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KAMITA ROMINOSHA is a new fic (not yet posted) that holds ties to both Bird of Darkness and Crimson Angel.  In contrast to the other two fics, this happens BEFORE any of them...  In fact, KAMITA ROMINOSHA takes place in the 1800s in feudal Japan.  The story's main plot unfolds around the emergence of a female renegade samurai who has been assaulting the Japanese armed forces.  Ater a streak of 8 years doing these attacks, her status amongst the land was unquestionable and the talk of the country.
One particular individual whom had an ongoing fascination about this mysterious samurai is 16 year old Souija Komaru, an orphan child in the village of Niigata who was brought up and raised within the Omake family household since she was extremely young.  Ever since she was young, she had always been around swords, for the males of the family were all were experienced sworddwellers themselves, but it wasn't until the "birth" of this female warrior did she begin to break out of her shell and pretend to be this unknown person.  This childish play was then converted to real practice as the father of the Omake home presented Souija with her own sword to use, and ever since then, everyone in the village of Niigata knew and loved her.  She had a sparkling spirit that was contegious to all those around her (well execpt those whom were purely jealous of her) and she, despite not being the most beautiful girl in the village, was the main male attractor...
Once Souija was 16, the Omake father sent her and her two "siblings", Kazuya Omake and Miyako Omake, on a trip to bid a final farewell to his friend in the distant mountains, a man by the name of Tojiko Ume, whom was on the verge of dying... and so, the three get thrown into a world of excitement, danger, and the like...
This fic, in contrast to Bird of Darkness and Crimson Angel, has a more elegant vibe to pace of action, and focuses a bit more on character personalities and such, since, well, this is my first serious fic with NO official characters in it (Crimson Angel will be the second).  This was an appealing concept for me since I didn't have to worry about keeping characters in character as well worrying too much about leaving out reader's favorite characters.  Here, KAMITA is all about the heart of the blade...
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