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Name: Kai Hashimoto



Current Age: 18

Birthdate: May 15

Birthplace: classified

Resides in: n/a (Led to be Tokyo, Japan)

Nationality: Japanese

Occupation: Soldier of Shadowloo

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 141 lbs

Likes: computers, puzzles (anything which requires much thinking)

Dislikes: Razors


Family: Meji Hashimoto (older brother), Saya Hashimoto (younger sister)

Associates: Raven



Style: Weaponry combat skills

#of years in circuit: 1 (official)

Physical Rating: D

Ki Rating: E

Vitality Rating: C

Overall Rating: D


Teammates: Meji Hashimoto, Saya Hashimoto

Rivals: n/a

Accomplishments: n/a

Favorite Special Move: Cursed Soul

Favorite Super Move: Mage Misery

Most Powerful Move: Soul Demise





Command Moves


Special Moves

Small Package - Kai throws a grenade along the floor at his opponent.  This has three different effects.  One is your standard grenade that explodes after a while.  The second is a modified grenade that exploded into to cage of electricity, paralyzing his opponent for a free hit.  The third shoots off purple gas which will temporarily poison his opponent for 10 seconds.


Cursed Soul - Kai will quickly make his way to his opponent.  Hidden to the eyes is a device that, if he’s close enough, will implant onto his opponent’s body.  After a few seconds, the subject will start loosing energy at a rate of 10 HP per second.  The move, made by the kid himself, has been proven by even Raven herself to be irreversible...  However, to use the attack, he’ll need time to place it onto his opponent’s body, and that’s no easy feat.  Whereas the device can’t come off unless Kai does it, an opponent can brush Kai off him/her or avoid the device before it latches on.


Breaking Barrier – Using the technology in his right arm-glove, Kai will lean forward, emitting an electrical barrier in front of him.  It lasts for a while and can deflect most projectiles away from him.  The move doesn’t hit on its own, so it’s for pure last minute defense only.


Everlast - From the air, Kai will dive down with a small dagger in hand, slashing his opponent within a blink of an eye.  The move is very quick and delivers sharp pain on impact.  It comes out so quick that it’s safe to say that the person has to be already blocking to guard against the move.

Super Arts

Damned Soul - Kai will perform his Cursed Soul leech move, only this time the move does 30 points per second.  After 15 seconds, the device will self-destruct, dizzying his opponent from the special electrical circuit running through it.  With this move and the normal move, it’s very hard to tell which one is which.  Therefore, Kai can really end a fight quickly when he plays his card right.


Mage Misery - Kai stats the super move by reaching into his inventory very quickly, then slashes out a close range attack with a large dagger-like weapon.  From close range, he’ll then quickly cut his opponent down swiftly from top to bottom.  From far range, he’ll thrust the dagger forward on a chain, hitting multiple times.  This attack does more damage from close range, but despite the range on either one, the move comes out very quick.  It’s also very damaging, but doesn’t work well if his opponent’s in the air at all.


The Ripper - From the air, Kai will shoot down with his Everlast attack.  If it hits, he’ll use the dagger to hit his opponent into the air, then jumps after him/her, slashing them up as he rises.  The move hurts quite a bit but is one of the few moves that leave Kai open to attack if blocked.


Hyper Art

Soul Demise - Kai will rear back, holding his hands in front of him.  A second later, a stream of explosions will form in front of him, moving insanely fast.  This attack is pretty damaging and a bit slow to get out, but it’s worth the risk to do some hard damage when needed.


-          Target eliminated...  Preparing data analysis...

-          Don’t you realize that your movements are futile?  I have all your data recorded, mastered, and beaten already!

-          Enough!  I’ve waited enough of my supplies on scum like you!

-          Target apprehended.  Heading back to base ASAP.

-          You don’t have anything worth....  ARH....  My head....

-          Somehow... I feel as if... things.... aren’t what they seem...




While on a cruise with his family, an accident happened that claimed the lives of his parents... as well as knocking him in the head during the commotion, giving him amnesia. Unable to remember anything prior to that, Kai had to live his live taught by Saya and Vexx. During that period of hard times on the streets/apartments, Kai found a liking into things of the mind and became a very witty boy, always finding something out about technology. One day a woman visited them and offered to help them out in exchange for their services. They accepted, but they don't know exactly what they've gotten themselves into...