind Kei and...  I... know this might seem strange and all but...”


Hinata then saw something she didn’t expect to see.  Sakura’s cheeks began to grow into a light red tint... and it made those butterflies in Hinata’s stomach act up again.


“...but I think you really, really...”


Sakura stopped, shook her head hard, and tried again.


“I love you, you know.  I really do, honestly and truly.  I... you know...  I think you are pretty... uh... well...”


To Sakura this grew to be a daunting task.  These strong feelings she was feeling towards her friend just popped out of the blue...  It was something she wasn’t expecting on actually going through earlier in the morning.  For once she didn’t know what to do...


Hinata, on the other hand, was just realizing how Sakura’s emotions grew so feminine.  Normally she saw Sakura as the fighting schoolgirl who went around beating up the strongest fighters around.  It totally surprised her... and this new side of her... made something inside in-between her legs tingle again...


The Taiyo girl kept her eyes on the Tamagawa girl as she began to dig her red sneakers into the white patio ground.


“You know...  It’s very hard to say...” Sakura continued.  “I... never had a problem like this before...  Not even around Darrell.  I’m always able to... talk with him and get into the ‘mood’, but... with you it’s... different...”


Hinata didn’t know how to take that quote.  For a minute it almost didn’t register in her brain.  She was thinking on what she should do...  Then something popped into her mind.


“I don’t know what I should do, Hina...” Sakura finally admitted, no longer making eye contact with Hinata... until a finger touched the area of her shirt where her stomach was at.  Sakura gasped a bit but didn’t move, following the path on the finger to Hinata’s eyes.  Something was different about her...  She no longer seemed so timid...


“I think I know what you can do, Sakura...” she said in a bit of a husky tone.  Sakura could only stare on as Hinata ran her finger slowly up and down her shirt...  VERY slowly...


“Love me...” Hinata ended, her eyes not moving away from Sakura’s.  “Saying it only goes so far...  Love me, Sakura.  That’s what you can do.  I’ve seen you do it... to Darrell the other night...  I know you can do it again....  Love me...  Hold me...  Tease me...”


Hinata’s breathing suddenly became heavier as she nudged herself closer to Sakura so that they were just to the front-left of the other...  Hinata’s finger not moving from Sakura’s shirt, making the cherry blossom girl tense and coo ever so slightly...  Wither it was Hinata’s words... or the sudden power she held over her with her fingertip... Sakura couldn’t help but feel a bit excited...


“And I’ll do the same to you,” the girl in the orange shirt kept going.”  I’ll hold you... and kiss you... and tease you... and give you so much love that you’ll won’t know what to do with it all...”


The younger girl then leaned forward and pecked a quick kiss onto her friend’s lips, trying not to grow too much into the moment just yet.  Just like her dream Sakura’s lips were sweet and pleasant to kiss...  She then took her finger off Sakura’s tummy and wrapped her full arm around her back, actually pulling her so close to her...  Sakura was totally surprised to see Hinata actually come and pour her emotions out like that.  All she could do was look into Hinata’s craving soul through her eyes.  She wanted to do this so badly...


“I... I didn't know... that you felt that way about me...” Sakura gasped, felling herself fall deeply for Hinata like Hinata had already done for her.

Well I do...” the Taiyo girl reassured.  “Now relax... I just want you to enjoy what I'm going to do you...”


Hinata ended by once again kissing Sakura, her intentions pure and true.  Sakura just couldn’t resist.  Hinata had a way to turn her on.  The cherry blossom kissed back, letting her tongue explore a new domain all over again.  Hinata simultaneously did the same and hugged her friend tight, making sure Sakura wouldn’t go away.  The worries and timid feelings of both girls just seemed to vanish as they entered a world where only they existed in.  Arms wrapped around bodies and fingers ran through hair as Sakura stood up, bringing Hinata up with her.  She then pressed Hinata against the wall of her house and entwined her legs with hers, becoming fully consumed y her new desire.  Their kiss was slow but full of bottled passion unleashed, the two letting their hands explore the others side... back... hair... ass... and their tongues danced together as both let out low pants and moans.


To Hinata, her wildest dreams were coming true.  She wasn’t worried about anything else except being with Sakura, her object of affection.  All she wanted to do was love her... kiss her... and drive her crazy...  Wanting to explore more she broke her kiss only to begin sucking on Sakura’s neck, leaving kisses all over.  Sakura let her head rest on Hinata’s shoulder to let her friend concentrate on pleasing her, slowly feeling a wet sensation grow beneath her jeans.


“H... Hina....” she whispered as she let her own arms drop to her side and let the Taiyo girl pin her against the wall to have her way.  “You’re... so good at this...  How...?”


Hinata took a short break to look into her friend’s eyes and smiled.  “I fantasize about you a lot... and what I’m dreaming of now... if you and me undressing each other...”


Sakura didn’t even want to question that.  As Hinata grabbed hold of the bottom of Sakura’s blue shirt Sakura began to unzip Hinata’s black jeans, but as she was doing this Sakura locked another passionate kiss onto Hinata’s lips, not willing to be without her for long.  Hinata was first to begin taking off an article of clothing, breaking their kiss so that she could get Sakura’s shirt over her head and off her body.  As she held onto her friend’s shirt Hinata could plainly see that Sakura had a beautiful body.  It was pretty similar to her own only it seemed like Sakura was a bit more fit...  Her eyes then adverted to her breasts, which were covered by a white bra, and they seemed to be a perfect fit to her body.


