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Name: Rock Howard



Current Age: 19

Birthdate: June 24

Birthplace: South Town, USA

Resides in: South Town, USA

Nationality: American

Occupation: none

Height: 5’ 8”

Weight: 154 lbs

Likes: sight-seeing, basketball

Dislikes: egoistical people


Family: Gesse Howard (father, resurrected), Marie Howard (mother), Kain B. Herien (uncle)

Associates: Terry Bogard, “Blue” Mary Ryan, Shui Mei-Ling, Xiao Fen, Alex, Hotaru Futaba, Mai Shiranui, Andy Bogard, Joe Higashi, Hokutomaru



Style: Martial Arts

#of years in circuit: 6

Physical Rating: C+

Ki Rating: C+

Vitality Rating: C+

Overall Rating: C+


Teammates: Terry Bogard, Alex, Shui-Mei Ling, Xiao Fen, Hotaru Futaba

Rivals: Kaoru Miadama, Terry Bogard, Geese Howard

Accomplishments: n/a

Favorite Special Move: Hard Edge

Favorite Super Move: Shining Knuckles

Most Powerful Move: Neo Deadly Rave




Over-The-Shoulder Throw - B/F + HP when close


Uppercut - B/F + HK when close


Command Moves



Special Moves

Reppuken – QCF + P - Rock swings his arm forward towards the ground and then up, creating a purple wind projectile that travels along the ground.  To compensate for its low priority, the move travels really fast and packs quite a punch.  Rock can also create a Reppuken twice that size by using two arms instead of one.


Hard Edge – QCB + P - For the Hard Edge, Rock will slide forward with an elbow out that knocks down on contact.  On a stronger strength, Rock will stop after the elbow, which won’t knock down, and blast his opponent with his energy with the other arm, which does knock down.


Rage Run: Type Dunk - QCB + LK – The RageRun starts off with Rock moving really quickly towards his opponent.  The range isn’t really great, but once he is close, he’ll jump up and come down with an overhead fist, his energy streaking out in a wing shape behind him.  The RageRun Dunk has very low priority; it’s very easy to hit Rock out of this attack.


Rage Run: Type Sweep - QCB + MK – This version of the RageRun starts of identical to the Dunk type, only once Rock gets close he’ll blur out of view while moving his arm out to trip up his opponent.  This attack must be blocked low, and it’s very hard to see coming in a pinch.  However, the move does really low damage; Rock only uses it to play mind games with his opponent and to set up more attacks.


Rage Run: Type Shift – QCB + HK - This is the final version of Rock’s RageRun.  This move starts up like the previous two, only this time, once close, Rock will blur out of view and reappear towards the back of his opponent.  This move does ZERO damage; it’s not an attack, just a movement, and from this position, Rock can get an opponent off guard and easily strike.


Crack Counter – QCF + K - Rock will place his arms out and assume a counter stance relevant to the type of attack he’s predicting.  Rock will set his arms upwards for air attacks, towards his body for middle attacks, and towards the ground for low attacks.  If a physical attack hits the right counter, Rock will IMMEDIATELY counter with an overhead version of Terry’s Crack Shoot, only his is a lot more powerful, driving his opponent to the ground instantly.  The Crack Counter has a surprising amount of priority; he can even counter hyper attacks!  However, if Rock’s guess is wrong, he’ll eat the attack.


Rising Tackle – Charge D, then U + P - A page right out of Terry’s book, Rock will shoot upwards with his legs going up first with a bit of a lariat stance.  The move hits less times than Terry’s, but other than that it makes for an ideal anti-air attack.


Shinkuu Nage (Vacuum Throw) – 360 degrees + P, then PPP to cancel taunt - Rock reaches downwards to grab at the opponent’s ankles.  If successful, he’ll toss him or her over himself and to the other side while Rock taunts a bit.  Rock can also opt to cancel the taunt and follow up with another attack.  When using this move, Rock can avoid high attacks.


Raksasa – during Shinkuu Nage, hold PPP - Another followup to the Shinkuu Nage, Rock will cancel his taunt and charge up a bit of his ki in his hand, then throw it forward to strike his falling opponent.  The attack is pretty weak, so really Rock just opts to cancel and follow with another move.


Super Arts

Raging Storm – QCF, QCF + P - A move originally used by Rock’s father, Geese.  Rock will hold his hands up above his head, then shoot them downwards to the ground, causing a eruption of wind energy around him for a short while.  Anyone close or above Rock will get hit by this attack, but the move is really for anti-air purposes, since it has zero horizontal range from Rock, yet a lot of vertical range.  It’s fairly quick as well.


Shining Knuckles – QCF, QCF + K - Rock winds up a bit and then streaks forward insanely fast in a blaze of yellow light.  This version of the move has low range, but its fairly powerful and beats out most attacks.

Raging Wings – QCB, QCB + P - A new super move for Rock.  Rock will place his hands out in front of him to anticipate an attack.  If he’s hit by a physical attack, the surroundings will go black and Rock will warp behind his opponent, one hand behind him as he passes him or her... then a huge pair of wings made from his energy come out to strike his opponent, blowing them away the other way.  This attack has great priority, more so than his regular Crack Counter.  Its power is also very damaging, too, so people have to be careful fighting Rock.


Hyper Arts

Secret Power Raging Storm – QCF, QCF + PPP - The badder version of the Raging Storm, Rock will bring his hands close to him while they start to glow in his power.  He can delay the attack a while before he unleashes a larger, more violent storm.  Of course, this attack has better power behind it and even more horizontal range.  It even looks cooler.


Secret Power Shining Knuckles – QCF, QCF + KKK - The badder version of the Shining Knuckles, Rock starts things up very similar to that of the regular version with a rocketing fist covered with golden light.  However, if this connects and isn’t blocked, he’ll follow up with an elbow to the chin, then finally finish off with a powered up Rising Tackle.  This move has a much better range than the regular version and its still a high-priority move.  If it misses, Rock will immediately recover, so its also a safe Hyper attack.


Neo Deadly Rave – HCB, F + LK, then LP, LP, LK, LK, MP, MK, HP, HK, QCB + P - Rock dashes forward and if close, starts to pound on his opponent with random attacks until he stuns them with an elbow to the face.  Then everything turns dark as Rock charges all his vigor into a huge blast of energy that blows his opponent away.  For his most powerful attack, the Neo Deadly Rave is a very low priority move; the opening dash can be canceled with a mere jab.  However, if he can get it to connect, the move will put a huge dent in his opponent.


-          The winds were in favor of me, so tell me, just what did you think you were doing back there?

-          Just what is this world coming to, anyway?  I could’ve sworn I thought you were better than this...

-          You can’t live by hate...  Terry taught me that.

-          You were just a stepping stone.  Trust me; there are better people out there than you.

-          Take it easy.  There’s no reason to blow a circuit over losing...

-          I got no time to be burning on you, fortunately.  Later, loser.