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Name: Saya Hashimoto



Current Age: 16

Birthdate: July 17(Cancer)

Birthplace: classified

Resides in: n/a (Tokyo, Japan, according to Tamagawa Minami High School records)

Nationality: Japanese/American

Occupation: Student/Enhanced Shadowloo doll

Height: 5’3”

Weight: 109 lbs

Likes: peace, getting things done quickly (referring to Shadowloo missions)

Dislikes: her current hidden lifestyle


Family: Meji Hashimoto & Kai Hashimoto (older brothers)

Associates: none



Style: a variant of karate

#of years in circuit: 1 (official)

Physical Rating: C+

Ki Rating: C+

Vitality Rating: C+

Overall Rating: C+

(Note: Due to the special enhancements on Saya’s body, Saya’s abilities keep rising after each battle)


Teammates: Meji Hashimoto, Kai Hashimoto

Rivals: Sakura Kasugano, Ayane Kasugano, Kyone Kasugano, Ingrid, Jan Kaito, Kaoru Miadama

Accomplishments: n/a

Favorite Special Move: Ray of Light

Favorite Super Move: Light Cannon

Most Powerful Move: SunFlare





Command Moves


Special Moves

(Level 1-10) Ray of Light – Saya’s basic and most relied upon move once starting out in fighting.  Saya will throw out a hand and shoot out a small yet fast energy ball towards her opponent.  As this move rises in levels, she can shoot out a number of these in succession and at a faster pace.


(Level 1) Rainbow Cruiser – Saya will rise up a bit and then strike with her foot on the way down.  This move has become faster and more powerful each time she tests it, even to the point where she can channel her ki into the attack.  So far, however, it isn’t very useful, and she loses it once she gets to Level 3.

(Level 2) Light Breaker – Saya learns this attack at level 2, where she’ll bring her arm up and collect a little of her energy.  She’ll then slam it down onto her opponent in an overhead strike.  This attack has a little start-up, but it’s pretty decent in breaking her opponent’s guard after about three of these.


(Level 2) Rainbow Road – The second of her Level 2 moves, and it’s quite a good one, too.  Saya will shoot out a long, wide light beam either straight forwards, at a 45 degree angle above her or a 60 degree angle.  This move can hit for very minimal damage, but Saya can also warp up to the highest part of the “road”, escaping tight situations and the like.


(Level 3) Suncloud – At level 3, Saya learns this technique, in which she’ll wave a hand over her and create a disc of energy above her head.  If her opponent is in the air and is hit by this, Saya will follow up by making her energy pop up like a dagger, launching her opponent for air combos.


(Level 3-5) Lightport – Also at level 3, Saya learns the Lightport, in which she’ll jump up a bit and create a board from her energy.  She’ll then land on it and charge forward.  Once close to her opponent, the front of the board will turn upwards into a dagger shape, hitting for damage.  Saya will then jump off it and into stance again.


(Level 5) Javelin of Light – At level 5, Saya learns a variant of her Ray of Light called the Javelin of Light.  While in the air, Saya will turn and then throw her hand forward, throwing off a large javelin made from her energy towards the ground.  It comes out quickly so it can be used as an air-combo ender.


(Level 10) Light Barrier – At level 10, Saya can concentrate her power to form a dome of light around her body to protect against attacks for a period of time.  Along with this, Saya can still move around and attack herself with no problems.  However, throws, supers and hypers can go through this shield and Saya cannot block at all while the barrier is in place.


(Level 10) Mercy Rays – Her second level 10 move has her collect her energy into both her fists in front of her, then dash forward to give a few quick yet powerful attacks, leading into a jumping attack to knock her opponent down.


Super Arts

(Level 1) Shower of Light - Saya will spin around while whisking her ki around her, causing a storm-like shield around her.  This move doesn’t move off of her initial level, and is eventually replaced at level 3 by the Light Cannon.


(Level 1-10) Light Rain - – At any given time, Saya can charge & throw up beams of her ki to home in at her target.  Originally she can only fire three, but as she levels up she can throw 10 of these dangerous beams at once, all the while still powering up the move’s strength.  An excellent projectile attack, the Light Rain can even be thrown at close range, making it a very versatile attack as long as she can concentrate.


(Level 3-10) Light Cannon – At level 3, Saya learns an attack that involves her bringing her hands in front of her body, and then unleashing a thick beam of energy hitting multiple times.  As she gains more battle experience, the attack covers more ground and becomes more powerful.  The move overall has a moderate charge rate and recovery time.  At level 10, she’ll perform the move twice in succession, the second one thicker than before.


(Level 5-10) Devil’s Rays – At level 5 Saya can use this move.  Here she’ll start an advancing barrage of attacks, her attacks eventually throwing off waves of light energy, until she just starts launching Rays of Light in rapid succession, the last one stunning her opponent.  She’ll then hold up a hand and charge up one more ray, then launch it, exploding on impact.  At level 8, the last attack splits into 3 rays and at level 10, the last attack turns out to become 5 instead of 3.


Hyper Art

(Level 5-10) SunFlare – Saya closes her eyes and spreads her arms, letting her power surround herself and the remote area.  She’ll then open her eyes and direct all her power into the floor, which erupts in a deadly energy attack that range increases as Saya’s skill level increases.  At skill level 8-10, the attack not only homes in on her opponent’s location, but its power and charge speed increases as well.


WINQUOTES (before Raven’s transformation)

-          Please, just stop right there.  I don’t want to hurt you... any more...

-          *sigh*  Mission accomplished...

-          You think living like this is beneficial?  How about you and I switch places, huh!?

-          Until I pay off my debts... I must keep on this path...  Nothing personal...

-          With each new battle I gain new abilities... but what’s the point if I use them like this...?

-          Maybe.... this is for the best...  Returning data to the base...


WINQUOTES (after Raven’s transformation)

-          No use bringing you back to base.  I’d rather finish you off right here!

-          Hmph.  Someone as weak as you has no use to Shadowloo...  Die!

-          This mission’s over.  It’s time I gotten back to more important matters... like capturing you for experimentation purposes...

-          Heh, so I don’t look the part.  Does that matter now, does it?  Obviously not.

-          Death and domination is all that matters to me...  Oh, and accomplishing the mission, of course.

-          If there was a such thing as a fear level, you’d be all the way in the 10 right now!  Fool, this is just how true strength should be like!



 Saya is the youngest sibling of the Hashimoto trio what was orphaned due to a cruise accident.  Like her brothers, Saya was forced to fight for a living, although she never really liked it at all.  Yearning for a settled life, Saya was skeptical when a mysterious woman showed up out of nowhere and offered them a place to live in exchange for their services.  However, with nowhere else to turn, Saya couldn’t debate about it.  However, little does Saya know what lies in store for her...