“You know, Hina...” Sakura said out of the blue.


“Yes, Sakura...?” Hinata replied, her voice a bit lost in space as she continued to marvel at Sakura’s body...  That all stopped once Sakura’s hands grabbed Hinata’s own shirt, making the Taiyo girl look at her.


“I think I’m going to do more than take your jeans off,” the blossom said huskily.  Hinata only smiled and that signaled Sakura to slowly lift her orange shirt off from her body and over her head.  During the process Hinata dropped Sakura’s shirt onto the ground... and as soon as Sakura got her shirt she tossed it to the side and then put a hand on one of Hinata’s breasts, making her gasp loudly.


“Now what do we have here, eh, Hina?” Sakura purred.  “No bra?  Naughty, naughty...”


Hinata could barely reply.  Sakura’s hand on her left breast sent a huge shock through her body.  It seemed twice as sensitive as it was before and it rendered her unable to speak... and barely able to stand on her own.  Sakura then began to press, squeeze, and mold her tender breast and all of Hinata’s senses went on overdrive.  Her moans became longer and a bit louder and her eyes closed.  She purred the cherry blossom’s name as Sakura continued to fiddle and caress her breasts, this time using both hands to do both of Hinata’s pair.


After a long time with playing with Hinata’s breasts, Hinata herself drove her arms to Sakura’s bra and quickly found the hook to release it.  Sakura stopped, barely realizing that Hinata had did that and watched her bra hit the floor, revealing her naked breasts to her friend for the very first time...  Hinata immediately brought her mouth to Sakura’s right, erect nipple and began sucking on it, using her free hand to play with the breast that wasn’t being occupied.  Sakura quickly started to whimper as Hinata’s tongue flipped over her nipple over and over again and her hand pinched her left.  Slowly but surly Sakura forgot where she was and her whimpers became increasingly louder moans.  Her wetness began to activate more and more, her panties under her still buttoned jeans becoming soaked in her love juices.  As she quickly found herself building up something big she became aware that she couldn’t let herself go like this.  She needed to get rid of her jeans.  Slowly she let her right arm reach for the buttons on her blue jeans but Hinata’s free arm pinned her down.


“Oooooohhh...  H...  Hina...” the blossom moaned louder than before.  “P... please...  I.... uuuuughhh...  I have.... have to.... oooooooooooooooohhhhhh...”


Hinata knew what her friend was trying to do but that was part of the teasing part.  She then removed her mouth from Sakura’s right nipple and brought it to the left, slowly lapping at it and taking her sweet time in driving her friend crazy in ecstasy.  She loved to see Sakura moan and writhe in front of her, pinned to her house so that she couldn’t run away.  She was so cute when she was desperate...  Hinata added to her teasing by reaching down to Sakura’s jeans and used one hand to slowly unbutton it.


“Ooooohhh, yes, Hina...” Sakura sighed, feeling herself move closer and closer to her climax.  Hinata finally unbuttoned her friend’s pants and pulled them down ever so slightly to her knees.  She then removed her mouth from the breast she was occupying to take a look.  Sakura’s white panties were now a gray color and the intoxicating smell of her precum was growing to full the area.  Gently Hinata put a finger onto the panties and to the side of Sakura’s pussy... then stated to slowly run that finger around the entrance.  To Sakura this was torture.  Hinata kept building her up and building her up and now that she had her up she wasn’t going to push her over...  She just kept raising her craving and her need to cum all over her friend.  It was pure torture.  Sakura needed that satisfaction... to have something just let her loose... but Hinata now had her under her thumb.  She couldn’t do anything but stand there, pinned in-between her house and her friend, her arms being blocked from making herself go, and fighting off the urge to flat out plead her Taiyo buddy to finish for her.


“Oh, Sakura...” Hinata purred as she enjoyed having Sakura moan, squirm and sweat out her torture, “I love seeing you like this...”  She looked up to see the blossom’s desperate brown eyes looking down to her and gave a naughty smile.  “I love seeing you on the edge...  Just waiting... desperately waiting to let go and cum...  You know what?  I think I’ll let you cum...  but on one little condition...”


At this point Sakura was about to go out of her mind in a mixture of pleasure and temptation.  “H... Hinaaa-AAAAAH-ttttaaaaaa!  I—iieeee—I’ll do anything....!!!”




The shock was enough to make Sakura’s eyes widen in shock.  “N... naa-AAAAH!-n-EEEEEE!??!” she squealed at the top of her lungs, Hinata’s tactics growing more and more unbearable.  Hinata instantly slowed her teasing down to a snail’s pace, her finger barely moving as it now scoped the very inside wall of Sakura’s pussy.


“Hey, I don’t have to finish and give you what you want,” she playfully threatened.  “I can just leave you on the verge like this and hold you down so that you can’t do it yourself.  Right now you don’t have the strength to do anything except talk... or rather... scream...”


She giggled as Sakura gave her a desperate look.




“Just say it...  Beg me to finish, Sakura.”


