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Name: Kaoru Miadama



Current Age: 21

Birthdate: October 18 (Libra)

Birthplace: Shinjuku, Japan

Resides in: Pyongyang, North Korea

Nationality: Japanese

Occupation: none (spends a majority of her time wandering the world, in which time she does odd jobs.  When she settles home with Yui, she spends her time training her body)

Height: 5’ 3”

Weight: 110 lbs

Likes: memories of her mother, open spaces

Dislikes: her shrouded past


Family: Darrell Markis & Sakura Kasugano (brother and sister through ‘adoption’), can’t remember her real biological family, Yui Su’ang (husband)

Associates: Hinata Wakaba, Yin Lee, Yun Lee, Yang Lee, Batsu Ichimonji, Kyosuke Kagami, Yao Mitsumi, Rose, Guy



Style: Original

#of years in circuit: 6

Physical Rating: C

Ki Rating: B

Vitality Rating: C+

Overall Rating: C+


Teammates: Sakura Kasugano, Darrell Markis, Yao Mitsumi, Yui Su’ang, Hinata Wakaba

Rivals: Karin Kanzuki, Sakura Kasugano, Darrell Markis, Wang, Yao Mitsumi

Accomplishments: n/a

Favorite Special Move: Doushaburi (Cloud Burst)

Favorite Super Move: Shinbatsu (Divine Punishment)

Most Powerful Move: Shiankagin (Silver Cyanide)




Whip - F/B + HP when close - Kaoru grabs her opponent's arm, then turns around as if to try Hinata's Arm Wrench throw.  However, she'll use her other arm to elbow her opponent in the back with much force, causing his or her body to pop above her.  She'll then use both hands to drive her opponent headfirst into the ground.


Rolling Crush - F/B + HK when close - Kaoru grabs her opponent and then rolls backwards with a modified Tomoe throw.  However, she doesn't throw her opponent off with her feet.  She'll wind up sitting on top her opponent, where she gives a quick dose of punches to the face.


Command Moves



Special Moves

Doushaburi (Cloud Burst) – QCF + P - Kaoru will bring her hands close to her body (around her chest and stomach area) and generate a silver orb of energy. As soon as it comes she’ll thrust it forward in a lightning fast projectile.

Yotakaken (Nighthawk Fist) – DP + P - Kaoru performs a rising uppercut while delivering a flip after executing it.  She can even hit multiple times while launching into the air, sort of an unique version of Sakura’s Shouoken.  This move can be an excellent anti-air since it reaches great heights (it has been rumored that she can even go higher than Ken Masters’s Shinryuken by pushing her vigor, but as of yet, it has yet to be seen).  The move’s drawback is that her opponent need to be close since it’s range isn’t as great, but since it’s an anti-air, range isn’t it’s purpose.

Awaikage (Light Shadow) – DP/RDP + PPP/KKK - One of the many moves Kaoru used to replace her old style, this now serves as her teleport. Kaoru spins once in place, her hair growing a bit to surround her body.  She then quickly relocates herself to another place in the battlefield.

Hiagasen (Sunshade) - QCF + K - One of the moves she picked up while training under Rose's wing, Kaoru ducks down while moving forward and kicks her opponent in the chin, roofing them, then jumps up after them and kicks them back down to the ground.

Yoinokucki (Nightfall) – QCF + K while in air - From the air, Kaoru will come down with a sharp kick at a 45 degree angle. If this move connects, blocked or not, she’ll continue with a few more power kicks, the last one stunning her opponent to follow up with another attack.


Super Arts

Shinbatsu (Divine Punishment) – HCB, HCB + P when close - Kaoru reaches out and tries to grab her opponent. If this occurs, she’ll pull them close to herself by their arm and knee them in the stomach, then throw them behind her, still holding onto their arm. She’ll then whip her opponent back towards her and deliver a strong elbow with that same arm, making them reel away. From there Kaoru turns to face them and attacks in this order:

Strong kick to the stomach, overhead left smash, right uppercut, two spinning roundhouse kicks, cross kick with the same leg in opposite direction, shoulder ram, and then a finishing blast of dark energy from both palms to the stomach.


The move has very limited range but packs a punch.  In fact, this move is only seen when Kaoru’s thoroughly ticked with her opponent.

