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Name: Batsu Ichimonji



Current Age: 26


Birthplace: Aoharu City, Japan

Resides in: Tokyo, Japan

Nationality: Japanese

Occupation: Athlete




Dislikes: weird things, bugs


Family: Raizo Imawano (father), Kyosuke Kagami (cousin)

Associates: Hinata Wakaba, Ran Hibiki, Sakura Kasugano, Darrell Markis, Roy Bromwell, Tiffany Lords, Akira Kazama, Daigo Kazama



Style: Original

#of years in circuit: 9

Physical Rating: C+

Ki Rating: C

Vitality Rating: C+

Overall Rating: C+


Teammates: Kyosuke Kagami, Hinata Wakaba, Roy Bromwell, Tiffany Lords, Akira Kazama, Daigo Kazama, Sakura Kasugano, Darrell Markis

Rivals: Darrell Markis, Roy Bromwell

Accomplishments: n/a

Favorite Special Move: Guts Bullet

Favorite Super Move: Burning Guts Upper

Most Powerful Move: Imawano Muzi Otoshi





Command Moves


Special Moves

Kaidan –


Guts Upper –


Guts Elbow –


Mikazuki Kick (Crescent Kick) –


Ryuusei Kick (Shooting Star Kick)-


Super Arts

Nekketsu Zenkai Kaidan (Burning Guts Bullet) – Batsu will raise his hands up above his head to generate a large orange ki bullet.  Once it forms, he’ll reel it in and throw it forwards. Batsu’s projectile super can also be done while he’s in the air.  Despite having rather decent power, the Burning Guts Bullet has rather mediocre range since it fades out after a while of travel.  Still, its surprisingly comboable off of some of his normal attacks (i.e. his elbow thrust).


Nekketsu Meteor Kick (Burning Meteor Kick) – Batsu will brace himself for a second and then shoot forward in a powerful kick, covering himself in a streak of light.  The Burning Meteor Kick can also be done in the air... and is only comboable in the air.  The move comes out a little slow on the ground and the air version does downward towards the ground like the air version of the Burning Guts Bullet.


Nekketsu Guts Upper(Burning Guts Upper) – Batsu will brace himself while sprouting flames on his fists.  He’ll then shoot forwards to give an overhead blow before launching his opponent up into the air with an uppercut that causes the earth below him to explode like a volcano.  The Burning Guts Upper is not only an overhead attack, but also fast on execution after the small charge AND a highly powerful attack.  Not only that, but it can also be followed with an air combo, making it an ideal choice for usage.


Hyper Art

Imawano-ryuu Mozi Otoshi – Batsu will reach forward to try to grab his opponent and if successful, will take them high into the air... only to head back spiraling down head first to drive them into the ground.  The Imawano Muzi Otoshi is a throw, so he’ll have to be close to his opponent for this attack to work at all.  Even so, the Imawano Muzi Otoshi does average damage for a Hyper.



-          Man, this is even worse than the Justice High incident...  Outta my way!

-          I wonder how someone like you can even begin to call themselves a fighter!?

-          You got to have guts to win battles, and I got enough to spare!

-          Time only proves to serve me better...  You, however, should use it to heal those bruises!

-          Outside the city is where skills really count!

-          If this is your best... then maybe you should consider early retirement!







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