Begging went against every moral that Sakura had in her.  She only begged a few times in her life...  She begged her parents for things when she was younger, including to give her permission to start to learn how to fight.  She begged Ryu to be her sensei years ago...  She begged for Darrell to stop beating her senseless when he was brainwashed earlier this year... but she never, EVER begged to cum.  Darrell never did that to her, but of all people her good friend Hinata was who had her on a string.  It was unfair... and she couldn’t take it anymore.


“Please, pleasepleaselpleaseplease, PLEASE, HINA!!!” Sakura finally howled in a desperate yell.  “I can’t take this anymore!  Just do me!  I need you badly!!  Just do me, do me, domedomedomedome, DOOOOO MEEE!!!!”


Hinata felt warm inside for that.  She didn’t know why, but having her friend like her life depended on it was a huge turn on.  Hinata gave her weakened friend a warm smile and started to pull down Sakura’s damp panties.  When she did so, Sakura slumped to the ground, sitting against the wall to her house, giving Hinata a perfect view of her shining wet pussy.  Her instincts let her come closer, bringing her head closer to Sakura’s waiting wetness, and let the erotic smell throw her through a loop.


{Wow, Sakura...  You can really turn on, huh?} she thought, then dove right in, letting her tongue lap at everything it could get to.  Sakura immediately started to yell, not caring if the neighbors could her or not.  She was lost on a voyage of hot ecstasy that didn’t seem to end any time soon.  Hinata’s tongue went even deeper inside Sakura, coming to a certain part... then, knowing what was going to happen, flicked her tongue against Sakura’s clit.  Sakura instantly busted open like a piņata.




Sakura finally came down from her orgasm and let herself go, her cum coming down in strong bursts.  Hinata had no choice but to try to get it all, even though some found its way to the patio floor and down her cheeks.  The love juices just kept flowing out of Sakura like a faucet... until she stopped roughly 30 seconds or so later.  Hinata brought herself out of Sakura’s pussy and swallowed the sweet cum that sprung out of her friend so freely...  It was roughly 3 times stronger than her dream had foreseen...  It was amazing.  She smiled when she saw Sakura, lying peacefully on the floor, eyes closed, her bare chest rising and falling with each heavy breath she took.  Hinata then brought herself to climb on top of Sakura, letting her breasts drop onto hers and kissed her again.  Sakura still managed to return the kiss as she slowly recovered from her orgasm, finding the tasted of her own cum oddly arousing...


“Did you enjoy it?” Hinata asked while breaking the kiss to look into Sakura’s tired eyes.  Sakura could only nod her head, not able to speak yet.  That was quite a wild trip she went on... and she enjoyed every single second of it.  Hinata smiled.


“I think I should clean up your mess,” she said, about to get into the house and get a towel, but she didn’t get very far...  Sakura’s arms wrapped around her back and made sure she went nowhere of the like.


“Why... clean it... up if we’re going to mess it up... again...?” she panted in a light voice.  Hinata looked at her friend to see she seemed ready to play some more.


“So what do you want from me, Sakura?’


“You’ll see....”


Sakura then switched positions with Hinata on the patio floor, lying fully on top of her on the small puddle of cum she caused and entwined her legs with her friend’s.  She then used the heels of Hinata’s white sneakers to slide out of her red ones, being left in her white socks.


“Do the same, Hina,” Sakura instructed.  Hinata nodded and ran the heels of her sneaks against Sakura’s socks, slipping out of her own sneakers, letting them rest along with Sakura’s in the cum pool.  Just then Sakura started to do something new...


“Huh?” Hinata gasped, not even realizing that Sakura had slipped her panties down so that Hinata’s bare pussy was now pressing against Sakura’s.  It was an awkward yet erotic feeling to her... but she wasn’t able to think about it.  Sakura snuggled tightly onto her friend, taking specific attention to her pussy rubbing up against Hinata’s.   The two girls moaned, noticing that what the older girl did made the younger one want to copy it.  Hinata slowly mover her hips up against Sakura’s... and as soon as their super-sensitive clits unintentionally made contact with each other the two immediately collapsed.  That feeling... was so odd yet erotic and pleasuring... and Hinata could feel her and Sakura’s love juices mixing in the other’s pussy...


Oddly that little brush paralyzed the girls from moving their bodies for a while.  Just lying like that made both of them hot all over.  Sakura rested her head right next to Hinata’s so that her short, dark brown hair tickled her friend’s face a bit.  Without saying a word she found the energy to move her hips slowly, letting her pussy rub against her friends in such a way so that it drove them both crazy.  Hinata groaned as Sakura moaned, both hearing the sound of wet panties rubbing against each other at the owner’s ankles, felt their legs lightly brush against one other, heard the erotic sound of cotton socks brushing against cotton socks, becoming one total mush of white cotton, breasts mushing with breasts so that it looked as if they merged into one being...  Both wanted to stay like this forever...


“Oooohhh....  Ugh...  H... Hina...?” Sakura moaned in her friend’s ear.  “Ready?”


“Uuuugh....  Huuuugh...” was all Hinata could respond with.  They were both pretty horny but Hinata didn’t have a clue what Sakura was saying... until the cherry blossom girl began to bring her hips up and down slowly, pounding her pussy into Hinata’s.


At first all the Taiyo girl could do was yelp and gasp as Sakura began to do this more and more, sometimes slowly, sometimes fast.  The feeling was making Hinata and Sakura come closer and closer to their first combined orgasm... and they wanted it.


