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Welcome to the Secrets of the Illuminati official website. If you are new to the Secrets/New Archives saga or into my overall fanfiction arts, then this is the place to get the dirt on everything you need to know about each of my fic's history of events and character profiles. Use the navigation on the left to check out the rest of the site and enjoy yourselves.

Latest Update: Feburary 14, 2007
What's Been Updated: Hi, you people out there and a Happy Valentine's Day. I was stuck at home due to a snow storm, so I figured it was about time I got to revamping the website in accordance to my new fics. For the next few months or so, this site will be revamped to include all the details of my fics, ranging from the SotI archives to my mischaculous fics in the SonicVerse, so expect a lot of construction and things scrambled about until I can get things looking tight. Until then, why don't you snoop around and see what's going on for yourselves... However, if you're just that lazy, then these are the profiles that have been updated...
  2. NOEL
  3. DRAKE
  4. KYONE
  5. AYANE
  6. FEN
  7. YIN
  8. YANG
  9. YUN (ALL 9 in BOD section)
  10. SOUIJA (KAMITA section)


NOTE: I do NOT own any Capcom, SNK, Sega, EA or Arika characters featured on this site. I only own the original characters on this site and on the story as well as new moves and looks for existing characters, for the exception of the numerous characters made by MiggyMeista; Emi & Keiko Tsuki, who belongs to fanfic writer Sony Love; Scott Wagner and Viper, who belong to iceangelmkx (Jami), and Yui Su'ang, who belongs to another writer, Chan Yoruyamatiha.

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