Aporou Subashirochou (Parnassian Butterfly) – QCF, QCF + K - Kaoru starts this attack with a forward dash towards her opponent, ducking down the entire time. Once close she’ll execute a Shoryuken-esque uppercut. If this connects, she’ll float up along with her opponent while slowly rotating away from her opponent, charging up her energy in her hands. Once she makes one rotation, Kaoru will spread her arms wide and unleash the energy into one massive energy orb, hitting up to 15 times until it explodes, sending her opponent into the ground hard.


Karasuhebi no Tanjuu (Pistol of the Black Snake) – QCF, QCF + P - Kaoru’s new projectile super.  Kaoru will start this move out by slowly pulling up a finger towards her opponent’s face.  Then, once she stops, the surroundings will turn dark and Kaoru will snap her arm down and up FAST once while she fires a blast of her dark energy towards her opponent.  Because of the motion of her arm, the blast stretches out upwards and down, making it impossible to either duck or jump over unless it’s a super jump.  Also, Kaoru will also pull the finger back right afterwards and throw it out and upwards again, throwing out another energy wave that resembles that of a large snake.  The snake’s path heads forwards and upwards in an arch, so it also serves as a great cover attack for Kaoru; few moves can get through the snake.


Hyper Art

Shiankagin (Silver Cyanide) – HCB, HCF + P - Kaoru will start by putting her hands together at her sides, as if mimicking a Hadouken stance, only her head is tucked in the direction of her hands and her body is much lower to the ground, as if trying to hide her attack. A blue orb of dark energy will appear in her hands and then she’ll rear her whole body backwards, her now glowing hands at her sides. Finally she’ll launch her energy out in two twisting streaks of energy that move REALLY fast.



-        I don’t have time for games.  Either get serious or get out of here!

-        You were pretty good...  Perhaps you know something...

-        Martial arts...  Tch.  All I want is answers...

-        Calm down.  You’re hurt enough.  Besides, I’ve got better things to do.

-        This is what you wanted, right?  Thank you, come again!

-        Sorry, but you’re in my way...  As much as I hate to do this, I had no other choice.



History is a subject that Kaoru utterly despises, mainly it is because she can’t remember hers.  At a very young age Kaoru was a wonderer, moving from place to place trying to survive the streets of southern Japan.  She spent all her childhood going on the belief that she was a “cursed girl” tainted with the legendary “Satsu no Hadou”, passed down from her father, who was another Ansatsuken fighter.  She heavily believed that she was trained for one year by her father on how to control the energy inside her, only to have it all wasted on her 8th birthday when she murdered both her parents.  She still keeps the date embroiled in her brain every day, because it still seems so fresh.  Because of this, Kaoru was a very dark girl who kept to herself, battling her inner demons.


When Kaoru was 11, she crossed paths with Gen, who was in search of the one who was worthy enough to have his last deathmatch with, and it was here that she began to realize that she was living a lie.  During the altercation, Kaoru lost control of herself and tried to vicious attack the Ansatsuken master.  Gen, however, was much too skilled to be prey to her attacks and almost effortlessly defeated Kaoru right there in the city’s streets.  Upon waking up, Kaoru found herself being tended to by the same old man that beat her.  Confused, she asked why he’s bothering to help her.  Gen replied with, “Because I pity you.  You’re nothing more than a soul who cannot find her true identity so she accepts what’s in front of her, instead of seeking the truth.”  Kaoru couldn’t question it more, for Gen left right after that statement.  Thinking the man was crazy, Kaoru shook it off and continued to wander.


It was then that Kaoru remembered the vow she made to herself earlier and began to seek out others ‘like her’... and kill them.  When she murdered her mother, she made a vow to rid the world of the ‘disease’ that was plaguing herself and the world, and so, from ages 11 to 16, she became the “Satsu Bounty Hunter” as people in the underground called her, taking out the ones that seemed to be normal only to be really controlled by the Dark Hadou.


One day, after completing a job at a hardware store, Kaoru picked up the presence of something new in an alleyway.  Following the strong senses, she found herself confronted with Rose, a psychic who was also training people like Kaoru to control their dark entities.  At first very skeptical about it, Rose provided enough evidence that she was indeed for real and willing to help her.  Kaoru submitted herself to her and traveled to Paris, where she met Yao Mitsumi, and most importantly, Yui Su’ang.


While training, Kaoru got to know the two boarders in Rose’s mansion while keeping away from the others who were there because she felt like the ‘outcast’ among the ‘outcasts’.  It was there that she uncovered the reasons why Mitsumi and Yui were there under Rose’s wing, but she really felt a strong connection with Yui.  After hearing about his tragic past, and definitely after finding his best friend’s suicide note, Kaoru, for the first time, really felt the signs of a foreign feeling; love.  After calming Yui down from the news, Kaoru and Yui became boyfriend and girlfriend.