“H... Hiiiiiiiiiiiinaaaa....!  C—come on an—aaaaah!- join m—EEE!!  AAH!”


“But Sak-kaaaaiii!-  I-iiii!  I wanna cum!  I wa---oh, GOD!!!”


“Then we’ll ---AAH!--  Do it tog-eeeeAAAAHH!- together!!”


That was something Hinata was up for.  Summoning her strength the Taiyo girl managed to make her hips move so that she met Sakura halfway.  As the two began to continue thrusting their pussies against one another Hinata could sense that the both of them began to sweat a lot.  She was really working out with her friend.  They kept going, their pussies becoming swollen and their orgasms building... and after a while Sakura stopped, both their bodies beginning to give out...  Their moaning and screaming could have caught the attention of anyone within a two-block radius of the house.  It must have been a miracle that no one noticed or called the authorities, since as they reached their peak...






...the range grew to a four-block radius.  The two saw bright stars in their eyes as they finally reached their climax and came at the same time, their girl cum exploding out of their pussies.  As two fountains of cum just flowed out of the two friends and pumped into one another some spayed astray from it’s target and began to expand on the puddle that was already below them, ruining their jeans, panties, and socks.  All Sakura and Hinata could do was fight to stay awake... and marvel at how good it felt...


A soft breeze began to run through the backyards a few seconds after the twin orgasm ended and Sakura lifted her tired head to look at Hinata’s peaceful-looking face.  She then collapsed again, smiling, her lips landing onto her friends and stayed like that, lightly brushing her lips against hers.  The cherry blossom girl dug her wet socks into the cum that they both caused and let Hinata just press her socks against her own.  Even that small feeling felt as good as their throbbing pussies pulsing against the other.  Unable to move from weariness, the two girls just managed to mumbled things to the other as they lay on the warm patio floor... kissing each other lightly... then, without knowing it, let their heavy eyelids fall... and fell asleep.


----      ---




Hinata awoken to the sound of someone moving nearby.  She opened her eye to find Sakura still on top of her, sleeping.  They were still outside but it was starting to become time for the sun to come down.  She looked to her right towards the door to the house... and gasped, looking at Darrell, who just looked back at her, arms crossed.  Feeling herself blush, she immediately started to ask questions.


“What...?  Darrell?  How did you...?  I mean how long were you there?”


Darrell, who was now wearing a blue tee-shirt over his white shirts and socks, just smiled at her.


“Not long, Sakura-eh—Hinata.  I just, you know, cleaned up your and Sakura’s little love mess and put most of your clothes in the washer.  I didn’t want to mess around and wake you girls up so I left you in your panties and such...  You two were so peaceful and surrounded by that fuzzy, love feeling...  I didn’t want to mess that up for anything...”




“Besides, I’ve been standing here ever since you and Sakura started.  I never really went inside...”


Hinata immediately blushed hot-red.  “You actually WATCHED us???”


“Of course.  You and Sakura are made of this sort of thing.”  He then winked at her.  “So did you like making love to Sakura?”


Hinata nodded.  “It was fantastic...”


“I thought so.  Now you know why I want to marry her.  She’s as sweet as strawberries...  So, you want to spend the night?  I’m pretty sure we have some spare clothes for the both of you and stuff.”


Once again Hinata nodded, smiling back to her other friend.  “Boy am I lucky... having friends like you and Sakura...”


“Anytime...  Now, whenever you’re ready, I’ve ordered out to eat.  After dinner I think we can, you know... do something.  I hope you don’t mind sleeping in the same bed as Sakura and me...”


Hinata shook her head.  “As a matter of fact I look forward to it.  I have a bit of a present for you, too...”

Hinata giggled when she was Darrell’s dark cheeks turn dark red.


“You mean...?” he asked.


Hinata nodded.  “You’ll get yours, too, Darrell.  Just you wait.”


----      ----


As the day turned into night Sakura and Hinata were close throughout it all, chatting about their experience while eating and Darrell paying attention, even though he didn’t need to.  The two girls even fed each other every now and then and joke about random things.  Seeing them happy like this was something Darrell could enjoy...  However, as the night wore on he started to feel a bit... left out.  As the girls sat down and began to watch T.V. in the living room Darrell went upstairs.  Walking up towards the end of the hall he opened the door to his left and entered the bathroom.  The mirror to it was right in front of the door so he just stood there, looking at his reflection.


“Well...  you helped one of your closest friends get even close to your future wife,” he told himself, “but there’s... something that I don’t figure out...  I’m happy for them, yet... why do I feel like I’m...”


He immediately shook his head.


“No...  Don’t even start thinking like that.  I guess I should relax a bit...  I’ve done a lot of work today...  I didn’t spend the WHOLE time watching the girls...”


He then turned to the sink to his left and turned on the cool water, about to grab the soap to go was his hands, but as soon as that action appeared into his mind...




The bathroom door closed on its on.  Darrell turned off the water.  Normally the door doesn’t close like that.... and the girls were downstairs.  About to find out what happened, the dark-skinned boy opened the door and stepped into the hallway...




...only to get tackled from his side and slammed against the wall at the end of the hallway.  Taken completely by surprised Darrell was about to retaliate but his arms grew pinned to the wall behind him.  Realizing that whoever it was had him pretty good he tried to get a good look at the person holding him...


