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Name: Ran Hibiki



Current Age: 23



Resides in: Tokyo, Japan

Nationality: Japanese

Occupation: News Reporter

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 121 lbs

Likes: interesting stories, her camera

Dislikes: loudmouths


Family: Dan Hibiki (brother)

Associates: none



Style: original

# of years in circuit: n/a (normally doesn’t fight)

Physical Rating: D

Ki Rating: E

Vitality Rating: C

Overall Rating: D+


Teammates: Sakura Kasugano, Hinata Wakaba, Darrell Markis, Batsu Ichimonji, Akira Kasama, Roy Bromwell, Tiffany Lords

Rivals: n/a

Accomplishments: n/a

Favorite Special Move: Flash Attack

Favorite Super Move: Super Flash Attack

Most Powerful Move: Watch The Birdie




Close Up – Ran will give her opponent a close kick then plant her sneaker onto their neck, forcing them to the ground while flashing her camera in their face.


Flash Bulb – Ran startles her opponent with a sudden camera flash.  Within a blink of an eye Ran will use that distraction to sweep her opponent off his/her feet


Command Moves



Special Moves

Flash Attack – Ran evades while flashing her camera, hitting her opponent no matter where they are as long as they are in the camera’s sight.


Harisen Whirlwind – Ran uses her harisen to sweep at the ground, causing a small whirlwind to move forward


Weekend Edition – Ran hops forward very quickly and then crouches down, sweeping at her opponent’s feet with her harisen


Flash Charge – Ran will change the shutter on her digital camera.  From then on, her camera packs a better punch. (can be charged up to three times for maximum damage)


Super Arts

Super Flash Attack – Ran flips her digital camera into the air a bit.  When it comes down she quickly make it flash, hitting everything in front of it in a large flash attack.


Harisen Typhoon – Ran uses her harisen to swipe at the ground and create a large whirlwind that disrupts anything in front of her


Hyper Art

Watch The Birdie – Ran waves a finger in front of her, taunting her opponent a bit.  Before they can retaliate Ran ducks down and gives her attacker a rapid dose of camera shots, the last one knocking her opponent far away.



-          You’re not even good enough to make the morning news!  Go bother someone else!

-          Hey!  Leave me alone!  I’m a news reporter, not a fighter!

-          Boy, you were easy!  If I can beat you, just imagine what a real fighter could’ve done to you!

-          Ok, now that I won, I’m going to take a good picture of you lying on your back.  I just have to remember this win!

-          If you’re done, I’ll be on my way.  There’s plenty of interesting stuff for me to find and shoot!

-          Ran Hibiki!  You just won another hard fight!  How does it feel?  Well... it feels awesome!