After a few days of training and bonding, however, Kaoru’s life took a tragic turn.  It was after an altercation at a restaurant with a waiter that was ‘tainted’ with Satsu no Hadou that she grew aware that things didn’t add up... and it finally hit her like a ton of bricks.  Her past...  It made absolutely no sense.  She went through an emotional breakdown and it wasn’t until Rose came to calm her down was she able to listen to reason.  Very shortly after, she met the master of Bushin, Guy, and Guy told her that she would have to find out the answers to her past herself, since Rose couldn’t use her powers to see her true past.  Kaoru accepted the task at hand, and was told that she should stay and train some more before she set off.


Immediately afterwards, her relationship with Yui grew deeper, as suddenly he made very quick advances on her.  However, for some reason Kaoru didn’t fight it.  That night the two bonded in body, but in the morning, Kaoru vanished, much to Yui, Mitsumi, and Rose’s shock.  As Rose tried to use her powers to try to contact her, Kaoru didn’t respond.  That morning everything that happened the previous day really worked her stress level, and she went into a state of denial, reverting back to the ‘bounty hunter’ she once was.


A few short months after she left Paris, she found herself back in Japan, where she crossed paths with another being of Satsu.  However, this one was much more... stronger than the others she encountered before.  Not only that, but there was two of her, only the one she had her eyes on was darker.  She called the young woman out and then attacked, however, the woman was too good.  Despite that, she didn’t seriously hurt Kaoru, and it totally confused her.  It was then that the woman revealed herself as Sakura Satsu and the two that were with here were Sakura Kasugano and Darrell Markis.  Kaoru willed herself to go along with the three people to uncover more about the truth about Satsu no Hadou, in which they knew so much about (at least, in comparison to her).  There, she found that not all Satsu no Hadou beings were evil and murderers and also she found herself invited to join Sakura and Darrell in their home.  In short, Kaoru was being offered to have a home, something she didn’t have at all.  At first reluctant, Kaoru then gratefully accepted the offer.


However, before she could enjoy it, Darrell was faced with his own dark side.  Immediately after that altercation, the four were attacked, captured, and brainwashed by a crime syndicate named Shadowloo and forced to do their leader’s biding.  Their control lasted around two weeks before Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Charlie, and Karin fought off their mind control.  As she recuperated, a plan was hatched to get payback on the people responsible.  However, it backfired and Darrell’s dark side had to come to bail them out.  After Shadowloo sunk, Kaoru stayed with Sakura and Darrell as their “little sister” finishing school as well.


Kaoru participated in the Street Fighter 4 tournament along with Sakura and Darrell, mostly just to be by their side.  There she met and became friends with the Lee Dragons of Hong Kong, and met other Street Fighters from across the world.  She also immediately crossed paths with Mitsumi, who joined the tournament with her own objectives in mind.  Mitsumi explained that Yui was still in Paris, wondering what happened to her.  Kaoru went through heavy guilt for leaving Yui like that and immediately called the mansion and had a long talk with Yui.  By the time it was over, Yui was on his way to Tokyo to reunite with his girlfriend.  By the time he got there, Kaoru was already eliminated from the tournament and they got together to consider marriage.  After watching the finals, the plans were made final and a month later Kaoru and Yui were hitched.  However, right after the marriage ceremony, Kaoru left Yui once again, saying that she couldn’t sit back knowing that answers to her past still were out there and she needed to uncover them.  Four years passed, and Kaoru reunited with Yui once again.  Kaoru’s now tired of being alone.  She wants Yui to accompany her on her journey.  Will she be able to succeed this time?




Due to all her experiences at such a young age, also due to the fact that she has no recollection of her real past, Kaoru tends to be very solemn in terms of her own feelings.  Not only can she found in solitude a lot, but she also has a very serious attitude in which she has zero tolerance for nonsense.  She tends to be right to the point, and often she misses the big picture on events crucial to her being.  In battle, Kaoru gives her opponent little room to breathe, willing to get the win quick and be on her way.  To her, fighting is more or less a distraction to her goal of reclaiming her memories.


However, Kaoru quickly turns to putty around the ones she holds close to her now, especially her husband, Yui.  It is when she’s around him that others say she shows her true self, in which she’s very concerned and caring about the wellbeing of her friends.  Also, since Yui is one of the few people she can connect to, it isn’t a day in which Kaoru doesn’t say “I love you” to him.