“H... Hina...?” he asked, surprised.  The Taito girl giggled, pressing her whole body against Darrell so that he couldn’t do anything but squirm.  She looked beautifully into his eyes, making him blush.


“Don’t tell me that you forgot my little present for you...” she purred.  Darrell blushed more.


“I... I...” he stuttered, not at all ready for what his friend was going to do.... or about to do for that matter...  Hinata immediately giggled.


“You’re just like how Sakura said you were.  First time with something new and you’re shy and stammering.  I find that very attractive, Darrell...  You look SO cute when you blush, too!”


{Oh, boy...} the boy thought.  {When she said ‘gift’ I didn’t know she meant like THIS...}


“Uh...  I... I—Did Sakura say—“ he stumbled with his words before Hinata brought the top of her forehead under his chin, making him stop.


“Don’t worry.  Sakura’s ok with this since you were ok with me and her.  I just don’t want you left out of the excitement...  I knew you felt that way, didn’t you?”


“Well, uh...”


Darrell instantly felt his manhood begin to awake and he immediately tried to fight it.


{No.  No way...!  Don’t YOU of all things give in to her...} he scolded himself in him mind... but it got even worse.  Hinata brought her lower body close to Darrell’s, her shorts, which she borrowed from Sakura, brushing against Darrell’s... or more specifically, Darrell’s shaft began to push onto her thigh....


{Hinata, PLEASE don’t notice that....!} Darrell pleaded, his nervousness growing... but Hinata’s smile grow larger... and she lightly move her thigh to begin to massage Darrell’s shaft that pressed against it.  Try as he might, Darrell couldn’t stop his breath from becoming heavier and the feelings that came from Hinata’s actions started to make him lose his will to hold back...


“You’re just like Sakura, you know?” Hinata said in a seductive voice, keeping her rubbing at a steady pace.  “I always make the first move, but that gives me an advantage...”


As Hinata began to rotate her thigh harder, Darrell’s gasping became low moans, feeling himself grow more and more helpless as his friend played with him.  He put up a feeble attempt to stop her but being that she held all the cards it didn’t help.  Hinata then looked into his eyes...


“This... is my way of saying ‘thank you...’”


...and kissed him deeply on the lips.  Normally Darrell would have been surprised at this but now it didn’t matter.  He was under her spell, helpless to stop her from making her do whatever she wanted to him... and deep down he grew to like it.  Without thinking Darrell began to kiss Hinata back, letting both their tongues play together in their mouths.  Normally he wouldn’t even consider doing anything like this with Hinata.  Sakura was his girl, but tonight seemed to not take any prisoners.  The two were friends, but now they were temporary lovers...


Hinata pulled away from Darrell’s lips for a second to look at the shirt he was wearing, then ducked her head down and tucked it under.  Luckily it was pretty baggy so Hinata could slip in rather easily... but she quickly ducked back out, stumping her American friend.


“What’s wrong, Hina?” Darrell asked in a whisper.  Hinata responded by shaking her head, letting go of Darrell’s arms, then quickly grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her body, taking if off.  Darrell’s dark cheeks turned dark red again as he viewed Hinata’s firm breasts for the very first time... and decided to find out what she planning.



Hinata only smiled back before slipping back under Darrell’s baggy shirt, this time slowly, so that she could leave a trail of warm kisses up his body.  Each kiss sucked at Darrell’s smooth skin and it began to make him suck in air and whisper her name again.  When she reached his chest she paused a bit before overlapping one his short nipples with her mouth.


“Aaaaa... aaaaaaaaahhhhh...” he immediately gasped, feeling a tingling sensation run all through his body, making him shiver.  Hinata’s tongue then ran over the soft area of skin that she occupied and Darrell almost fell to the ground.  Hinata smiled inside, knowing she was having a huge impact on him, and gently and slowly lapped over and over again like it was ice cream.


“Hiiiiin—Hinaaaaah!—tttttaaaaahhh...” he moaned, her actions driving him crazy, provoking her to play with him more.  As she shifted her body so that she could turn her attention to his untouched nipped she also shifted her body so that her pussy, which was hidden under her shorts, pressed against Darrell’s erect shaft, also covered by a pair of shorts.  The toned down contact still made her hot, the feeling of having her friend’s dick provoke her pussy making her wet.  Without saying anything she simultaneously sucked at his nipple while rotating her hips, triggering moans and groans from both friends.


The dark-skinned kid couldn’t find the energy to stand.  Slowly his socks lost their grip on the carpet and he slowly slid down against the wall, dragging his friend along with him.  As he sunk Hinata poked her head out of the top of the shirt and began to kiss him on the neck... cheek... lips... forehead... and anywhere she could reach.  At one time, while she kissed him on the lips, she accidentally lost her balance and fell on top of her friend, not only making them fall fully on the floor but also making her sensitive breasts mush onto his chest.


Hinata let out a quick yelp, her body feeling a wave of weakness and pleasure flow by.  Although she liked the feeling of having her breasts mushed she reminded herself that she was supposed to be the one making someone else feel good but Darrell managed to make his arms wrap around her outside his shirt and make sure she didn’t move.  This made her hush his name as the wetness between her legs grew even more.  She didn’t expect him to do that... but at the same time she adored it.  The fuzzy feeling that paralyzed her grew as she slowly rotated her full body as Darrell kissed her.  She wanted to feel her aroused, sensitive body rub against his...  It was something she quickly grew a craving for.  She exhaled through her mouth in short puffs, her hot breath hitting her friend’s face.  He didn’t notice much.  He, too, was lost in the moment that he was in.  His body ached to get more... but in order to do that he needed to get rid of the shirt that was holding him back...


But he quickly had a better idea.  While still kissing Hinata he slid his arms under his sleeves so that his arms were in his shirt.  The shirt began to stretch a bit as he wrapped his arms around her and she did the same to him, not caring for anything else but to taste the other’s mouth.  As they moaned together, trying to got to every single inch of the other’s mouth, Hinata tangled her legs with his, merging herself into his surprisingly normally built body.


“Mmmmmmm....  D... Darrell...?”




“I... ooh...  I...  I... mmmm....”


Hinata couldn’t get the words out of her mouth.  She was feeling too good and her desire to get to Darrell’s sweet mouth prevented her to getting her sentence out.  After a few more long kisses she stopped a bit and tried again.


“I love... this...” she said breathlessly.  “You’re... so... so understanding... of my feelings...”


“I’m glad... to hear it...” Darrell replied.


“Kiss me one more time...”



Once again the two friends kissed, this one more passionate than the countless ones before.  Their lips were locked, neither of them breathing at all... and then Hinata broke it, both of them heavily gasping for air.  They looked lovingly into each other’s eyes, thinking back at all that happened... and Darrell’s cheeks began to turn red again, making Hinata giggle.


“I told you that you look cute when you blush...” she reminded.


Darrell smiled back then glided his hands down to the top of her shorts.  Unconsciously Hinata did the same thing.  They stared at one another, knowing what they were about to do... and because of that Darrell stopped.  Hinata blinked.


“Doushita?” she asked sweetly.  Darrell suddenly felt a heavy feeling...  It made him uneasy.


“Hina...” he whispered, “I’m... not sure if I should... you know... take you...  This might be the only time we do something like this...  I don’t want to be responsible for causing something serious...”


Hinata just stared at him.  To a regular girl this would have killed the moment right then and there... but to her, oddly, it wasn’t much of a bother...


“Darrell...” she started, “I think you need to know something.”




“Well... uh... I haven’t told Sakura or Batsu this... but I’ve been together with Kyosuke for a while now.”


Darrell raised an eyebrow.  “Kyosuke?  Wow...  I would have never guessed that you’d get together with him.”


“Yeah.... well I’ve known him longer than Batsu and trying to get into a relationship with that hot-head was like trying to get into on of those... uh... strip clubs I’ve seen when I went to America with you and Sakura.”


Darrell let out a short laugh.


“By the time he finally softened up Kyosuke and I were a couple and fucking on a regular basis.  Actually I’m surprised that I’m not pregnant yet.”


“You WANT to be pregnant?”


“That was a joke, Darrell...”




“So basically I’m not afraid about getting with you just for tonight.  I’m pretty sure that when the time comes I’ll be ready to take care of my baby...”


Darrell nodded.  “So what about Kyosuke?”


“He’s on vacation somewhere in Kagoshima.”




“It’s about as close to the coast south from here...”


“Oh...  So you think he’ll be okay with what we’re about to do?”


“You know, you should have asked me these questions before we started.”


“Nani!?  I couldn’t!  You just came out of nowhere and tackled me and before I knew it you were all over me!”


Hinata blushed in embarrassment.  “Oh, yeah...  That’s right...”


Darrell just shook his head.  “It’s ok...  I’m pretty sure you were close to cumming right now and I was too...”


Hinata smiled.  “Yeah...  I think we should finish before—“


“Before I show up?”


Both of them yelped in shock, looking up at Sakura, who was wearing only a long white t-shirt with the words “Haru Ichiban” on it and, thanks to the view the two got from the floor, another pair of red panties.  Sakura smirked, seeing her boyfriend and girlfriend together packed in a cocoon that was Darrell’s shirt.


“You know, you two look really cut wrapped into a bun like that,” she said while sitting down next to the two and running her fingers through their hair.  “You don’t mind if I join in?”


Hinata’s eyes immediately lip up.  “Really?  Darrell, you, and me?  At the same time?  Seriously?”


Sakura responded by kissing Hinata on the forehead.  “I wouldn’t have it any other way.  We’ve grown pretty close over the years... and now we’ve all grown to the point that we’re all lovers to each other.  I think it’ll be pretty exciting.  So are you two up to it?”


Hinata smiled while Darrell blushed.


“I... I don’t know...” he admitted.  “I’m sorta shy about this....”


Sakura only smiled at him, caressing his cheek with her hand.  “Don’t even goof around like that.  We all were shy when we started... but once we started there was no stopping us.  You know there’s no need to be shy...”


He let that sink in and gave a smile.  “You’re right...  I’m up for it... but Hinata and I had a head start...  I think you need to warm up...”


As Darrell leaned forward and began to kiss Sakura Hinata slipped out of Darrell’s shirt and grabbed the bottom of Sakura’s shirt and started to take it off.  Of course the two had to quickly break their kiss so that she, just like Hinata, could show her bare breasts, not bothering to wear a bra this time.  This time, as the girls began to kiss one another, the boy in the group took his shirt off to joint the two, adding to the pile of clothes that collected nearby in front of the bathroom door.  Darrell then joined in by holding onto one of Hinata’s breasts and started kneading it while covering one of Sakura’s nipples with his mouth and began to suck and lick.  Sakura and Hinata both let out moans of pleasure as they wrapped one arm around each other and embraced tightly as they kissed, Sakura’s free hand holding onto Darrell’s clothed manhood and started teasing and playing with it while Hinata’s hand ran through his short, black hair.

The three friends-turned-lovers couldn’t notice anything but the sea of love, passion, and pleasure they fell into.  It was a scene that was rare to see; two girls caressing and kissing one another while a boy switched between their sensitive breasts while he himself was being fondled by the girls through his hair and shaft.  A universal warmth ran through the air as time ran by and Darrell escalated the moment by first pulling down the Taiyo girl’s shorts, that same girl taking the time to let him get them off.  Then he slid his fingers underneath both his friends and girlfriend’s panties, a move that made both of them end their kiss and gasp at him.


“D—D—Daaaaaarrrrrrrrrrreeelllllll....” Hinata squealed as he started to tease the two of them by letting his finger run the outskirts of their pussy area.  This turned them both on as Sakura pushed her back against the wall behind her and closed her eyes due to her boyfriend’s playing, her moans growing louder.  As Darrell drove closer and closer to the innards of the girls, the two felt their pussies ache, just waiting for him to come and play inside them.  However it was Darrell’s turn to be the teaser.  As soon as he brought his fingers to the edge of their pussies he stopped... and with a devilish smile he pulled his fingers out from under their now soaked panties, bringing his fingers to his mouth to suck off the precum.


“Nice, eh?” he teased.


Sakura found herself moaning out of desire as Hinata silently begged Darrell to play with her more.  He could plainly see the urgency they were in but at the same time he wanted some, too...


“Girls?” he asked in a low, playful voice, “Remove your panties, please, while I get ready.”


While Sakura started doing just that immediately Hinata hesitated.  If she did what Darrell said she’d be totally nude.  She never showed her full body to either Sakura or Darrell...  Then again that thought went straight out the window.  She quickly and willingly pulled her panties along with her friend, showing off all that made her Hinata Wakaba.  The American boy looked at her with a smile as she did so.


“You look beautiful, Hina,” he said.  “Don’t you think so, Sakura?”


“No...” the cherry blossom surprising said while smiling at her Taiyo friend.  “She IS beautiful...”


Hinata immediately felt her face turn hot.  No one besides Kyosuke said that to her.  She closed her eyes to keep from spilling some tears... but they shot straight open when she felt something hot and wet run slowly in her pussy.  It turns out that the object was Darrell’s tongue, and the shock that came from it made her moan long and hard.  As he did it again she almost felt herself burst right then and there.  It was so sudden what her friend did, but she managed to hold off until Darrell pulled away, licking his lips to get the bit of cum off.  He then turned his attention to his girlfriend and licked her pussy the same way he did Hinata, making the Tamagawa girl’s hips buck involuntarily as she gasped his name dreamily.


Darrell then backed away once again and began to savor the different ‘flavors’ of girl cum that flowed in him mouth, but as he swallowed both girls tackled him, catching by surprise and planting him on his back.


“Hey, you’ve had some fun,” Sakura said surprisingly, “but now it’s our turn to play with you!”


Hinata already took the initiative and kissed Darrell on the lips, desiring the taste of her and Sakura’s cum, then she started to move down his body, leaving a trail of kisses down his neck and collarbone.  Sakura also did the same, starting from the top of Darrell’s shorts and up his navel and the girls met at his chest area, all the while Darrell gasping at each and every kiss and writhing on the hallway carpet.  Then the girls held each of his two arms down so that he couldn’t stop anything they were going to do and each of them began licking at his nipples, using their free hands to finally take off his shorts and socks, leaving all three of them nude.  Darrell was already moaning happily from having two hot tongues explore his body but that turned into yelps and yells as they began to mess around with his shaft and sack.  Arguably those two spots to Darrell were more sensitive than more boys and men alive, but that made sex to him twice as intense.  That and the fact that his arms were being held down literally drove him insane.


The two showed no signs in stopping their torture on the kid’s hapless body.  The whole thing was making him dizzy and he could feel a powerful climax approaching soon...




...and he wasn’t the only one.  Sakura let go of her boyfriend’s arm and guided that same hand into her friend’s pussy.  Hinata cried out in pleasure instantly, stopping her job on Darrell to find Sakura pumping her fingers in and out of her wetness as well as covering her mouth on Darrell’s shaft and sucking on it like a straw trying to get to the last bits of soda in the can.  The Taiyo girl could barely believe it.  The girl she was in love with was going to make both her AND her friend cum...  Yet despite the world of pleasure she was in she was going to drag Sakura in with her...


Somehow breaking her mind out of all the tingly-ness Hinata also slid her fingers into Sakura’s wetness, triggering a surprised yet blissful yelp from her.  Not letting up for a second she began mimicking her friend, pumping the fingers that fit inside her like a turbine, which meant she actually went faster than Sakura did with her.  The cherry blossom girl moaned, her mouth still over Darrell’s dick, actually moving along with her friend so that she could get the full feeling of her friends fingers inside her...  She never forgot about her job, though, still making Hinata come closer and closer to cumming with her fingers.


If that wasn’t enough, since Darrell’s hands were now free, the only boy in the love triangle grabbed hold of one of each girl’s breasts and squeezed, turning their moaning into yelling and causing Sakura to suck on him harder, in turn making him yell out blissfully.  Hinata literally fell onto Darrell’s stomach from her shock, her mouth wide open and her eyes closed from all the intense pleasure she was receiving from both her friends... but if she could return it to Sakura, she sure could return it to Darrell.  She did, finding her tongue rolling all around his navel, chest, nipples...


The three stayed in this triangle of love, ecstasy, and sex, Sakura sucking on Darrell’s shaft while fingering Hinata, the Taiyo girl returning the fingerfucking to her girlfriend while her mouth explored her boyfriend’s sensitive body, who, in turn, seized the girls’ breasts with his hands.  The hallway filled with the combined smell of sex and sweat as well as the moans, groans, yells, and screams that came packaged with it.  All three were close to each other on normal means, but this was as close as people can get to one another... and they loved being together like this...


“G---aaaaaaahhh!—aaahh!  Girls!  I--I—aaaaiii!—I think I....!”


“Me, too---!  I’m---aaaahh!—I’m cumming!!  I’m gonna...!”


“Ju—aaaahh!—just a-aaahh!—a little more and----aaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!”


Darrell let go of the girl’s breasts and gripped onto the carpet as Hinata grabbed his arm tightly and Sakura clamping her free hand onto her hair...  They knew what was coming...  The moment they waited for...  It came... and came.... and...




The three saw bright stars in their eyes as they erupted like volcanoes.  All the love they all shared caused a huge explosion of cum from all three fighters; Darrell’s shooting into Sakura’s mouth, Sakura’s onto Hinata’s fingers and Darrell’s leg, and Hinata’s all over Sakura fingers and Darrell’s other leg.  It seemed like forever until the triple orgasm ended, leaving all three of them extremely exhausted.  Hinata loosened her grip onto Darrell’s arm and her head rested on his bare chest, still feeling her cum flow freely on him.  Sakura had unlatched herself off Darrell’s shaft and fell backwards on the carpet that grew soaked from the juices that sprayed freely from the orgasm, taking her wet fingers that were in Hinata’s pussy and bringing them into her mouth, slowly and lazily licking and sucking the cum off.  Darrell couldn’t move at all.  He just stared at the ceiling through his almost closed eyes, his whole body aching from all that he just went through.


They lay like that until the cum stopped flowing from their bodies, neither of them able to speak, but had just enough energy left to move around and lick the cum off each other’s bodies...


“Mmmmm...  I never... thought that I’d ever do that in my life...” Hinata said once she licked the last of her cum off Sakura’s fingers...  Sakura only giggled as she also lapped Darrell’s juices of his body and then kissed him on the lips.  When they broke it Darrell sighed dreamily, looking at his Taiyo friend.


“Neither.... did I...” he sighed, “but I guess... love knows no boundaries...”


“Muuummm...muuuummm...” Sakura murmured, now kissing Hinata passionately.  After that kiss Darrell watched her girlfriend lie back down on the carpet, saw her eyes close... and struggled to get to his feet.


“Darrell...?” Hinata asked wearily, “Where are you going...?”


Darrell smiled at her and only said “You’ll see...”


Once he found the energy to walk he slipped into the bathroom... and came out a few seconds later with a bath towel.  Hinata watched him as he placed the bath towel over most of the cum that the three had caused and then looked at her.


“Need help getting up?” he asked.  The Taiyo girl nodded slightly.  She was pretty much wiped from making the most erotic love to her two friends.  Grabbing his hand she managed to pull herself up to her feet... but her legs were still weak, finding herself falling into Darrell’s chest...  Darrell himself barely withstood falling to the ground himself.  Hinata then looked into his eyes and shared one more kiss with him before looking at Sakura, who was still on the floor, about to go to sleep right then and there.


“Sakura?  Are you asleep?” Hinata asked.  The Tamagawa girl murmured a bit before slowly opening her eyes.


“No...” she replied wearily, “but I will be in a second...”


“I think... we all will be...” Darrell said honestly.  “Come on, my big cherry blossom...  It’s beddie-bye time...”




After helping his girlfriend up the three made their way to the master bedroom they were all quite familiar with.  Sakura picked out some night clothes Hinata and herself could wear (honestly just some t-shirts) while Darrell got a sleeveless t-shirt and a pair of briefs (the kid never believed in boxers... yet).  Sakura was first to literally jump into the rather big bed that occupied the room, Hinata slipping in beside her.  As they snuggled closely together they shared another quick kiss; their eyes then turned to Darrell, who just put on his t-shirt and turned off the light via the switch next to him, letting the moonlight shine through the window of the room.  He then got in the bed that called him, lying on the other side of Sakura, joining the girls in their cozy huddle.  Just as they all started to fall asleep Hinata’s tired voice rang out.


“Thank you, Sakura... and Darrell...  Oyasu... minasai... {Good... night...}


A pause... then her friends responded sleepily.




They then quickly drifted into a deep sleep together in the comfort of their bed.  It was a night neither one of them would ever forget...  The night when friends became lovers...

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